Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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14. Chapter 13 ~~Coming of age




We were living on my grandmother ( Esmee's ) island. Not only would we never be found here, but it was a private island, easily defendable and even if the pack did find us, trespassing was impossible.Instead of the home my mother and father had inhabited on our honeymoon, Carlisle commissioned a house in the mountain, the opposite side of the island to the rainforest. The villa would never have housed us all. Besides, my parents liked to slink off to that particular part of the island alone. This was A humongous white mansion overlooking the ocean with balconies around the entire fortress. If this was being on the run, then this was living, I chuckled to myself as I swung open the patio doors to my private balcony. The sea air hit me, the heat already blistering at 7 am as I gazed at the sparkling expanse of crystal clear water, and glass smooth sand. The call of tropical birds sang across the entire island, punctuated with the chatter of howler monkeys. Jacob loved to tease them, as he ran through the humid rainforest I laughed to myself at the memory of their panicked shrieks at the sight of a huge golden wolf slinking beneath the trees. Thinking of Jacob, patiently waiting for me downstairs, I couldn't wait a moment longer to see him. Before I could cross the vast room, to my even bigger walk in closet, stocked for me by my aunty Alice. I noticed a outfit already laid out over my dressing table.

I grinned to myself. It was my 17th birthday, I had reached the end of my development years, and my aunt had laid out an outfit fit for an adult alright! Mentally I was way beyond my physical years, so in human terms this was me reaching 21. Before I could pick up the clear garment bag and examine it further, there was a loud thump on my bedroom door.

My beaming parents were enveloping me in a hug before the words " come in" had fully left my lips.

" We wanted to catch you before Jacob hogged all your attention." My dad muttered gruffly with his eyebrows mashed together in mock resentment. My beautiful mother grinned and jostled him with her elbow playfully. The way they looked at each other, only served to make me yearn for Jacob's presence even more, and I glared at the door anxiously.

I don't know when my feelings for Jacob changed to this longing for him to kiss me, to really become what we were destined to be, but now I had reached maturity, nothing stood in our way, and I didn't intend to wait a moment longer than I had to. I blushed furiously, as my dad interrupted my increasingly lustful thoughts as he cleared his throat loudly in my ear.

I swear, had he not been made of marble he would be bright red right now, and I was grateful for the interruption as my mother yelled :

" Oh hell no Alice." From behind me. I whirled around, my discomfort forgotten as I studied the offending article laid across her arm. She was staring at the outfit Alice had laid out for me, having whipped off the garment bag. A tight, black mini dress, sparkled in the early morning sun, a pair of extremely high louboutins dangled from her other hand, her nose scrunched up as though she smelt something nasty. My father chuckled, and tried to tug them out of her vice like grip.

" Ness, get something a little more practical from the closet, and meet us downstairs. I'm sure your aunts, uncles, and Jacob are chomping at the bit to give you your gifts." My mother muttered something under her breath, as he steered her towards the door by her elbow. Her violet eye's still fixed on the tiny dress, and heels.

The second the door closed behind them, I dived into my closet grabbing my favorite outfit before anyone else caught me unawares.



If she hadn't have come into the room at that second, I would have been scratching at her bedroom door. She took my breath away when she did. The sun beamed through the window behind her, setting her half vampire skin into a translucent glow.She looked like an angel. I know that sounds stupid, and mushy, hardly fitting for a big brute of a wolf, but I swear if it was possible, then I imprinted for a second time at that moment. I fell in love all over again.

It was like, the passage of time and the marking of her birthday, gave me permission to love her fully, and completely, as I had once believed I had loved her mother. I knew then that what I had felt for Bella had only been preparing me for this moment. To prepare my heart to swell to this capacity I had never dreamed possible. She saw the look on my face, and blushed, but her eye's did not leave mine, not for a moment. I knew she felt the same way. Finally, she looked at me, the way Bella looked at Edward, and he at her.

" Well...this is awkward." Emmett chuckled, wrapping his niece in a crushing bear hug. " Happy birthday Ness." He said, lifting her clean off the floor. This seemed to break the silence as the entire Cullen clan burst into birthday greetings. Edward sat across from me, and Bella slid into her usual position on his lap, while Alice trotted gift after gift, across the room to her niece.

