The Big Move

What happens when Zayn's dad's girlfriend and her daughter move in with them. Will Zayn like the new comers or will he completely hate them. Read to find out.

(This is my first 1D movella so feed back is appreciated)


1. chapter 1

(This is my first time writing so I would really like the feed back. Also I know that there isn't that much one direction in the first few chapters but there will be more in chapters to come.)

•Who's POV?•

I feel like I should Introduce myself but then again it might just be a waist of time.

I open my eyes and look out the window. It's snowing. That's great I have to get on a plane and its snowing. Tonight my mom and I are getting on a plane to London. My mother had met some guy on a business trip and they hit it off. I was really happy for my mom. It's been hard for her to date after what happened to my dad. But now we are moving in with him and his son. I have to admit I'm kinda excited to see what they look like. I've never met or even talked to them but of my moms happy so I'm happy.

She said his son was cute but if my mom and Bryan (that's my mom's boyfriend's name) get married I'm not going to be thinking about how cute my stepbrother is.

I got up off the floor and shoved my blankets and pillows in some boxes. I changed into the clothes I laid out then shoved my pj's into a box too. I walked out of my room and into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror to see how I looked. I was wear an off-white crop top with some burgundy high waisted pants. I brushed out each of my curls. My hair was red and black and really curly.

(I'll leave her outfit to your imagination)

I slipped on my black and white converse then put the rest of my stuff into boxes. I slipped down the stairs walked into the kitchen. I made myself a bowl of Special K and sat down on the ground to eat.

I finished eating then started packing the rest of the dishes.

*half an hour later*

I finished packing all the dishes and had started playing a game on my phone when I heard a knock on the door. I got up off the ground and walked over to the door. I opened only to be greeted by a lady and a man."hi" she said as she held out her hand."hello"I said taking her hand." We're here for the dishes you guys are selling"she said. "Oh right" I said "follow me." I led her inside and into the kitchen. She looked through the boxes then looked at me and smiled. "Here"she said handing me a wad of cash." Oh um you should really give that to my mum" I said lightly pushing her hand away. Right after I said that my mum walked into the room."Mrs.Gairing, I wasn't aware you were here" she said looking at me. My mother and Mrs.Gairing walked into the living room and talked for a bit. I looked at the man before asking "Are you Mr.Gairing?" He smiled "No"he said"I'm her son" "how old are you?" I asked. "He looked at me for a bit before answering with "18." Was this guy actually eighteen or was he just playing with me because he didn't look like he was eighteen. I walked out of the kitchen not wanting to be around them.

*skip to time to get on the plane*

It was finally time for us to get on the plane. We are currently in the airport waiting to board the plane. "Plane 63 to London is now boarding,I repeat plane 63 to London is now boarding." I stood up and followed my mom to the walk way onto the plane. My mother handed the lady our tickets and our passports. "Here you go" she said handing them back," have a nice flight." We walked onto the plane and took our seats. I grabbed my phone and my headphones out of my carry on and put it in the over head. I slipped into my seat and buckled up."this is your captain speaking we are now taking off so please fasten your seatbelt.

Once the lady told us we could put our headphones in I put mine in and shuffled my music. The first son that came up was "we like it loud" by sleeping with sirens. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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