Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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1. Chapter 1 ~ The Cullens

Bella leaned back against Edward with a sigh.

 "you keep saying that Carlisle but it's been the best part of a decade already. I haven't been a newborn for some time."

"well then, surely you don't need me to remind you again why we ONLY hunt animals Bella. We live amongst humans , if we hunted even the most evil of human beings how would we control our urges when we were around them. It has taken hundreds of years of practice to walk amongst them undetected."

 Carlisle reasoned for what seemed like the millionth time. Edward languidly trailed his fingers up his brides arm , sensing her ongoing frustration on the matter. 

 " I think what Bella has accomplished so far, never once tasting human blood shows an enormous sense of will power. Maybe all she needs is one kill, to calm the craving."

 Edward stated her case to Carlisle without a flicker of emotion, his gaze never leaving his wife's profile for a moment.
     Bella's eyes flitted across the room searching her newly adopted family members faces for a flicker of agreement in order to accumulate an Allie in her quest. Briefly lingering on Jaspers un readable countenance, knowing his own personal struggle with their vegetarian lifestyle, and finding none.

"It's not as though I am trying to convince you all to start hunting and feeding on the mail man."

She raised her eyebrows playfully.

 " I am talking about the dregs of human society. Murderers, rapists, criminals who have escaped the system and won't receive any sort of punishment. Victims receiving no justice for their horrible crimes."

 Her cool demenear now fading as she began to gesture wildly, punctuated by the very human habit of nervously chewing her nails, reducing her speech to a mumble. Edward reached over and gently swept her fingers away from her mouth.

 "Bella it's been 12 years since it was possible for you to actually chew your nails, remember?"

Taking in his smouldering gaze, and the playful tone in his voice. Bella felt the familiar butterflies stirring in response to her husbands gaze. Feeling every bit the school girl with a crush now as she did that miserable rainy day in forks, when she first laid eyes on him. She dropped her hands to her lap with a half smirk. Although she sometimes displayed traits of that awkward human teenage girl. It was due to nothing more than learnt reflexes of the body. Similar to a limb twitch after death. Bella was nothing of the girl she left behind. She was exquisitely beautiful in her vampiric form, and just as deadly as the most blood thirsty of vampires. To her it was as it was for an amnesia victim finally regaining their memories. Feeling awkward, lost and lonely when she was human. After being turned she finally felt she belonged in her own skin. This was what she had been born for.

"Don't you think the wolf pack would have something to say, if you start feeding off of humans? I doubt even the great Jacob Black, grandson of Ephraim could back you on this one."

 Alice chided.

 "Oh please."

 Bella drawled as she rose from the settee and whirled around to head for the door, with one fluid movement within a fraction of a second.

" I would just get Renesmee to rub his belly or something."

 Emmett guffawed loudly and slapped his thigh. Earning himself a cold look from Rose.
The conversation was over. Before she could make eye contact with Edward , he had already risen and crossed the room to follow Bella . Sensing her need to vent. He caught her hand, now very much the same temperature as his own, and began to lead her to the second floor where they still had a room, in spite of having a cottage of their own. Renesmee adored being around her aunts and uncles as much as possible. Without even looking at her face, he caught her imperceptible nod in his impeccable peripheral vision. Before any human eye could even detect movement , they had ascended the stairs and clicked shut the bedroom door.

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