Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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11. Chapter 10 ~~ innapropriate moments


I knew Edward had heard me coming before I was anywhere near in sight of the house, and it took all my energy to cloak my thoughts, well some of them at least. I sent Seth in first, his sheepish grin disarming them a little, in the hopes it would buy me some time. Of course my first point of interest was Renesmee after being separated from her most of yesterday and today. When I did see her, I quite literally lost my breath for a moment. She stood in the center of the room, the last of the daylight illuminating her face, and picking up the gold strands in her chestnut hair. Her green eyes sparkled, and I could not believe the change in her in just a few short days. Her face had lost that girlish softness, and as I seemingly glided toward her like being pulled by a force field from a ship in a faraway galaxy, I noticed that she already reached my shoulders in height. She was becoming a young woman now, and Carlisle's ramblings about the threat advancing her maturity was suddenly very real, and not just a half remembered theory.

Edward cleared his throat in an exaggerated manner behind me, and I blushed a little. I was not used to seeing Renesmee this way, and I guessed my thoughts became a little...loud! Still I could not tear my eye's away, and as usual I picked her up into my arms and swung her round before pressing her to me in a bear hug. She giggled and she too blushed a little, feeling my gaze still hot on her face.

" Jacob! Maybe you would like to tell us what we have been missing, before Bella paces a hole in Esmee's flooring?" Edward said, his eyebrow arched in a question. Emmett snickered loudly, and from the corner of my eye, I saw Jasper edge along the room getting closer than I would have liked. I preferred my nervousness to stay where it was, and prepare me a little for the reaction I knew was coming.

" Uh...right, sorry." I muttered, feeling the weight of the room full of stares awaiting my account of the days events. I took a seat pulling Renesmee down beside me, and rubbed my clammy palms on my jeans to dry them.

" The Kalaloch tribe indeed brought news from the elders, in form of the command..." I stared uncomfortably at Edward, and swallowed nervously.

" Jacob.. What?" Bella said, with an edge of hysteria creeping into her voice as she clutched her husband's arm.

" Just tell us who we gotta kill?" Emmett boomed, thumping his fist into his meaty palm. Jasper edged ever closer, and I felt him radiate a strange calm, that slowed my pounding heart, and stilled my jangling nerves. I took a deep breath and continued, ready this time.

" The elders decreed that the Quileute bloodline will never be polluted with vampire blood. Meaning when Renesmee is grown, her and I will never have a family, and any children we did have would be killed, after being labeled abominations to the wolf laws." I stared calmly around the room. Alice sat her jaw hanging slackly open in surprise, Carlisle and Esme unmoving, and Bella and Edward both with eye's on Renesmee. A sharp growl broke the silence, and Rose was up in my face before I had began to find the source of the noise!

" Those mangy , decrepid old dogs you call elders do realize you wolves only exist because we do, right?" She screamed into my face.

" Rose, it's hardly Jacob's idea of a five year plan?" Carlisle told her, a hand on her arm in A attempt to calm her.

" Jacob, Bella...look!" Seth called from the wall of glass that served as a window.

I crossed the room in two strides, Bella and Edward, of course getting there before me. From the tree line four sets of glowing eye's were glinting in the hush of the twilight.

" I take it that's not Sam watching over us?" Edward retorted dryly.

" They followed me back to see if I'd run...God damn it!" I cursed to myself .

" So now they know where Renesmee is." Bella replied through gritted teeth.

I whirled around, now resolute. " I think we should leave Forks." I blurted out.

Before the room could react, Renesmee walked over to me and slipped her hand in mine, her chin jutting upward in a gesture of defiance to anyone who intended to challenge my decision. She squeezed my hand softly, letting me know she was with me .

" Wait a minute Jacob, what's the hurry? It's not like you will be making me a grandpa anytime yet." Edward's reply had no hint of a question. As far as he was concerned he was stating a fact! "

" And what if they decide the stakes are too high, and they don't want to wait?" I didn't need to elaborate, as every pair of eye's in the room fell on Renesmee.


Malik reached across the seat and pulled a indignant looking Leah towards him. She was trying hard to show Malik that his behavior wasn't acceptable by keeping her demeanor a little cold, but the proximity of his body to hers was intoxifying and thawing her emotionless mask.

