Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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12. Chapter 11 ~~Goodbye Forks

"All right, someone put the dog out!" Alice chimed.

"Aunt Alice!" Renesmee chided. Closing the gap between her and Jacob protectively. A flash of unease shadowed Edward's eye's and Bella felt him shift uncomfortably beside her.

" Jacob, we can't leave Fork's. What about Charlie? Renesmee is enrolled in high school, she can't just leave ." Bella said calmly.

"I don't know what to say about Charlie Bell's , I'm sorry, but we can't stay here." Jacob moved to the window, and winced at the shifting silhouette's of the waiting Kalaloch pack.

" Seth, call Sam and ask him to go out there and find out what the hell they have to say for themselves." Jacob asked.

Before Seth could react, Renesmee spoke : " Jacob, wait...If Sam and the others are to go out there, then maybe we should wait until we are ready to leave? Sam can distract them long enough for us to get away?" Jacob stared at her, in surprise, and forgetting the fact they were talking about leaving Fork's for a moment Edward grinned at Bella, consumed with pride at their daughters obvious flare for battle strategy. Bella nudged him sharply, and the grin slid from his face. Raising his eyebrows in a ridiculous gesture, she suppressed a smile of her own. Carlisle cleared his throat, and spoke softly.

" Jacob's right Bella. Renesmee isn't safe. If the elders call the tribes, and rule Renesmees death as a precautionary measure.....then we can't fight an undetermined amount of wolf packs. They could send any number of packs and their members from all over the continent, at any time. It's not like we could prepare for that, even if we did as before and call witnesses, and ask our family members to fight...they have their own lives, they can't stay close by just in case."

Bella looked to Alice for an answer, and sure enough, she was searching the future, her eye's switching from strangely opaque to their normal amber intensity.

" I can't see Bella, I'm trying to see the futures of the only people that cause a blind spot in my vision, and even searching yours and Edwards futures to see around it, doesn't help." Knowing Bella and Edward would certainly not put their daughter at risk, Esmee took charge.

" Then we had better pack up. Rose, Emmett, Alice, Jasper...tie up any loose ends you have. Carlisle will arrange a transfer with work and see to any necessary documents we all might need." Esmee instructed her family. The room was suddenly less crowded as they set about their various tasks with vampiric speed.

" Bella, Edward, pack a small bag, with only the things you really can't stand to lose from the cottage. They might suspect if you start lugging huge sackfuls of stuff over here."

Bella groaned at the thought of leaving her perfect little cottage, and Edward squeezed her hand in a gesture of comfort. They both turned to study their daughter, who was quietly gazing at a pensive looking Jacob. The look on her face, different from her usual stare of adoration, something akin to that long ago gray day in rainy Fork's when Bella Swan, first set eye's on Edward. Both of them tensing like a primed crossbow string, they looked to each other, words spoken silently between them. As Bella shook her head, reminding Edward they knew this day would come. A shout from the flurry of movement elsewhere in the house, broke the tension.

" This is all your fault mutt!" Rose yelled to Jacob.

" Get used to it bloodsucker, I'm one of the family now." He shouted back , winking at Renesmee.

" Renesmee do you want to come and choose a couple of your books to take with us?" Bella croaked, emotion at the thought of leaving her and Edward's first home, taking over." She shook her head, and crossed the room, placing a soft, warm hand on Bella's face. A picture filled her mind, of every night of her life, Bella or Edward reading the various novels to her as she lay cuddled up in bed, the words ringing out, clear as those spoken aloud in the room. Bella nodded, understanding, and stared after her wistfully, as like a piece of elastic she snapped straight back into her position at Jacobs side.

" Come on Bella, lets go pack what we need to." Edward whispered to her softly. She nodded, and followed him, hoping to squeeze in a little alone time before the chaos started.

" Jake what about Billy, and your dad? Aren't you going to explain? Say goodbye?" Seth asked, worry etched on his young face.

" No time." Jacob shook his head sadly.

A thought filled Seth with alarm, and he gasped loudly;

" What about Leah? No one's seen her all day, we can't leave without her..."

" Seth this is my battle, I can't ask you and Leah to leave your families!" Jacob clapped him on the back, trying to remain cheerful, when he would have liked nothing more, than to have his little pack by his side.

Seth shook his head firmly. " I'm coming with you Jake. I'll go and say my goodbye's to dad, and see if Leah's gone back home, and I'll bring Sam and the others back with me." He looked around quickly. " It looks like everyone will be ready to leave soon anyway." He remarked, at the bags, piling up in the hallway.

" No Seth....I mean it, this is an order. You and Leah stay...just for now. " He finished, as Seth's face crumpled in dejection. " I will send for you and Leah when we are safe. Seth nodded, and slipped out into the darkness to get the La Push Wolves.


Carlisle pushed the study door, and turned to Esmee who was waiting anxiously to talk to her husband in private.

