The Big Move

What happens when Zayn's dad's girlfriend and her daughter move in with them. Will Zayn like the new comers or will he completely hate them. Read to find out.

(This is my first 1D movella so feed back is appreciated)


2. chapter 2

•Who's POV•

I was awoken by some one shaking me. I opened my eyes to see my mom. "Honey we're there" she said get up out of her seat. I unbuckled my seatbelt and looked around for my phone. "Mom have you seen my phone?" I said still searching do my phone. My mum rummaged through her purse before handing me my phone. "Thanks" I said taking it from her. I grabbed my carry on out of the over head then followed my mum of the plane. I was sunny out but it looked like the sun was just rising. We walked into the airport and over to the conveyer belt.

I grabbed all of my luggage and followed my mother to where people hold up signs. I saw a sign that said Wilberys and knew that was for us. "Mum" she looked at me and I pointed to the sign I saw. She smiled and walked over to the man holding it. "Debby" the guy said kissing my mother on the cheek. I figured that was Bryan. " and you must be Ariel" he said looking at me. Yeah my names Ariel deal with it. I smiled and I saw his smile grow a little. "Nice to meet you" I said holding out my hand. He shook it. " well let's get you guys home" he took some of our luggage and led us out into the parking lot. We stopped infront of a Volkswagen. "I know it's not much but it gets me places."

I hopped in behind the drivers seat on the right.

We drove for about 20 minutes before we stopped infront of a mansion. It was 2 story's. It was cream with a black roof. I got out of the car and turned to look at Bryan. "Do I get to pick my room?" I asked. "Yeah"he answered "just not the first doors on the right and left." "Ok" I yelled behind me as I ran to the door. I opened the door and was greeted by a long hallway. There were stairs on the left. I ran up the stairs and saw 5 doors. I walked past the first ones and opened the second one on the right. It was a giant room with a king size bed right in the middle. I closed the door and opened the one across the hall on the left. It was smaller than the other room with a queen size bed. I walked in and opened the closet. It was small and I really liked it. I decided this was going to be my room. The walls were white and the bed frame on the bed was a black metal one. I flopped down on the bed the Bryan walked in. "Is this going to be your room" he asked. "Yeah" I said sitting up . He put my bags on the floor and told me my furniture would be here soon. I walked out into the hallway and decided to explore.

I walked to the door on the end of the hallway and opened it. I was greeted by some kid covering up with a towel. I screeched and covered my eyes with my hands. "Get out" he said. "I'm so sorry" i said backing out of the room. I heard the door shut and I peeked through my hand. The door was closed so I moved my hands from my eyes. Bryan came running up the stairs with my mother behind him. "What happened?" My mother asked rubbing my back. "T-there's s-s-some kid n-n-naked in there" I stuttered pointing to the door. Bryan walked up to the door and knocked on it. " who is is " I heard a voice call from behind the door. "It's dad" Bryan said looking at the door. It opened and the kid I saw walked out of the room. He looked at me then at my mother then at me again.

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