Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


5. Preformance

       i woke up to a ray of sunlight shining into my eyes, and when i looked over i saw Optimus's holoform, still holding my hand, and i blushed. but i decided to stay asleep so he wasn't embarrassed, so i just started daydreaming and eventually he woke up, and then he 'woke' me up

"Cadence you need to get up." he says softly, so i pretend to wake up with a groan and roll over and look into his eyes

"good morning Optimus." i say

"good morning Cadence, Captain Lennox has requested your presence." and i groan and when i see the clock its 7:48 so i get up. 

"alright, tell him ill be ready soon." i say with a smile and if on cue, he leaves and i change into this (Image result for cute outfits for summer 2014  )  and when i walk out i see Lennox and walk over to him

"what did you want to tell me?" i ask

"well youre not allowed to be at the base right now, due to your injuries, so your going to stay with Mikaela,  but before you go, Ratchet wants to check up on you." he says and i nod

"thanks Captain Lennox." and i salute him and head off to find Ratchet, and hes in his room

"hey Ratchet," i say happily

"oh hey, i was just about to go find you." he replies

"well Lennox said you wanted to see me," i start

"right, hes a good soul, but i wanted to check up on you before you left." he says and i get onto his hand and he puts me on the gurnie 

"alright i see, very good." he says looking over my scans

"what does it say?" i ask

"well your fine, just your spleen is a little swollen but its not lethal and your CAT scan shows your brain cells health has improved, but your white blood cell count is still a little high, but you did sustain multiple minor injuries, so your condition is improving just fine." yes thats good news!

"awesome, what about my powers?" i ask

" of your powers ru off of adrenaline, so it had a minor affect, "

"thats a relief." i sigh

"so were you happy when you woke up this morning?" he says, he mustve saw me and Optimus sleeping and i blush

"yes, that was quite unexpected." i say and look down

" i havent seen Prime this happy about meeting a femme in a long time, keep him close Cadence, hes a keeper." he says

"i know he is." and i skip out of his room joy in my heart so i sing, the way by Ariana Grande( dancing, moving my hips to the beat, and ive been told i have a beautiful false setto, and i can rap to, so after the first verse i had a crowd again.

i love this,

now everyone was swaying and clapping to the beat, while i was dancing around the base, and i got on our mini- stage (Image result for mini stages) and Arcee and Chromia were standing on my right and left, and we had a dancing fest, and every other verse i would turn and wink at Optimus (Image result for winking people) and every time i did  he would turn his head and blush, and Ironhide noticed and he elbowed him, with a smirk on his face, and Arcee walked up to Sideswipe, started dancing in front of him and Chromia did the same to Ironhide but this time  Optimus elbowed Ironhide and it was his turn to blush, but the bridge in the song was on so i stood there and went to the peak of my false setto, and if it had been any higher i wouldve busted peoples eardrums, and once the song was over i looked at Chromia and Arcee and they were kissing theyre crushes! so i decided to sing a song for them

hold me by Jamie grace (

so by now, the new couples were holding eachother, but then Firestreaker walked in, so i sent a comm link to Dino, 

.: go ask Firestreaker to dance ;) :. yes you can send emojis through comm link, and he looked at me and i winked at him, and they started slowdancing (Image result for slow dancing) but he grabs her and dips her before they start slowdancing, and half the people awwwwwwwww, but im singing so i cant, when i look over to Optimus i see him talking to Ratchet, but i cant hear him so i read his mind

~while mind reading~

"prime go ask her to dance," Ratchet

"i cant, shes human and she probably doesnt return my feelings." Optimus

"Prime, life is meant to take risks." Ratchet

"i know, but i dont want to loose her." Optimus

~out of mind reading~

i was sad, i mean he didnt want to ask me to dance, so i put on a sad song because the new couples left, so i put on let it rain, and by the time the song is over im nearly in tears, so i run off stage and us my wings to cover myself, and theyre blue, which means sadness, and i just let the tears fall, i look over and see the mini-bots playing, but they didnt notice that im crying, which is a good thing, then the door opens

"Cadence, Ironhide is going to take you to Mikaela's." and its Lennox and Ironhides holoform comes in (Image result for ironhide holoform

"We need to go Cadence." He says it a sad tone

"Okay." And i wipe off the mascara that was streaking down my cheeks, and I walk out and hop in to his alt mode, and as we drive off, I see Optimus and put my hand on the glass, and stare at him, 

"You alright Cadence?" Ironhide asks

"Honestly, no." I say and I fold my wings into my back with the ring from before

"Whats wrong?" He says

"*sigh* I like Optimus okay? And i dont think he likes me back." I say my eyes still teary 

"Wait, you think he doesnt like you?" Ironhide says surprised

"Yea why?" I reply with a sniffle

"Well you should know he ovibously likes you a lot, but you didn't hear it from me." He says with a chuckle, and I laugh too.

"What about you and Chromia?" I tease my mood brightening 

"Well thanks to those pipes of yours we are sparkmates," he says

"Sparkmates?" I question 

"Its like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, in Earth terms." He says and I make an O face 

"Be good to her 'hide " I say

"Dont worry I will," he says with a laugh and let's me out and Mikaelas house.

"Hey Cadence, before another solar cycle you and Optimus will me sparkmates." He says

"Is that a challange?" I ask

"Maybe." He replies

"Well challange accecpted." I say and with that Hide honks his horn and he's gone

"Hey bones!" I say to Mikaelas dog, and pet him when Mikaela comes over

"Well you look like you just saw a ghost?" I say causcause she looks pale when her phone rings

"Sam?" She answers, and I tune her out and pet bones and she says to me

"Well apparently Sam went mental, and why I look like I saw a ghost? Well that ghost was a decepticon." Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap

"Let me" I say spreading my wings so I wouid be more intimading and she holds the con up with some plyers? 

"Why are you here?" I say with fire in my right hand

"Another one?". He yells, 

"Tell me or you'll get burned." I seeth 

"I need.that shard!" He yells, 

" bad." I say and inch my fire closer to his face

"Please dont hurt me fire angel!" He pleads 

"Fine, but you must always call me fire angel." And he nods and we shove him unfurnished and I get the shard, but when I pick it up, it stabs me, and it hurts like a bitch

"OUCH!!!!! Mikaela I need a band-aid over here." And then I spaced out for a second seeing crazy symbols, which looked like the ones my grandfather drew in his lunatic mind, and I pulled myself together right as Mikaela came over.with the bandaid 

"Wait was that from the cube sliver?" She asasks worriedly

"Yes, why?" I ask scared 

"Well, Sam said not to touch it sooooooooo,  I don't know." She says

"Oh well he needs help lets go." I tell her and we leave.


Okay so that was different but I had to place Cadence with Sam and Mikaela so the story can go as I planned, but over 2,000 reads!!!!!!! OMP (oh my primus) wow that's more than my first bumblebee story which has been out for ALOT longer than this one, which is AWESOME! So if you want a bumblebee story you can read mine but for now

Goodbye my lovelies

& Cassandra Out

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