" Where are you taking me?" She asked, trying to wriggle away a little and keep some form of composure with his unbelievable scent filling her senses. How could he smell so good? She thought.

" I'm taking you to Kalaloch territory so we can be alone. " He was so matter of fact about the whole thing, she was unsure of how to admonish him!

" I thought we could go to the forest, run a little, then change and spend some time....getting to know each other."

The last part had a surrasation to it that made her blush furiously, and her heartbeat thundered so loud she wondered why he couldn't hear it. The car roared along at a breakneck speed and as the road began to thin out, and people became fewer and farther between in the rear view mirror, she began to get more and more terrified of 'the alone time' he had in question. Jacob needed her, and the feeling of complete betrayal caused her face to burn in shame.

When she suddenly realized he was staring at her in complete awe, her eye's would drop in embarrassment, she wasn't used to having someone look at her like they wanted to devour her completely. He was like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

Still she had a hard time keeping her eyes away from his for long. They knew nothing of each other and they should be asking the usual questions, you where did you grow up? What's your favorite movie, or song, but none of these details seemed relevant. Nothing either of them could say would colour their opinion of one another anyway. They were mated for life now, the unfortunate circumstances of the way they came to meet as yet unspoken between them. Speaking about it would only taint what right now could not be stopped anyway.

The car rumbled to a halt across a gravel path that lead straight into a Copse of trees. The driver nodded to Malik in the mirror to signal this was as far as he could go.

" Victor I trust you will watch our clothes when we phase?"

" Of course sir." The driver nodded in response and Leah turned crimson at the thought of being without her clothes even if it was just to be in wolf form. Her wolf senses caught the sounds of lizards scrabbling on tree bark, and squirrels chattering, the scent of pine needles, and the earthy mulch of the forest floor, and any thoughts of resisting were lost. She was keen to be in wolf form, running alongside her new mate.

Malik offered his hand, and with a little scowl she refused it, not because she didn't want the contact, but purely because she could get out of the damn car on her own steam, she didn't need a man's help before, and she didn't need it now! Malik threw back his head and laughed, as she got to her feet. She was so different to the other women he had encountered. Flashy blondes , in their short skirts, high heels, and inches of makeup. These were the types of women that threw themselves at him, and the more aloof he acted toward them, the more they giggled and fawned over him! It bored him to tears, and Leah fascinated him, everything about her was refreshing to him.

She glanced at him with surprise at his reaction to her dismissal of him, no matter how prickly she acted, it just seemed to roll of him, and she smiled inwardly to herself that he seemed so accepting of her deep rooted behaviors. She doubted she would be able to change her ways now, imprinting or not.

They headed into the shady thicket, the late afternoon sun still breaking in shafts of light through the trees. They came to the first acceptable private place from where to phase.

" This should do the trick, are you ready?" He asked her. She stared at him blankly. " I'm not about to phase with you stood right there, go over there a little.." Leah pointed at the next cluster of bushes, away from where she would be phasing.

Again Malk just shook his head, a huge grin on his handsome features. He gave her one last appraising glance, which made her feel as though she stood naked before him, and headed into his own private 'changing room'.

Leah smirked satisfied at being able to get her own way without a fight , and set about phasing, worried he would finish first and come looking for her before she was done.

She emerged from the bushes to see a huge white gold wolf before her, his ice blue eye's twinkling in amusement. He was a sort of pale blonde in some lights, similar to that of his hair colour, but it was silvery white the shadows of the forest. Leah had never seen anything quite like it. Her ears and nose were already in action, swiveling to pick up the scents of nearby pray, senses urging her to hurry and get on with it, to start exploring, but she ignored them all and stretched, her eyes slitted in bliss as her muscles ached, endorphins shooting to her brain, sweet as champagne.

Leah's smell wafted over to Malik who was waiting, watching her every movement with awe. Her scent was glorious and rich, starting a whimper deep in his throat, he swallowed it, and circled her, impatience growing. Leah lowered herself to her belly and slunk forward, slow and silent, until her nose was at the small circle of bushes's edge. Then she bunched her muscles, hindquarters rising, wiggling, waiting...

