Stuck in Love

After three years of wasting her time on a past that she ran away from. She is determined to stand on her feet and start a new life. Landing on a good to be dream job and having a new boss that bought the company and then meeting his mogul boss who was the guy she abandoned three years ago. What will she do with the feelings she thought was gone when she is still guilty of being stuck in love?

© Copyright 2015 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


1. Prologue

The day I left was the day that I promised myself that i’ll never go back to the same person I used to be. The past is the past and I have to move on. I couldn’t live this life, not anymore. I packed up my stuffed and moved to New York.



Today is the day that I start my new job. I feel’s great being out of college and starting my life the way I want it to be. I am an editor-in-chief at the Styles inc. It’s a business that deals with fashion. I love fashion a lot. It’s a passion I have. Mr. Styles has a meeting for all editors with his boss.

“Everyone I would like for you to meet… Mr. Horan”

I looked at his with envy. He stared back with a smirk.

“It’s nice meeting you all” He said taking a seat next to me”

What have I gotten myself ?

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