Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


24. I come bearing gifts


After breakfast, drew and I went to visit jazmin.

We pull up into her driveway

I reach her door but hesitate to knock.

"Hails, she'll be happy to see you..okay?" Drew places his hand in my shoulder.

I sigh "okay." I firmly knock on her maroon painted door.

She flings the door open "oh, hey Hayli..hey drew." She was a mess, If you saw her, her hair was in that same bun like at the hospital, she was wearing a gray Abercrombie sweat hoodie, leggings and her slipper boots.

I flash a smile "hey, boo...doing okay?"

"Does it look like I'm okay?..look at my house, it's trashed...I look like a mess, I hate my life."

I step in and take a seat by her coffee table drew sits beside me.

"I'm sorry babe, I know it's hard to deal with its su-"

"Hard to deal with??? No more like it's making my hair fall out, I'm not my normal complexion...I'm a wreck..just another one of those rejects.." She starts to cry covering her face "I just want to die.." She mumbles

"No, you can't die jaz...I promise to you that things will get better." Drew pulls her into a hug..while she sobs in his shoulder.

"Hails..go check on cal, I got jaz okay?"

I nod "okay, call me when your done."

Drew: (huh?)

She gently closes the door behind her

"Jazmin, listen to me...I'm doing this because I've known you for a long time..."

"Okay." She wipes her tears, sniffling

"Anything, I mean anything you need, want, already even have, I will help you, I don't like seeing you miserable, and hopeless..I want to see you chirpy and you bubbly self...jaz, I'm here for you." I caress her cheek.

"Thank you so much Drew, it means so much..thank you." She falls into my arms giving me the biggest hug I haven't had in a long time.

"Now go slip something cute on and I'm taking you to get your nails, hair, and everything done..I'm gonna buy you some new clothes too."

She squeals which made me laugh to myself.

*few minutes later*

After moments pass by..jazmin walks downstairs with that black film me she stole from me years ago.

We lock eyes and start to giggle, it was an inside joke.


"Yeah, let's go." She flashes that beautiful smile of hers

"There's that smile I was looking for.." I smile back at her.


I just don't understand, she loves me but she doesn't want me?

I just don't understand..I don't even care anymore, I'm with Mack now and she's the only one making me happy.

"Babe..come here.." I ask her in a baby voice with my arms out

She grins and plops into my chest..

"Luke, I'm sorry for what happened, that time..at chi-"

"Don't think about it, your forgiven." I peck her cheek "I love you Mack..so never leave me..ever."

She smirks then leaning into me even more, to where our foreheads meet.

"I love you too.." Her soft pink lips, attach to mine in sync..there were no sparkles or fireworks..like it was dead.

But I kept kissing her, hoping fireworks would show up, still none there.

She unbuttons my flannel, then my jeans. Starting to leave kisses down my neck..I stop her, yet I wasn't realizing what I did.

"I can't, I-I'm not ready for it.." I sigh "I'm sorry M."

She pushes her curly hair behind her ear "oh..okay I understand."

It was awkward silence "well, I'm gonna go, I'll see you later babe." She pecks my cheek, then closing the door behind.

I sigh "I miss you Hayli.." I've been thinking about her since I left her that night..I didn't mean it, she just got to me, and rejected me..I wanna see her..but I don't.

I call Calum to check on him since the accident.

L- "Hey mate, you doing okay?"

C- "doing great actually..how about you?

L- "I'm alright..hey can I come over, and we can play FIFA."

C- "yes please, I haven't played it in ages.."

L- "be there in a bit."

I grab my keys and drive to Calum's house.

It wasn't that far so I got there fast.

I park my car in his driveway, walking up to his door, I press the doorbell as it makes a tone.

He flings it open, yelling "LUKEY!" He grabs me ruffling my hair "okay okay, Jesus cal..you really missed me.."

He laughs "CAKE FOR LIFE!!" He raises up his hands yelling

I chuckle "let's play now..I'm going to win anyway.."

He gives me a 'sure your gonna win' look.

*30 minutes pass by*


"That will be $50.45 ma'm."

I pass the crisp dollar bill and coins to her.

"Thank you, and come again.." The cashier lady says

I give her a soft smile and walk out happy with my purchase, I got Calum some nice flannels, new jeans, and a game controller in his favorite color, baby blue. Just because I love him.

Minutes pass by and I pull up to his apartment.

Walking up the steps and ringing the doorbell I wait for an answer.


"One point for me, haha" I laugh with pride because I'm in the lead obviously.

I hear my doorbell ring, I didn't know who it was though

"Wait a sec, I gotta go answer the door." I pop up walking towards my door

"Okay, I'll be in the kitchen getting food." Luke says as he stretches

I slowly open the door peeking out the crack, I then realize it was Hayli.

"BABE!! I missed you!" I pull her into my embrace, lifting her up.

She giggles as I place kisses all over her "hey, cutie" she mumbles in my chest

"Hello beautiful..that was the first thing I said to you, look where we are now.." I grin

She softly smiles "I bare gifts.." She lifts up her hands filled with clothes I'm assuming.

I flash a big smile "okay..open! open!" I tap on her

"Who's was that at the do-" Luke mumbles with a bag of Doritos in his mouth.

"Hi, luke.." She said awkwardly, it seemed like they were in a fight it something.

He waved and walked back in the kitchen.

She pushes her honey blonde hair behind her ear "here, you can open it yourself, I see your busy."

I shake my head "NOOO babe your staying and I'm taking you home, pleeeeeease?" I grab her Cheeks

She sighs "if you want me to, I'll stay."

"I always get what I want.." I smirk as I bring her to where Luke and I were playing FIFA.


I always get what I want..

(Total lie)

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