Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


2. New Base

  "Cadence, we are here." I hear Optimus say which jolts me out of my sleep. I rub my eyes

" oh wow." I say as I look at the base

"yes the new base is quite extradionary." Optimus says

" wait what about Sam and Bee?" I question

" Sam is going to collage and Bee offered to stay with Sam." oh that makes sense, duh

" but what about me?" I question cause I have no clue what im going to do here.

" due to your extradionary abilities you will be staying here at NEST and train and when you get strong enough come on missions with us." Optimus answered. abilities, I look back at my wings and they're yellow, so I get to see Optimus all the time, but he cant know I like him quite yet.

" Sounds fun! what about the other bots?" I question

" they're already at the base." he answers

" how come they got there before we did?" I say confused

" they didn't abide Earth's speed rules." he says chuckling  

" Im surprised they didn't get caught." I say smiling thinking about bee getting pulled over

" I don't believe that wouldn't work out too well." he says

" nope." I reply as we come up to the booth, which we are greeted by Captain Lennox

" alright Optimus head on in, and show Cadence around please, they other bots seem.... kinda busy." he says and I get what he means. and Optimus drives off toward the hangar

" what was Captain Lennox speaking of?" he says he must not understand this part of Earths grammar

" well Lennox meant that the bots are, not on their best behavior, and he trusts you not to kill me." I say laughing at the last part

"oh, they must be excited at their new surroundings." he tries to understand

" yea they bots might step on me." he chuckles

"well id hope not." he replies. and he parks and I hope out of his alt mode and he transforms, and I stand watching in awe, I will never get used to that. he looks down at me and I look away blushing.

"Autobots report to the main hangar." he says into the comm link, but I can hear it due to my mind reading abilities. and within minutes all of the autobots arrive in the hangar.

"whatd you want bossbot?" Sideswipe asks, he along with Dino, Arcee, Chromia , Firestreaker. ( Elita-1 isn't in this story on purpose) along with Mudflap and Skids.

" I would like to introduce you to Cadence, she may not be a Cybertronian,  but she is a great asset, and also don't step on her." he adds and I laugh at the last comment

" you mean we have a fleshy on our team, what can this little thing do." Dino says with his Italian accent, and hes about to squeeze me to death,

but he has no clue what I can do

so I electrocute him, and he drops me because I used the highest voltage I can so my life is no longer in danger, and on instinct my wings pop out so I float like a butterfly down to the ground and press the button on my ring ( ) which causes my wings to fold into my back. when I turn around I see Dino on the ground holding his head in pain. but for dramatics I do a mini shock on his peds (foot) but when I do that gives me a minor headache. shit, I hate side affects. but after a minute it goes away.

" hey Dino!" I call to him

"what." he mutters

" I hope I didn't shock you." I say  (pun intended) and I snap my fingers and walk out like ( everyone starts to laugh even Optimus. and I hear Dino grunt

"Dino go see Ratchet, but I must say I warned you." and we all breakdown in laughter

"nice to have some more girl power around here." a blue femme says and I look up at here

" im Arcee, and these are my sisters Chromia and Firestreaker." and I smile

"well as you know im Cadence." I reply with a smile

" Finally another girl we can talk to!" I hear Chromia say

"yea, if I was the only girl I would've freaked out." I reply honestly

" looks like you fried Dino." Firesteaker says laughing but the look in her eyes sends me another message and I read her mind for a split second

" you like him don't you?" I tease and she blushes

"maybe." she says quietly

"its alright I wont tell." I reassure her and she wipes her forehead in a 'whew' motion

" we should hang out sometime." Chromia offers

" how about tonight?" Arcee says

"sure why not? we could have a girls night out, you up for it Firestreaker?" I ask

I don't see why not" she replies happily, when I hear footsteps behind me and when I turn around I see Optimus and I smile, thank god my wings are hidden

" Cadence the NEST team has gotten your room ready." he says, and reaches his hand down which I gladly step into his hand and puts me on his shoulder. and when I look back to the girls I see Arcee smirking and Chromia making a heart with her hand and Firestreaker winked at me which caused me to blushand I mouthed to them 'shut up' and they giggled and before I knew it they were out of sight.

" I see you've met Arcee, Chromia and Firestreaker." Optimus says breaking the silence

" yes, theyre really nice, its great to have some other girls around here other than me." I reply honestly

"im glad you like them." Optimus replies

" yep, we decided to hang out tonight, is that okay with you?" I ask, when an alarm goes off

"well unfortunately you cannot hang out with the girls tonight, we have a mission to go to." he replies hurriedly turning around back towards the main hangar

"im afraid you cannot come with us." he says clearly weighing his options

"why not?" I ask politely

" once you begin training, and have mastered your abilities and are stronger then you may come, I don't want you to get hurt." I nod understanding

" also your room is beside mine,  and it has your name on it, so I believe you can find it from here."

"alright, thanks for everything Optimus." I say

"your welcome Cadence." he replies and he starts to walk off but I say

" Optimus." he turns around

"yes Cadence?" he questions

"promise me you wont get hurt." I say with a smile, this will be our think making promises we don't know that we can keep 

"I promise." and with that he walks off. and I walk into my room which looks amazing ( and theres also another rooms that looks just as great ( and I had a walk in closet! which was huge ( this feels more like a mansion than a room, the closet even has clothes shoes and make-up in it. after I looked through the closet I came up to the bathroom, ( glassy-blue-tiled-luxury-bathroom-design) by this point im almost in tears, this place is amazing, but by the time im done looking around its 10:00 so I take the phones out of their cases and set them on the nightstand next to me and almost instantly fall asleep with Optimus and the rest the Autobots on my mind.


alright that's chapter one of book 2! hope you guys enjoyed it! the next update should be up soon, tell me what you guys think so far it would be wonderful! but for now bye my lovelies

~ Cassandra out


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