Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


16. want you back


"Bye luke!" I wave my hand out the car window

He waves back and unlocks his house door.

Calum walks me to my porch out on this chilly winter night.

"Thanks for the date Calum, I had a lot of fun with you..other thank the drama, my night was amazing."

"Aw hey I had fun too beautiful..you looked so nice tonight.." He clear my hair out my face.

This point him and I are swaying and smiling.

"Your so perfect.." The words slip out my mouth without me noticing

"You're perfecter.." He grins

He pulls me in closer to where I can smell his cologne which smelled nice.

His lips are pressed on mine it was a slow yet passionate kiss, it felt so nice to be in his embrace.

We pull away with smiles plastered on our faces

"Goodnight beautiful.."

"Goodnight cutie."

He watches me get inside safely just to make sure I'm safe

I wave at him through my window once again, he drives off into the night.

*next morning*

I woke up to my phone alarm ringing in my ear

I groan as I get out of bed.

I wanted to dress nice so Calum could drool all over me, I wouldn't want that happening physically though.

For today's outfit I chose a white crop top with a black fore arm sleeved cardigan, high waisted light wash jeans and my low top air force ones.

My jewelry was a simple gold chain with my gold watch.

Makeup was winged eyeliner, mascara to bring it all together and my red matte lipstick.

I quickly head downstairs seeing Drew cook breakfast.

"And who are you trying to impress?" He looks at my outfit up and down.

"If you must know drew, I'm looking good for my future boyfriend k?" I smartly say

"Whatever, you look nice..hey wanna hang out after school? I haven't seen you lately, don't tell anyone I said this but I miss you hails." He genuinely admits

All I could do was smile "aw drew, yes if love to hang out with my big bro, and I miss you too."

He smirks "mom and dad are coming back in a week or so...I'm so excited!"

I jump and squeal in joy, I haven't seen them in forever.

I check my phone to check the time "time for school..love you drew see ya later!!"

He waves and continues his cooking, I admit Drew has been a major change for me when I was younger but It was a great change, him and I are so close, but sometimes I wanna kill him, then I don't because I can't imagine life without him.

I make my way with Luke to school and we head in.

I walk to my locker getting my first period books, tan skin takes a hold of my waist and whispers in my ear "hey beautiful." Instantly making me smile.

"Hey cutie." I peck his lips also making him smile

"What class do you have right now?" He asks me still hugging me from behind

"Um..I have math right now so I'll see you in physics." I reply

"Aw, I'll miss you beautiful.." He gives me a quick kiss before he leaves.

Luke was already in class so I had to walk there alone.

As I'm walking I see Jazmin walking this way, I fail to avoid her and she blocks my path.

"Hayli please listen to me.."

I give her a glare "one minute is all you have*

"Ok, I'm sorry for doing this to you but it was before he was with you, and I didn't know you would end up with him...Hayli I'm really sorry okay, please forgive me." She pleads, I'm so close to not forgiving her but she's my best friend.

I sigh "I forgive you."

She squeals making me giggle "100 percent?"

"100 percent."

We part ways and walk to class.

Later that day I get a note from Calum saying to meet him at the back of the school.

So I meet him and he's just standing there.

"Umm cal? What are we doing here?" I raise my eyebrows

He smiles "hey beautiful"

"Hai babe, what are we doing here??" I over exaggerate my 'what are we doing here'

"You are one of the best things that's happened to me Hayli, I know we've only been on like two dates but I really like you and your too beautiful to pass up, I'm not going to use you and then leave...your not just a one time thing, you mean everything to me." He sighs "what I'm trying to say is that I'm in love with you Hayli."

All I could do was smile, someone actually loves me that's not my best friend or relative.

I was in a daze until I realized I didn't answer back

"I'm in love with you too Calum." I pull him into a hug

"So I am asking you if you'd be the honors to be my girlfriend." He whispers in my ear

"Yes I would love to be your girlfriend." A big smile appears on his face

"Wanna come over to my house today?" I bluntly ask him

"Yeah, sounds good, feels good to have you as my girlfriend now." A/n: ok that wasn't a coincidence lol

"It feels good to have you as my boyfriend." I kiss his soft lips happily

"C'mon we're gonna miss lunch boyfriend." I pull his hand aggressively, my anger of not having food was coming out

"Okay I'm coming, girlfriend." He lifts me up to put me on his back making me giggle


We walk into the lunchroom with me still on Calum's back.

He puts me down so I can get my food.

I lead Calum to sit with jaz, Luke and couple of his friends.

"Hey Luke, hey jaz." I join them to sit but Calum tells me to move so I can sit on his lap, which I like.

Once I did that, Luke rolls his eyes, but I act like I didn't notice.

"So? how are you and Calum?" Jazmin squeals

"Were great, he's my boyfriend now and I'm loving it."

"That's nice.." Luke mumbles

As we enjoy our food Dylan walks over

"What do you want Dylan...did you sleep with one of my other friends as well?" I snare

"I want a second chance..please Hayli." He pleads

"No, can't you see I'm happy with my boyfriend Calum, please leave me alone."

"Hayli come on, you made up with

Jazmin, make up with me."

"Did you not hear her? She's fine, leave her alone Dylan." Calum bulges into the conversation

"I forgive you Dylan, but I can't be with you." I sincerely tell him

He sighs and walks away.


YAS Hayli slay his ass😂

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