Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


14. Calum


As I'm heading to class coming in 15 minutes late, like I really care, someone familiar bumps into me.

Still heated from Dylan's shitty reaction "hey watch where your going!!" I yell

"Why don't you?" His brown eyes meet mine.

"Aren't you Calum? Calum hood?" I ask bluntly

"Yes I am..you're Hayli Steele, Luke's BFF right?"

"..yeah anyway I got to get to class I'm already 18 minutes late." I start to walk away

"Wait!" He grabs my wrist pulling me back to him

"What?" I annoyingly say

"You're very beautiful." And he walks away leaving me there speechless

I think to myself I'm not beautiful..I'm so average compared to Mack...my cheekbones are so structured I'm like an elf when I'm standing beside Luke with his tallness.

I finally get to class 20 minutes late, there was one seat left next to Calum, I cringe my face as I place my bookbag on the back of my chair.

"Hey beautiful." He smirks

"Calum..cut the crap, Tatum will hate yo-"

"Don't speak of her..I'm officially done with her." He scoffs

"Really? To think you and that plastic surgery addict broke up?! Un-be-leiveable." I laugh to myself

"I'm serious Hayli, I caught her at a party having a threesome." He shakes his head cringing "and to think I was gonna tell her that I loved her."

"I'm sorry Calum, hey I'll help you get over it..what do you want?" I sincerely ask

He smirks "I w-"

He gets interrupted by the teacher walking in "okay class..today blah blah blaahh." Is all I can hear

"Let's ditch." He whispers

"What? No." I shake my head

"Come on it'll be fun." He nudges me

I roll my eyes "fine.."

"Excuse me..can I go to the bathroom?." I nicely ask

"Sure." The teacher replies

I smile, grab my phone and purse to leave the classroom

As I leave I hear Calum ask I he can get some water or something like that.

I hear his steps and we run out the hell house to Calum's car.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see when we get there." He devilishly smiles

"Alright then."

I turn the radio up as it plays i miss you by blink 182.

Calum and I sing along to the chorus bopping our heads to the beat.

Don't waste your time on me your already the voice inside my head x4

(I miss you i miss you)

We finally get to our destination and Calum pulls up into this beautiful house.

"Why are we here?" I say very confused

"This is my house." He open the door as I see a beautiful living room

"Wow..it's nice." I'm speechless

He brings me up to this black painted room guessing it's his room

"This is my room..where all the magic happens."

I giggle "oh really?"

"Forget I said that." He looks embarrassed

"Okay...so what are we doing here?"

"I wanted to get to know you better." He plops onto his bed

"Ok..well I'm 18 I love blink, nirvana, all time low..I have two best friends, not the girly 'loves pink' type

I admit I'm a fan girl..don't judge me that Alex from all time low is my husband okay?" I say sitting on the edge of his bed.

He chuckles from my last comment..I mean Alex is really cute I can't help it.

"Wow..I relate to you so much.." He says playing with the ends of my hair

"So you never answered my question earlier..what do you want that can make you feel better from Tatum cheating on you..I want to help you be happy again."

He smirks again "I want....you." He bluntly says

"What?" I raise my eyebrows

"I want you Hayli, it hurts because I'm not yours. And I want you to be mine." He sits up looking into my eyes

Thinking out loud I reply "I want you too."

At this point his lips are connected to mine both in sync like they were meant to be there, rainbows and fireworks fly everywhere..he puts me on his lap placing purple and red marks on my neck, I bite his lip making him let out a moan, his tongue intertwines with mine we both break away breathless.

"Hayli, I wanna take you out tonight at 7, dinner at your favorite restaurant." He breathily tells me

I nod "sounds great."

"What do you want to do now?" I ask him

"I don't know..let's go to the park and chat." He picks me up and put me on his back.

"We're walking?" I ask

"It's like down the street from my house."

"Oh..I feel stupid." I playfully hit my head.

"Your not stupid..your very intelligent and did I mention beautiful?" He smiles

"You really think I'm beautiful?" I ask curiously

"Yes you are Hayli..your so beautiful, sometimes I get insecure."

"Aw Calum.." I grin

"You're very sweet you know that right?" I admit to him as him and u a laying down on the grass

He smiles and taps my nose making it wrinkle.


Cal is such a cutie

Stay in your lane A lol

Luke is bae 4liife

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