Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


2. First day


"Hails!! Wake your ass up!!" Drew yells from downstairs, mom and dad are usually on business trips so I never really get to see them which sucks.

"Uggghh..I'm up." I groan as I step out of bed.

I quickly take a shower and slip on my black sweatshirt that had printed '97' on the back with my favorite ripped skinny jeans and my black uggs since it was cold out in the state of Montana.

I left my blonde hair down as it compliments my tan skin.

I run downstairs with my bag and phone in hand.

"Mornin hails, I made pancakes your fave." Drew tells me with just pajama pants on.

"Drew, for the love of shirts please put one on, I know your muscular but I don't want to see it every morning." I whine

He and I argue over him putting on a shirt until I get interrupted by my phone buzzing.

Jazmin- hey boo I'm outside😚

Me - k imacomin💕

"Jaz is here, love youuu!" I peck his cheek and scurry out the door.

"Hey Loves." I sit in the back with Luke, as I get a hug from each of them.

"Ready for hell to start?" Luke asks jaz and I

"Fuck no, I'm so glad it's senior year though!" I raise up my hands in the air.

Jaz and Luke laugh as she drives into the school parking lot.

As usual there's Calum and Tatum sucking face on the first day of school. Tatum is Calum's girlfriend, aka my enemy.

Their relationship was on and off, in year 8 they were together then in year 10 they broke up for who knows what, now their back together.

"Hey Calum." He waves as he still sucks face, Tatum gives me a evil look "bitch" I whisper under my breath.

"Well I got math first yay." Note the sarcasm "how about you guys?"

"Math." He smirks

"Shit, I have history." Jaz frowns

"Love you babe, see you in physics." I wave

She waves, closes her locker and leaves.

Luke and I make our way to class.

We both sit Down beside each other.

"Hey baabe." A unknown voice comes from behind us.

"Ashley! Your back I missed you so much." Luke jumps out and hugs this girl I have know Idea.

"Oh, lee this is Ashley my girlfriend."

"Oh, hey." I bite my lip

I suddenly feel so tense, I don't know what I'm feeling but it's not a good feeling..


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Luke Hemmings

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