Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


20. White light


*Next day*

Still in the hospital room, wondering why I'm still here.

I flutter my eyes open still feeling weak.

When I open them I see a sleeping Luke on the hard plastic chair beside me.

"Luke." I croak, my voice is so weak, it makes my head throb.

He instantly wakes up "Hayli!" He screams my name while slipping of the chair making a loud thud, which made the room rumble

I giggle weakly "oww.." I hold my chest in pain.

He pops up "are you okay?"

I nod "yeah, just a little pain.." I pause "where's Calum?"

"I haven't seen him since." He shrugs

I start to panic "what if he died! What if he went missing..Luke I'm terrified" I grab my hair stressed out

"It's ok, I'm sure he's alright.." He comes over to comfort me.

I hear a light knock on the door hoping it was Calum, but it wasn't.

"Miss Steele? Hi how are ya feeling?" The same lady that I heard before asks me.

"I'm doing alright, just a little pain from talking and moving." I slightly grin

"Oh that's normal, well I have good news for you, you can finally check out." She pats my head

I scrunch my nose "thank you for everything."

"No problem dear." She smiles and walks out the room

"I don't have any clean clothes..."

"Here, put your leggings on and take my flannel." He starts to unbutton it

"It's too big." I sit there with the sleeves covering my hands

"So? You look cute in it." He helps me to put my shoes on.

I smile "thank you Lukey."

He cringes at the name "no problem cheeks." I also cringe at that horrible name, it made me remember when we first met.

I ride my pink Barbie tricycle down the street, wind passing through my skin.

A boy looking the same age as me rides his blue bike pass me.

I smirk and we race to the end of the streetlight.

"I won! You lost! Haha!!" I cheer and jump

"It was a total tie.." He blurts out with a strong Australian accent.

"Mm sure it was." I smirk "what's your name?"

"Luke, how about you?"

"Hayli, with an 'I'" I flip my curly hair

He chuckles "well I like your cheeks, there very cute and chubby." He lightly pinches my cheeks

I giggle but he stop pinching them "your nickname is cheeks for now." He smirks

And to that day he kept calling me that, for another 13 years.

"Those were the days." He bring me in to a hug.

"WAIT." I stop

"What?" He asks

"I can't leave out here with no make up on." I pull out my bag of emergency makeup

He chuckles "okay, sit."

"Wanna halp?" I playfully say

"No, that's for girls.." He scoffs

I giggle "whatever." I flip my hair

*later that day*

Jazmin: (what.even)

I'm so stressed in life right now, so I grab my car keys and head out the door not knowing where I was going.

I just need a break from life.

I turn the ignition for the car to start.

It was silent so I turn some music on, it was playing 'I was here' by Beyoncé.

As I drive hot tears run down my face, I'm a mess.

I speed up more, but all I see is a white light.

Calum: (what am I doing?)

I'm in a car but I have no idea where I'm going, I smoked some more so I'm even more high as 'shut up' by blink 182 plays.

"Ugh, I'm tired as fuuuuck" I run my fingers through my hair.

I bang my hand on the steering wheel.

After that I see white.

A/n: you guys probably hate me but I love youuu

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