Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


29. Love of my life


After yesterday hayli hasn't answered my calls, I've tried everything Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, iMessage, all of it.

I hope she didn't take what I told her to her head.


I've been avoiding everyone the past days, this breakup thing is tragic. I miss Calum so much, but it was for the best.


Honestly I really miss Hayli, she was my light, my strength to get through the day.

I miss her cute laugh, her advice on life, her feistiness, everything.


I've passed my depression state, and I've been so happy, I feel like myself again, Drew really helped me through this. I owe him a lot. But Hayli just won't pick up her phone, no text back, nothing.


My sister won't talk to me or mom and dad, every time she comes home she goes straight up to her room, she eats upstairs and never comes down. Calum and her were a nice couple, I just do t understand why they broke up.


I took a walk to Hayli and I's favorite place. I just wanted to settle down and forget all negativity, by the way mackayla and I aren't together anymore..forever. (I'll explain later). I sit behind a huge tree beside Hayli and i's engraved heart. I take a deep breath humming quietly to myself.


I make my way to the place I've been going to the past days. Reminiscing "Halum's great times". I sit in front of a huge tree beside Luke and I's personal engraved heart. If you ask me why I come here, it's because this is place where I get my feelings out, where I break down and let go. I talk to myself, I say things I want to say to people in my head out loud.

I take a deep breath "Luke, you've been my best friend for almost 13 years, and I want to be more than best friends, I love you so much it hurts so bad, I know I sound cheesy but it's the truth and I can't live without you, if I lost you I don't know what I would do. I want mini us' running around grabbing at our legs shouting mommy and daddy look what I can do. I wanna wake up to your face in the morning. I wanna see those blue ocean eyes stare at me. I really need you Luke. I love you." A tear rolls down my eyes knowing that it'll never happen.

"I love you too." A deep Aussie voice says quietly. I gasp at the fact that he was here. "Luke?" I turn my head to the other side of the tree, I see tall Luke with a black nirvana beanie on. "Hayli, will you be the love of my life forever?"


Legit so happy right now.

Luke can you propose to me please?

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