When they were finally done showering her with expensive presents, she was free to sit beside me I glanced at Edward, mentally asking if he wanted me to wait before I gave my gift, and he gave me an encouraging nod. I pulled a square jewelry box from my jacket, and fingered the worn old intricately braided Quileute promise band on her wrist she had worn since she was a child. I felt the eye's of the room on me, and I stuttered, a little embarrassed.

" This thing is a little old now, so I thought a replacement was in order...."

Carlisle must have sensed my hesitation, and he addressed his family :

" Why don't we make Ness and Jacob some human food, before Bella and Edward give their gift hmm?" He ushered them all towards the door.

" Awww Carlisle I want to see what's in the Tiffany box." Alice moaned. " I'm sure Ness will show you at breakfast..." He answered shunning her out, as she craned her neck to catch a glimpse of the contents of the flat, square , blue box I held towards Renesmee. Finally we were...almost...alone, as Edward and Bella, sat at the other end of the huge white leather sofa, unmoving and still as statues. I turned back to Ness.

I wiggled my eyebrows at her, and did the whole pretty woman box snap thing as she reached toward the shining silver bracelet resting on the satin pillow inside the box. She laughed, her wonderful laugh, and swatted me gently on the shoulder. I took it out for her this time, draping the silver links across her delicate wrist." It's a more permanent version of what you already have." I explained.

" It's a similar version to your mother's, there's a wolf charm, of course. A copy of the one your dad gave her after, and a heart that represents your mom too. So you have the three of us with you always." I whispered, doing up the delicate clasp.

She beamed at me. " I love it Jacob, thank you!" She threw herself into my arms, and I held her to me, breathing in her scent like my life depended on it.

" Honey..." Bella said, now at her shoulder, pulling her attention away. I gave her a evil glare, at the interruption, and she winked at me. I huffed out a stream of air noisily, and Edward smirked .

" Hey, that's my wife your bad mouthing in your head." He muttered, and I shrugged at him.

" What's going on mom?" Ness asked.

" We need to give you our gift." Bella replied, smoothing her hair from her face. " Come down to the beach."

As the four of us stepped into the scorching sun, I was unaware I was thinking about later today. Edward voiced my thoughts :

" Seth isn't bringing Leah when he comes with Charlie?" He asked surprised.

I sighed. This particular subject was a sore one.

" I haven't seen her since the day we left, and I can't bring myself to take her messages from Seth." I said wearily.

I was too angry. I know it was unreasonable, of course I did. I knew as well as anyone that imprinting is not something you can pick and choose, but why did it have to be him? I wasn't ready to see her just yet.

" Don't punish her too long Jacob." Bella said softly. " She must have really battled with this after the day we left." Edward agreed.

" Hey...this isn't fair." I laughed, desperately trying to make light of the situation. I was hurting, and Edward knew it.

" What is this ridiculously flash gift you've gotten her anyway?" I changed the subject. Renesmee gasped beside me, as she stopped walking suddenly. I followed her gaze to a shiny new, luxury speed boat, that lay on the white sand, the turquoise water lapping gently at it's gleaming sides.

" Well...we could hardly get you a car on the island, so we thought this would give you and Jake some privacy and freedom." Edward said through lightly gritted teeth.

" Thanks dad..." I grinned at him. He ignored me, and hugged a squealing Ness, who had flung herself at them.

" Can we take it out today Jake?" She turned to me, her eye's gleaming with excitement.

" Uh..sure, sure. " I told her. " Get some grub with your folks...I have an errand to run, then we will take off for a while , and be back well before your party tonight."

She cocked her head at me, a little hurt, but she nodded, and Bella took her hand to lead her back up towards the house.

I hadn't planned to disappear like this, but when I saw her this morning, I knew what I had to do next. I ran toward the jetty where the other boats bobbed on the gentle waves silently. I'm sure Edward wouldn't mind if I....

I turned to look at the three of them retreating up the beach, and saw Edward's shoulders stiffen. He froze momentarily, and nodded quickly before continuing. I guess that's a yes I muttered to myself, and leapt into the waiting speed boat.


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