Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


14. Really Simmons?

        " oh my god checkpoint checkpoint, I don't have my passport." Leo says

"Well i wouldve brought mine if I had know I was gonna be teleported to Egypt!" I exclaim, 

" passport!" The passport person says, now I don't know if the person is a he or a she but for now I'm gonna call him a he, if he's not a he then I mean no disrespect 

"they got cameras." Sam says

"Well then stop fucking looking at it!" I whisper yell at him, of he wants to get caught and sent to prison then by all means take him but right now I gotta save Optimus 

"Alright chill these are my people I'm 1/36 Arab." Simmons says

"And that helps us how?" I whisper yell to him

"Youll see." He says with smirk, and I just roll my eyes

"Oh great a frickin munchkin little people are mean tell him hes tall." Wheelie says

"Get back there hes coming over here." I whisper yell atat him, we dont need to be caught with an autobot right now. And then the checkpoint guy runs his finger alongside Bees paint and I could tell that Bee was not happy about it

"me and my family wanna go there, this is my wife." He say kissing my cheek and i put on a fake smile but he knows im gonna kill himnfor it later

"and these are my two sons and daughter, were tourists from New York." Wait what, what's the deal with New York?

"New York!" The guy says suprised

and apparently that triggers something in him and he lets us pass

"What the actual fuck simmons! Im never gonna be your wife and im not gonna play that role ever again! Plu I'm like 20 years younger than you!" I yell

"She does have  a point simmons." Sam says

"Oh shut up, we made it through the checkpoint get off my case." And we all shut ip and follow the directions from google maps until we get to our destination and we have to climb a HUGE cliff to get to it but I oust activate my wings and fly up but while I'm wait I look down at my wrist

Yes while we were mourning over Optimus I cut myself but instead of just cuts I made this( I didn't cut myself for the pain I cut it as a reminder cause when I made that cut I didn't think that Optimus would come back so I cut it as a symbol for him. But then Sam and everyone else comes up

"Thanks for waiting for us Cadence." He says sarcastically        

"Your welcome I said with a fake smile,

Fake, I talked to Optimus about that, he was surprised when I told him I put on fake smiles and he said that he did it two, but being a prime he must not have been allowed to show emotion, So in a way we are a lot alike

" sshhhhh undercover yo, ya gotta blend in with your surroundings." Skids says

"Well with you guys jumping around, its kinda hard not to notice you, so transform into cars and blend in that way." I tell them but they dont listen and Bee comes over and whacks him

"Thanks bee!" I call out to him 

"Anytime, old friend.". He replies through the radio

"Wait you callin mme old?" I tease 

"Maybe." He replies 

"Uh im hurt, i think im gonna cry." And I pretend to cry earning a chuckle from bee

" Awesome." Simmons says looking at the pyrmaid 

"You guys wanna sleep there tonight?" I ask and they all nod their heads

" I think aliens built that yeah yeah." Simmons says to engulfed in his own thoughts and I just shrug and I bust down the door, with some power and I look around and I start to clean this place up a bit so I make a mini tornado and suck up all the dust that way when we sleep it won't get our eyes aand mouth

"Can you guys help me a little bit?" I ask and Sam and Mikaela start bringing out blankets that they found, and I make a little hut for myself, so I have some privacy so I can mourn a little bit more for Optimus, is that a problem? Well then again he told me he loved me, before he died and I had it BAD for him so you can't blame me.

"is that good enough?" Mikaela asks

"Yep its perfect." I reply and head off to my hut for the night, but not before seeing Sam and Mikaela all cuddled up and having a moment and to be honest I'm jealous. 

All ive ever wanted was love, and just as I found it, it was taken away from me, and that was devestating. Now I don't even know if he will ever come back, and if he doesn't what will I do, will I become depressed and commit suicide ? But then I black out

~ in dream land~ 

"Cadence, we understand you are gieving, bbut do not give up" a deep voice says

"Who- who" I ask with a stutter ugh! I hate it when I stutter

"I am Primus, creator of Cybertron and its race, but you are the last decendant of Opus, and there for you must find the Matrix of Opia in order to bring Optimus back." 

"But why me?" I ask

" Because you posses all of the powers and qualities one of Opus must have and that is why you were chosen." He replied

"WWhat about my cybertronian form?" I ask

"All in good time Cadence but bring Optimus back, it has and always will be your destiny." he says

"Wait!". I yell and get no response and then I wake up, that definately wasn't a dream but now I know I NEED to bring Optimus back, and I believe this Primus Optimus talked about him before and I fall back asleep and dream about the potential future me and Optimus could have and for once I fall asleep smiling.


Alright! Two updates in one day! I feel awesome! So I'm gonna see if I can get another update up soon, but what do you think about the Opia and Opus thing? Let me know in the comments and these words actually have an important defintion you would be surprised, maybe I'll tell you guys my little secrect maybe I won't you never know, but for now

Goodbye my lovelies

★Cassandra Out

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