Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


10. Smithsonian

           During our drive to Washington I start singing, I sing a slow version of Crash and Burn by Thomas Rhett, don't know it well too bad its country and I'm a southern girl so deal with it

Its a sad song but has an upbeat tune which is surprising but I sing it slowly because I get out my mourning through singing, but so people in the car don't hear or see me I create a force field and I can see out but others can't see in. When I finish I play every sad song on my playlist so I pretty much sang myself into a bad mood. But then a different song came on,

E.T. by Katy Perry. 

It describes hone I feel about Optimus except the sex part, wait how would that work? Ya know what I'm not gonna let my mind go there, another question for another time. And once that song ends I turn my Iphone off and minutes later we arrive wow I must e been singing a lot, but my voice does sound a lot crisper, and well toned so I guess it helped. And we all get out and Simmons is already impressed 

"Smithsonian air and space museum, land of dreams in there." He says

"Dude we know where were at, get to the plan." I tell him sternly

"all I ever wanted to be was an astronaut." He replies and I roll my eyes, and then I hear a ripppppppp and when I look over I see simmons in what looks like a man thong and I shriek 

"Cadence keep it down will ya." Sam says to me

"I would if Mr. Man thong decided not to prance around acting like a male stripper." I retort and Sam shuts up and asks,

" what is that?" He asks aand I loolook away not wanting to see anymore of this hell 

"What, I wear them whenever im in a funk, so does gymboai jeeter its a baseball thing." Simmons says well that's depressing then I see Leo starin at Simmons junk so I slap him

"Your such a gay was ya know that?" I yell at him and he glares at him, and I create a ball of fire and he backs down

"That's what I thought." I say

"Ok, watches synchorized sharp mind and empty bladder. You get caught demand an attorney, and don't ever say my name. Here take one of these pills and slip it under your tounge. Its high concentrated polymether the stuff they put in oreo cookies tricks the polygraph every time." He explains

"Nice to know." Never knew oreos could trick a polygraph 

"So how are we gonna take out the guards?" I ask simmons 

"Good question. Now lets this show on the road!" Simmons says pulling out a tazer, yes now I get to taze someone! 

"Woah woah no! Wait listen I can't do this, I'm not some bounty hunter. I can't do this!" Leo says crying like a little girl

"kid kid kid, yuou compromise this mission you are dead to me, now look into my eyes and tighten up that spenteer?" I couldn't really hear him clearly finally now I can beat some ass! 

"Alright lets do this!" i tell everyone and I run to the museum because I wanna get there before it closes and I hide in an airplane until everyone else gets into the building and I sneak into the control room. I create   a force field so no one can see me, but with my adrenaline pumping I don't get any side affects. 

II watch the cameras and see Simmons hiding behind some manquins and the guards are watching the confrontation between  the guard a leo which I have to admit is halirous but business needs to be taken care of,

So I decide to use my element power of electricity to over power the cameras so I send out a HUGE bOptimus of electricity which causes the room to power down, so I unlock my force field and I say

"Run, run my dearies." I say like people do in a horror film and they all start running like little girls but I use my telekensis to close the door, and the dudes sheirk because one thshit can't see and two there's a creepy lady in the room, so I decide to scare them a bit more, so start a fire in my hands so it illuminates my face and I say

"Go to sleep." And I replicate the voltage of the tazer and zap them with the same about of voltage and they pass out

"Well that was fun." I say to my self and I see the button for the intercom 

"main control center clear, fire angel leaving the premises." I sag using my code name and I walk out front to see Sam Mikaela Simmons and a Leo in boxers. Gross 

"Really fire angel?" Sam says to me

"Yes Sam, because I can't use my real name cause were wanted fugitives remember?" I tell sam and he looks away from me. 

" what happened to him?" I ask 

"He is now a rank ameatuer tazed himself in his baby maker." Simmons says and I laughed hey he deserved it after what he did to me.

"Alright five guards down, his many did you get?" Simmons asks me

"Only eight no biggie." I say and everyone looks at me like WTF 

"Okay remember I have powers I just replicated the voltage and multiplied it by eight and sent the regular tazer voltage to each of the guards, its not that hard." I say and it really wasn't you just electrocute 8 people with the same electricty as a tazer. Simple. 

"Alright moving on." Simmons says.

" now get your stuff and get out of here." Simmons says

"Dear lord give us a minute." I tell him

"Be good." Mikaela tells wheelie 

"Uh I am claustrophobic." Wheelie says causing me to laugh and he glares at me. 

"What exactly are we looking for?" I ask

"Dnt know just follow wheelie hes bound to know something." Mikaela says and I follow her and very quickly it seems like he picks up a signal. 

"Cmon let's follow him!" I say to Mikaela 

" go, go follow him, he knows where he's goin !" Mikaela tells Sam and we case wheelie for a couple of minutes and we come up to an old jet.

"You got the same plane we did?" I ask Simmons when he comes up to the plans we were at with a weird metal device thingy. 

"Good enough for me." Sam says

"Blackbird. " simmons says reading the name on the plane

" oh there he is, this guys a legend. Like a chairmen of the board. Yo freshman point the shard and watch the magic happen. " and I get a little excited, wait if this shard can revive this plane than why in the hell didn't we do it with Optimus?!?!? (Really Michael Bay, your making my OC miserable for this, congrats!" ,

"Its a decepticon!!!!!" Mikaela yells

"The fuck wheelie!!!!!!!" I yell at the bot dumbass tryin get us killed.

"EVERBODY HIDE!!!!!" I scream and we take off, not wanting to be squashed my a big ass deception dear lord of Jesus please help us.


Alright that chapter was a bit delayed bbut with school starting you can't really blame me, but I hope you guys liked it, and PLEASE if you have any good stories you want me to read I'll be happy to cause I need some more Transformers books to  read!!!

Goodbye my lovelies 

*Cassandra out

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