Mixed Emotions✗cth•lrh✗

"I can't control my emotions around you." Confessing is harder than I thought

"So you have mixed emotions?" His icy blue eyes stare into my chocolate glimmering ones.

"Pretty much."

^^so awkward��

Cover made by MEE��


7. Appoinment


"I'm fine, Hayli." He brushes me off and walks away..he's never called me by my actual name before.

With a confused look on my face I reply "what the hell luke? I try to be your best friend and then you hate me, what did I even do?"

"Nothing, just leave me alone okay?" He fast walks out the library without waiting for me, at this point I have no idea what's got into him.

*skip to friday*

It's been like three days since I haven't talked to luke and jazmin is really sick, she's been throwing up constantly so I'm going to the doctor with her to see what's up.

I've been avoiding him everywhere I go, and I've been hanging out with Dylan more.

I've got to say Dylan is such a sweetheart for a 'bad boy'

I skipped school today..but for jaz's sake.

I drive up to her beautiful brick house waiting for her outside.

I text her to let her I'm outside

Hails❤️- I'm outside babe💜

Jaz✨☺️- ok I'll be out in a sec.

And just after that she came out.

We make it to the clinic and sit patiently in the waiting room.

"Young?" The female doctor announces

"That's us." I rise up following her to the room.

"Okay miss young, I want you to urinate in this container and we'll run some tests, I'll be back in no time." The middle aged lady informs us

"Okay m'am."

*minutes later*

She walks back in with paperwork and test runs explaining what's wrong with jaz.

"We ran the tests and it's confirmed that you are pregnant." She smiles.

Jazmin cups her face with tears in her eyes.

I quickly give her a thank you smile and run off to jazmin outside nearly slipping on her ass in this icy weather.

"Jaz!! Wait!!"

"This can't be happening this can't be happening this can't be happening...IM NOT READY FOR A BABY!!" She yells hyperventilating at the same time

"Babe, calm down okay? Let's get into the warm car and talk about this." I try coaxing her

She nods

"Ok..when was the last time you had intercourse?"


"Calm down, calm down..just try to remember."

She closes her eyes and concentrate on what happened the past few days.

"The party..." She looks down

"Who were you doing it with at the time?"


I'm sorry I keep leaving them at cliffhangers..it just gets more interesting ya dig?

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