Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


19. please wake up


After I took jazmin home, I stopped by Calum's house.

He opens the door with a smile on his face "hey beautiful.." I give him a weak grin

His smile falls, he knows that I'm not doing well, I try to put on a happy face but failing to do so.

"Babe..what's wrong.." I follow him to his room.

"Everything cal, Luke is back together with Mack, and Jazmin's child may not survive." I sigh as I plop onto his comfy bed

"Wow..babe you need to rest, just take a day to yourself..." He lays down beside me

"You think so?" I ask

"Yes, and I have the perfect thing for it.." He smirks then walks over to his end table grabbing a plastic bag, paper, and a lighter.

"Cal what is this?" My eyebrows raise up as he tosses it to me..

"Mary Jane.." His eyebrows furrow

"Calum no, I can't do that..." He rolls his eyes as I push it away.

"Come on, it'll make you relax.." He pushes it back in my direction

"Babe, no I can't do-"

He connects his lips on mine cupping my face into his, I kiss him back, but disconnect after.

"Now will you do it?" He smirks

I sigh "ok, but only once." Exaggerating the last part.

He then squeals like a three year old.

I closely watch him roll the drug in the paper, as he lights it.

He takes a puff of it, his eyes and head roll back in relaxation, he then exhales it with thick white whispy air.

"Here..your turn.." He passes the cigarette full of weed to my fingers.

I place the drug between my two fingers and Inhale the awful smelling thing instantly feeling care free and at rest..

I roll back my head as I exhale the smoke..

"Feeling relaxed?" He asks as he takes another puff

I nod and tap on him to hurry up so I can get more of this drug.

We do it a few more times, feeling even more at ease..

"Haaaaaa, Calluuummmm, y-you're sooocutee" I slur as I laugh at this non comedic situation.

My head is spinning, I can hardly think..I'm all over the place.

I pick up my phone and dial a random number..


I realize it's luke on the phone

"Hi luuuuke.." I chuckle

"Hayli? What's wrong with your voice?"

"I'm hiiiighhhhhh hahaha"

"Hayli where are you?" He sounds muffled but I can still hear him

"I-I'm aat caalums house."

"I'm on my way...Hayli stay there ok?" He ends the call before I can say anything else.

I take another puff, yet this time everything is fading to black..


Luke: (surprisee! *again*)

I pull up to Calum's house, I sprint to the stairs to ring the doorbell. No answer

I ring it once more, still no answer.

I kick the door down with all my night.

"Hayli!!" I scream all around the house, no answer

I run upstairs to see my best friend passed out on Calum's bed.

I cradle her into my arms, no signal of aliveness..

I speed to the hospital, grab Hayli and scurry to the front office

"someone please help! She's not breathing...this is a emergency!! Someone! Please!" I yell until the nurses lift her on a bed to the ER.

The doors close as I sit down in the waiting room.



"Based on these tests, she had an overdosage of marijuana."

I'm covered in darkness but I hear woman speaking about me, hopefully "we've taken blood tests right before and were just waiting on the results, sir" I try to open my eyes but they're shut, I try sitting up but nothing is happening, I can't move my arms, legs, mouth, nothing. I'm glued to this bed, I can only hear what's surrounding me.

I hear sniffles from a young man, realizing that he's crying "ok, thanks for everything ma'm, when is she going to wake up?" It's Luke's voice, I can tell by his accent he sounded worried and afraid. I hear his sobbing, as he breaks down, I can imagine it, it hurts to see him like this, on top of that I scowled at him earlier today. His eyes, filling up with salty water, with purple stained cheeks as the tears roll down his cheeks. He's such a wonderful man.

"She will be up soon Mr. Hemmings, it's only been 2 hours, she's alert right now so that's a great sign..hold on tight okay?" I hear the female nurse give Luke a assuring hug before the door closes shut.

Footsteps come closer to me as a hand takes a hold of mine.

He starts off with his voice shaky

"H-Hayli it's me.." He sighs but I can tell he's still weak. "At this moment I really don't care how I look talking to a person in a coma. But I had to, Hayli I miss you so much, I just want you to be awake so I can see your beautiful, chocolate brown eyes, I want to feel your embrace with your petite self. Please come back...I love you so much, I would die if you did..I can't imagine life without a bitchy, yet sweet and adorable Hayli Grace Steele." He laughs lightly "if you can hear me please squeeze my hand."

I try to squeeze with all my might, but nothing happens. I feel a tear drop onto my skin. He starts to break down again into my hand "please wake up Hayli..please" he croaks while still sobbing.


What is wrong with me

Poor Lukey

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