Malik loped past, and Leah shot out behind him, by the time she heard the crunch of his sharp turn, she was running full out tearing across the open stretch, eye's half closed and wind slicing through her fur, moving so fast her paws scuffed up debris from the forest floor.

Behind her the huff of Malik's labored breaths intercepted with growls as she pulled away, soon the huffing was right at her heels, then a grunt, and a whoosh as he leapt, she tried diving to the side but as her hind paws flew up he caught one and wrenched. Her front feet skidded and she belly flopped with a growl.

With a snort, she bounded up and span around. He was 10 feet away now, prancing away, tail waving, her every instinct said to chase , but she toppled back into the bits of loose bark, dead leaves, and earth of the forest floor and whined in pain. He skidded to a halt, and came tearing back to her, whines building in his throat with concern. He circled her and licked her foreleg. She struggled to her feet, paw raised, then gingerly touched it to the ground, all the while laughter building silently in her chest. He came closer, head lowered, nose working hard to catch the scent of blood, she lifted her paw again and whimpered.

She sprang, he danced out of the way, growling at the fake out, and took off. She hesitated, then started snuffling at the ground, he stopped head tilting, she kept sniffing checking out all the prey trails, vole, that a lynx? He dashed passed so close she felt the draft.

She kept sniffing, porcupine, more hares...

Another dash, this time snagging her hairs in his teeth and tugging, she snapped, and went back to sniffing. More voles, marten...she scratched at the first layer of earth trying to uncover a new scent.

Malik whipped past again, this time veering and sending a mess of earthy, bark over her. She shook it off, nose still working to pick up the mystery scent. She tracked it to an old tree with missing chunks of rough bark. There caught on one loose piece six foot from the ground was a tuft of brown fur. Bear? She scrambled up the trunk and stretched to sniff...

Malik plowed into her side, she went flying. Then she bounced up, snarling, and tore after him

He stayed a few strides ahead of her, dropping back then sprinting ahead, taunting and teasing.

When the forest opened into a clearing, she hit full speed, head down, paws sailing over the grass, closing the gap, the delicious smell of him filling her brain.

He swerved right at the edge of a small embankment. She skidded to a stop, well tried, but tumbled down over it, down the five foot cliff, each leg going it's own way, as she spun snout first into a grassy embankment over the other side.

From behind her came the rough growl of Malik's wolf laugh. Her answering growl was not nearly as amused. She got to her feet slowly, digging her claws into the grass for traction. Then without turning to look at him, she tore off. He caught her, grabbing her back leg and yanking her down, then pouncing over her. She tried to buck him off, but he bit the scruff of her neck and held her down. She flipped him over, and they tussled, fangs flashing, nipping, and kicking and snarling, tone changing, the need for exercise and play fading fast, the need for something more primal taking over. The nips and growls grew rougher, she wriggled free about to take off in a final chase before a quick change back.

He chuffed behind her, an urgency to his tone, so she nudged at him with her muzzle, telling him to find a nearby bush, and loped away to find her own.

They exited their various foliage at the exact same time, and went toward each other with a total need to be in each others arms, their lust fuelled play feeding their already growing urges for one another.

Malik swept her up and mashed his mouth to hers, as if he couldn't wait another second. She wrapped her hands in his soft blonde hair, and he wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, as their tongues entwined, exploring each others mouths. They were completely alone in the forest, but even if they hadn't been, it would have scarce made a difference and they would have still taken the risk. He pulled her to mossy ground, and they lay side by side, kisses growing more and more urgent, as his hand traveled under her top, the heat from his palm intense as it traveled up and down her spine. She groaned in his mouth with frustration, and he took his cue. With one hand he removed her top, breaking from the kiss briefly to do so, and she tugged his over his head. The feeling of her skin pressed against him, nearly caused him to lose it, and she tugged at his soft gray khakis with impatience. Leah had no qualms about their joining despite how long it had been for her, the feeling of his breath hot on her neck, and the slow trace of his tongue in slow circles, before nipping at the underside of her jaw, caused her to lose patience, and when his hands found the button of her jeans, he paused in a silent question and she nodded fiercely.

Completley naked, surrounded by the sounds of the forest, insects chirping, and the last of the days birdsong before the light began to fade, they made love on the soft mossy ground. Cementing their bond completely.

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