Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


23. Mom and Dad


He left me there, alone in the dark, I felt like a castaway...

I start packing my belongings into my bookbag and start my route home.

*10 minutes later*

It was about 9:30 at night, I push my key in the doorknob and open to see my parents.

"Hayli! Baby! I've missed you so much!" My mom brings me into a big hug.

I simply smile "I've missed you too mom.."

"Hey, babygirl.." My dad smiles and looks up and down "you've grown so much.."

"Thank you dad.." I chuckle, while dropping my head

Drew notices but I quickly put on a fake smile

"You alright baby?" Mom puts her hands on my shoulders

"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine." I grin "I'm really tired, had a long day today..goodnight guys"

"Goodnight sweetie." They say

I head to my room trudging every step.

I sigh "what did I just do." I sink into my bed

I try calling luke, no answer

I leave constant voicemails:

"Hey, Luke I'm sorry, f-for everything, I have Calum and I just can't do that to him..I love him so much, but I love you...it's complicated. You probably wont even hear this but I love you Luke, we can't just give up."

"Luke, please answer, don't ignore me, I was a bitch, I still am, I'm sorry, please, forgive me.."

And to that I switch my lights off trying to fall asleep.

*later that night (it's winterbreak btw)*

I hear a knock on my door, it was drew, I was wide awake

"Drew, it's 4am what do you need." I whine

"Something told me to come here, so what's wrong?" He plops onto the space beside me.

I sigh "well luke confessed to me that he loves me, and wants to be with me, and I said yeah but no."

He whines "aw, Hayli! Come on! Boys have feelings, what happened after?" He places his hand in his chin

"After that he said to fuck off and left."

"Hayli...you really fucked up..all I can tell you is just don't bother him and give him space..okay?" Drew gets up

I nod "okay."

"Now get some sleep, see you in the morning." He poked my cheek and left the room.

*morning time*

I wake up to a smell of fresh coffee and pancakes, my favorite.

Running downstairs almost tripping myself I see a table full of breakfast foods.

"Good morning sweetheart, we made breakfast all for you.." My mom pulls out her chair

I place my hand on my chest feeling loved like when they were always here. "aw, you shouldn't have..I should be making this for you guys.."

"We wanted to, from our hearts...have you found any colleges or universities you're interested in?" My dad asks

Since I'm passionate about cosmetology and fashion but my dad wants more out of me.

"Um, actually I wanted to go to a cosmotology school and st-"

"Cosmetology??? What about your majors? something what you'll exceed, and get paid a lot of money..Hayli I thought you would be serious this time.." He sighs, while I scoff

"Dad, you always told me that I. Oils be anything I wanted, why can't I just do me? And I actually can get a lot of money and succeed in life, I want to be a entrepreneur in makeup, fashion, and hair is that not enough??..I'm not hungry, I'm going out."

"Hails, wait.." My dad grabs my shoulder "what?"

"I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to, I just wanted you to be like your brother..he's majoring in professional sports and, just please forgive me."

I sigh "okay..your forgiven..I love you dad."

I slide into my seat in front of all the delicious food.

While we ate, I caught up with my parents, they did the same

"Poor, Jazmin..I hope she's doing okay..you should go visit.." Mom insists

"Yeah, I should.." I grab another pancake

It was silent after that, a peaceful silence, until it breaks

"We're celebrating thanksgiving and Christmas with Liz and Andrew this year." She blurts

My heart drops, thanksgiving is in 3 weeks, Luke is gonna hate me there, especially if Mack is there, if they're even together.

"Oh..sounds like a good time." I reply

"Yeah, your dad and I are going over there so we can tell them were back and catch up on a couple of things..."

I nod "can Calum come to thanks giving as well?"

"Um, we have to meet his parents first darling..and he has to meet us you know."

"Yeah I know...how about this Saturday?" I ask

"That sounds good right honey?" He nods stuffing bacon in his mouth

"Dad chill out on the bacon...you're gonna turn into a pig." I giggle

"I surrender." He puts his hands up

"It's so good to be home.." Mom says grabbing my hand squeezing it to know that she loves me.

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