Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


21. who are you?


Luke and I are cuddled up in my room watching a cheesy tv show.

The only thing on my mind is where's Calum?

I laugh at the show "Luke?"


"Do you think he's okay?"

"I'm sure he is lee."

"But what if he-"

"Don't worry, he's a strong guy, he's ok, I promise" he pecks my cheek warming my insides up.

I get an unknown phone call so I press accept.


"Hi are you miss Steele?"

"Uh, yes why?"

"Well, your boyfriend Calum has gotten into a car accident, please co-"


I quickly end the call and grab my jacket and car keys, then I get another phone call


"Are you a friend of Jazmina young?"

"Yes. What's happened to her?"

"She has gotten in a car accident."

"O-ok I'm on my way thank you!"

I end that phone call too

"What's wrong?" Luke asks

"Calum and jaz got into a car accident." I shakily say

"We're they in the car together?"

"I-I don't think so.."


Luke and I run into the hospital.

I cut in front of people as they yell at me "hi, um were here for Calum Hood and Jazmina Young."

"They just got in an hour ago, you can see them."

"Oh! Thank you soo much..what rooms?"

"207 and 208"

Luke and I split up, I visit jazmin first.

I lightly knock on the door not trying to make a sound

"Jaz?" I whisper

I see her with blood stains on her arms and a cut on her face, her leg is in a cast, so is her left arm.

"Oh my god." I cup my face with salty water dripping off them.

"Hayli." She can barley speak

"What happened?"

"I couldn't take it anymore so I took a drive, and here I am" she tries to rise up I tell her to layback down

"Jaz, I'm so sorry, you sh-"

"Hello, sorry to interrupt but, jazmin we have your test results."

"Okay..please tell me."

"Well I'll go, I don't want to disrupt." I back out slowly

*few minutes later*

"You can come back in now." The guy informs me

I nod and head back in


She was staring into space.

"I-I had a miscarriage."

She looked like she turned numb, no expression, just a dark place inside her dark hazel eyes.

I was speechless, I had no words, she carried that baby for 7 months, 7 months! And now she delivers a dead baby.

"Jazmin I'm so sor-"

"Please get out." She commands still staring straight

"But jaz y-"

"Hayli please."

I droop my head and walk out.



I see him, eyes closed with cuts all over, he had a bandage wrapped around his head. And another around his hand.

"Luke?" His eyes weakly open

"Hey mate, you alright?"

"No, I'm not, my brain is shaking..."

"Aw, why didn't you call?"

"I-I" he sighs "can I tell you something?"

"Yeah, anything..what is it?"

"I'm addicted to marijuana.."

"What? I thought you only just smoked cigs?"

"You thought wrong.."

"Yeah...do you want to see Hayli?"

"Who's Hayli?"

"You're girlfriend Hayli Steele"

"I don't have a girlfriend"

I hope he's playing, I tell Hayli that she can come in.


"Cal..you're okay..thank God"

I run up to him so I can give him a squeeze but he brushes me off

"Who are you?"

"Your girlfriend silly."

"I don't have a girlfriend"

I frown at the comment

I quickly take out my phone, almost dropping it to show him the pictures that we took

"See, that's us at chipotle on our first date, then here's us at my house, remember now?"

"I still don't know, but I'd love to be with you, you're very beautiful."

And with that I run out with tears rolling upon my face.


It'll get better okay?

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