" Nessie is a woman now, this last week has culminated in the last of her childhood slipping away. I don't think Bella, and Edward have let it sink in yet, do you think they even noticed the way Jacob and her looked at each other tonight?" Esmee anxiously said to Carlisle

Carlisle was thoughtful for a second : " I think they took what they saw, the way they wanted to see it." This is all happening so fast, one day they still had some semblance of what was salvageable as a childhood for Renesmee, and then they had to think about her as a mother, and plan for her future as an adult when their hand was forced by the Kalaloch wolves, and the fact that the last of her growing, physically, and emotionally, was complete in the span of two weeks, was something they have blinded themselves from seeing for now."

Esmee sighed loudly.

" I guess they can only cope with one thing at a time right now.....I just don't want the obvious changing relationship between her and Jacob to be a shock!" She said wearily.

The door jumped open, and Alice came breezing in.

" Carlisle, can you please tell jasper that I DO need a new wardrobe when we end up at our destination, and I can't live off the handful of measly outfits I can take with me.."

" I'm sure Jasper knows that regardless of what he says you will end up with as much clothing as you desire." Carlisle replied.

" I know!" Jasper's voice floated down from upstairs. A satisfied smirk flashed across Alice's elfin features, and she was gone.

Carlisle chuckled, and rubbed his temples simultaneously.

" Where are we going anyway?" Esmee asked, pulling out various passports, and documents from the desk drawers.

"Brazil..." Carlisle grinned.


Bella finished loading the small backpack, and slid her arms languidly around Edward's neck.

"I can't believe we have to leave our little home. Is there a opposite thing to christening a new residence? You know like leaving your mark on a place?" She tilted her head, her tongue darting out and wetting her lips seductively.

Edward chuckled , and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer, roughly.

" Mmmm, after all who knows how long it's going to be before we are alone again..." He began planting soft kisses up her neck as he spoke, and she let out a long satisfied sigh, wrapping her hands in his thick hair.

He stopped suddenly, and straightened up , his face stiffened, sharp like the point of an arrow.

" And if Jacob thinks him and Renesmee will be left alone in some hotel room while we travel...." He began, a rumble of a growl beginning at the back of his throat.

Bella, scrunched up her nose in disgust, and tried to get his attention back to her as quickly as possible. The thought of no 'alone time' with her husband, for the next few days, was causing her actual anxiety! She began unbuttoning her shirt, wriggling her shoulders forward slowly as she went.

" Can we not let Jacob ruin my every bliss these last few days. He wouldn't dare suggest such a thing." She waved her wrist limply, and continued slowly removing her top, her eye's glossing over slightly.

Edward continued staring into space, new worry splintering the mask his face had become.

" But Nessie would...what if she sneaks into his room? We can hardly make her share our room now she's so grown up!" His voice edged toward hysteria as his thoughts ran away with themselves.

Bella stood before him, partially naked, her brows pinched and her bottom lip jutting out in a slight pout at Edwards attention being elsewhere .

" Re-laaax! We can get her to share with Alice or Rose. They won't be sleeping so they can make sure she doesn't sneak out!" Bella replied, her fingers busily making short work of the buttons on his shirt, and sliding the garment over his shoulders.

His brow furrowed for a second, before falling back revealing a plane of marble smoothness. A faint smile pulling up one corner of his mouth :

" I'm not sure how Jasper, and Emmett will feel about that, but OK I'll deal with them when the time comes. " He stepped back slightly as he spoke, looking her over , his eye's burning with obvious desire. Bella began to breathe heavily under her husbands gaze. She swore if he didn't touch her soon she was going to loose her mind.

He obviously felt the same way, as with a low growl he reached for her, lifting her up so her legs wrapped around his waist, and kissed her passionately. Her long, loose chestnut curls hung down over his bare muscled shoulders, and the desire to have her soft naked skin pressed against his overwhelmed him. He carried her to their huge four poster bed, made up to replica the one they used on their honeymoon, and threw them both down onto it, her with her legs still tightly wrapped around his waist. She felt the rest of her obtrusive clothing being ripped off her, and she let any thoughts of her best friend, her daughter, and a rogue wolf pack slip far from her mind.

They lay together, still entwined with the sheets twisted and torn in places beneath them. Before he could warn Bella, Edward heard his brothers lewd thoughts getting closer.....Emmett's hulking form filled the doorway :

" Ahhhh...My eye's, my eye's..." He joked, shielding his eye's as if from a burning sun.

Edward moved so fast if Bella had not been focussing on him, she would not have seen him rise, even with her vampire eye's.

" Well maybe you should think before entering people's bedrooms." She heard Edward say through gritted teeth, as he chased Emmett from the house. She chuckled to herself ,as somewhere outside she heard  a thud, a " Ow!" from Emmett and Edward's husky laughter.

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