The Big Move

What happens when Zayn's dad's girlfriend and her daughter move in with them. Will Zayn like the new comers or will he completely hate them. Read to find out.

(This is my first 1D movella so feed back is appreciated)


4. Chapter 4

•Ariels POV•

*one week later*

It's been a week since my mom and I moved in with Zayn and Bryan. I told him that I was sorry over and over but he kind of hates me. I can't blame him I did walk in on him naked. After the incident my mother said that I need to spend Time with Zayn. Like why can't she just get over the fact that we don't like each other. Now I'm stuck going to Zayn stupid band practice. My mother said that his band practice is not going to be so bad because apparently all his bandmates are hot. She's just trying to make me go.

I was still in my pjs so I opened my closet and got out a long sleeved sweater type of t-shirt that said I want to meet Connor Ball, but I had crossed out meet and wrote fuck on top of it. I opened my dresser and grabbed some black skinny jeans and some new under clothing. I walked into the bathroom that I had seen Zayn naked in and lock the door not wanting that to happen to me. I started my shower then took of the clothing I was already wearing. I hopped in and let the hot water run down my back for a minute before washing up.


I hopped out of the shower and dried off. I wrapped the towel around my hair and got dressed.

I opened the door and head down the stairs. I rounded the corner to find Zayn sitting on the couch stuffing his face. "So you ready to go?" I asked. He looked over at me and nodded. He hopped off the couch and headed for the door. I followed behind him. I closed and locked the door then headed to Zayn's car.

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