Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


9. This dude......AGAIN!?

          "you sure this guy can help us?" I ask Leo cause I don't want to put hope in a false thought, I've already been disappointed enough already. but we don't wanna get caught so I put on this(

"yea this guy Robowarrior everything about anything alien, one time we revenge hacked his site and maybe, I saw some of your uhhhhh alien drawings or whatever. "and we pull up to a deli, great now we get to meet a nerd who doesn't know what their talking about

"yep, this is it, deli good front. wait here ill give you the go no go alright?" Leo says

"are we really gonna wait for this nutcase to tell us when we can go into a store?" I tell Sam

"fair point lets go." and when we walk into the store I find a familiar face


"its him, its him that's the guy." Leo says

"awwwww hell naw, not this bitch ass mother fucker AGAIN!" I say loud enough for Simmons to hear

"no!" Simmons says

"you've gotta be kidding me." Sam says

"alright meat stores closed everybody out!  " Simmons sarts

"wait you know this guy?" Leo asks

"yea I guess you could say were old friends." Sam says

"yea, he kept hitting on me then decided to punch me in the face." I sneer

"old friends? your the case that shut down sector 7." he says

"alright can you stop complaining!" I yell at him

"well my my look at you, haven't you developed since I saw you last." he says eyeing me up

"hey, my eyes are up here." I say pointing to my face, well I guess that it didn't help that I  was wearing this (ef06dc6cb0e21235acf28bacbf864dc9)

"sorry, hard not to stare at a beautiful figure, with a gorgeous face to match. "he says with a wink and I almost vomit. this dude really needs a girlfriend

"hey, you live with your mama?" Mikaela says which causes me to snicker

"no my mama lives with me its a huge difference." Simmons says

"closest thing he'll ever get to a girlfriend."I whisper to Sam

"they got your faces all over the news. and NBE1 still kicking huh?" he says

"unfourntaly." I mutter

"how did that happen, don't answer. I don't know what your hiding but I don't want anything to do with it, goodbye you never saw me I have bagels to smear, vanish!"    he said, rude much

"hey will you just give me 5 seconds?" Sam asks

"hold on we need you help." I say, and I cant believe those words just came outta my mouth.

"really you need MY help?" Simmons says

"alright look, we are slowly losing our minds, we both had a little crab bot plunge a device into the soft tissues of our brains, and it started projecting   little alien symbols like a freaking whole movie and on top of that were wanted fugitives so you thing youve got it rough." with that i point to Sam cause in that moment he know what he was talking about

"you said it projected images off your brain?" Simmons said

"nah it projected them off his foot weren't you paying attention?" i spit

"watch your mouth little lady." he says

"nope, its America so i do as i please and as long as my mouth is away from your im good." i reply and he shuts up

"anyway meat locker now!" he shouts and i reluctantly follow him

"ew dead pigs." i mutter while putting a hand over my nose

"gross." Mikaela says

"what your about to see is top secret, do not tell my mother." and i just shrug

"swine flu, not good."

"well now you know that next time you eat a goat or a pig, theres a story behind it."   and then we go down the ladder, and as im on my way down, i see Simmons below me watching my ass as i go down the stairs so i bitch slap him (Image result for someone getting slapped)

"what was that for.". He yells

"For being a pervert!" I yell back, then Sam whispers something to Simmons and his eyes go wide.

"You meamean the big ass truck?" Simmoms says and I immeaditialy know what they're talking about

"Can wwe just gt back on topic please." I say not wanting to cry again

"Alright." Sam says

"Hey still radioactive, hands off." Simmons says to Leo

"okay, cube brains, any of these looks like the symbols you've been seeing? "Simmons said and I gasped those look like the ones ive been seeing give a few or take

"where did you get these?" Sam asks

"before I got fired, I look at S7's crown jewel 75 years of alien research which points to one explicable fact, the transformers have been here for a long time. how do I know? archeologists found these strange unexplained markings  in ancient ruins all over the world. China, Egypt, Greece, shot in 1932, these the symbols you've been seeing in your head? Same ones over here right? so how did they all end up drawing the same thing, aliens. and I think some of them stayed. check this out project: Black knife. robots in disguise, hiding here all along we detected radioactive signals all across the country I pleaded on my knees with S7 to investigate it, but they said the readings were indfistimal. that I was obsessed, me can you believe that?" Simmons says 

"yes." I mutter

" Megatron said there was another energon source here." Sam says

"Here on Earth?" Simmons questions

"On Earth." Sam states this is the most that these two have ever gotten along.

"Another Energon source." Simmons says bewildered.

"Okay, and that these symbols maps in my head would lead him there." sam explains 

"And he said i had the other half of the map." i said, not wanting to be left out

"did you talk to your autobot friends about this?" Simmons asks and my face falls I think back to Optimus, I wish he didnt have to die, he shouldn't have died if only my powers could've been stronger I could've helped him out more

"No, the source is before that,  whatever the energon source is, iit predates them." Sam explains

"So it comes before that." He asks

"Yep." I said popping the P

"Well then were porked." Simmons says, wait diddid he just try to make a pun? That was just so bad.

"Wait, unless we can talk to a decepticon." Simmons says. Wait didn't Mikaela have one earlier?

"I'm not on speaking terms with em." He says laughing

"Actually me and Cadence are." Mikalea says and everyone else just stares at us like we're idiots. 

And we quickly go out and grab the box with Wheelie in it, yes he told us his name deal with it.

"HEY!!! Let me outta here!" Wheelie yells

"This is gonna be a little sad." Mikalea says warning everyone

"i will have so many decepticons on your butt!" He yells scaring the shit out of everyone, 

"Hey behave!" Mikaela says and I stand beside her with my fire and wings 

"Well will you look at that, a angel sent from heaven." Simmons says eying me up so I use my other hand a zap his d*ck WHAT he deserved it! And I didn't shock him too hard he just doubled over a little but and shut up 

"What is that a decepticon?" Sam asks 

"Yea." I answer not making a smart comment even though I could.

"What you trainin him?" Sam asks curiously

"Im trying to,"  Mikaela says honestly 

"Ive spnt my whole adult life, combing the planet for aliens and you're carrying one around in your purse like a chiwawah (I know I spelled it wrong to bad.) " simmons says clearly upset.

"Huh? You wanna throw down you little pubic fro head? ." Wheelie taunts

"Hey, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry about your eye, you know what but if your a good boy, then I'm not gonan torch your other eye, okay I'm not gonna torch it, and fire angel won't hurt you either okay?"  she says, and she talks to him lie a mother would her child

"So can you tell us what this symbols mean? Please." I asks as nice as I possibly can.

" oh, i know that, thats the lanuauge of the Primes! I don't read it but these guys, where the frick did you find photos of these guys?" wheelie says bewildered and I lower my ball of fire 

"Is this them?" Sam asks holding up a few pictures 

"Yes, seekers pal, oldest of the old. Oh they've been here for thousands of years looking for something bur I don't know what, nobody tells me nuthin oh they'll translate those symbols for ya. And I know where to find them." Wheelie says

"Where we goin wheelie?" I ask trying to cheer up, and I try to the memories of Optimus aside, I'll never forget him I just wanna be in a better mood.

" closest ones in Washington." Simmons says. 

"well then what are we waiting for let's go!" I say happily and everyone smiles

Time for a road trip!


so again sorry for the delayed update but with school starting its hard to find time to write and when I can write I'm not in the mood to write, but I'll try to have the next update done by next week if not sooner. But for now

Goodbye my lovelies 

•Cassandra out

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