Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


11. Jetfire

       So we decide to cover under an airplane cause this thing is a decepticon. and my heart is racing and this is not how I wanna go, slaughtered by a decepticon, oh hell naw! flip out my wings, and turn them to metal within a second my adrenaline is up and running, as always. and then the con transforms and I look and see Sam and Mikaela huddling together.

oh Optimus, please come back to me. no one has any idea how much I miss him, but he told me he loved me before he died, which was reassuring but that's not how I wanted him to confess his love for me ( if he ever did love me)

but the con has a hard time transforming, so he must be old I guess and he even has a cane and I metal beard which is quite ironic.

"what sorta museum is this?" the con asks and I debating on whether or not to confront the bot, due to the fact he already saw us.  but I keep my mouth shut. for now

"answer me pons and knaves show yourselves or suffer my infinite wrath. you little spinal cord based organisms." he says referring to us and he looks at me and says

"what about you, you got wings. what makes you so different?" the con asks and I create electricity ( Image result for electricity in hands) in my hand and he looks surprised 

A/N: here are her other elements and how she controls them

Fire: (Image result for holding fire in hands)
Water:(Image result for water in hands powers)
Air: (Image result for tornado in hand) without the colors
Earth:(Image result for earth powers hand) making tress shooting up rocks etc.

telekinesis: ( Image result for telekinesis powers) what she looks like while using it
force field: (Image result for purple force field) what it looks like

ok there are her powers you already know what her wings look like have any questions about powers let me know.

back to the story~

" how do you do that fleshie?" he asks

"all you need to know is that I can tear you apart." I say through gritted teeth

"behold the eternal glory of Jetfire!" he yells ignoring me but that's ok, I mean I don't want a con angry at me, soooooooo

"i tell you this guy didn't age well." wheelie says

"your telling me." I scoff and now hes trying to open the doors and ends up breaking them, well this aint good.

"i don't think hes gonna hurt us." Mikaela says

"i think your right, if he wanted to hurt us he would've done so by now." I reply

"wait a second!" Sam yells to Jetfire

"hold up will ya!" I yell to him and fly over to Jetfire and he ends up falling causing a parachute to come outta his ass

"stupid butterfly causing me to fall." wait did he just call me a butterfly?

"im on a mission." he says and I see Bee, Skids, and Mudflap coming, thank the lord!

"wait we just wanna talk!" Sam yells

"i don't have time to talk." he says, but I decide to take matters into my own hands.

"your gonna sit your ass down right now and listen to what we have to say unless you want to face me." I say looking at him. and if looks could kill he woulda died instantly

"alright geez femme, someone woke up on the wrong side on the Berth." he nutter and I sit him down with my air powers,

"ow, bloody shoot." he says as he falls  down."

"what planet am I on?" he asks

"Earth." Sam answers, and I glide back down to sam and the others and press the button on my ring to retract them (Image result for cute rings with gemstones)

"earth a terrible name for a planet may as well call it dirt, dirt planet. tell me is that robot civil war still going on?" he says, dang this dude must be old

"its over the decepticons won." I spit back he must be happy his team won

"ehhh well I changed sides to the autobots." he says and I surprised

"what do you mean change sides?" Sam says

"its a choice, intensely personal decision so much negativity who wants to live around all that hate?"  Jetfire confirms

"you mean you don't have to work for those miserable decepticons?" Wheelie asks

"if the decepticons had there way theyd destroy the whole universe." Jetfire says and hes probably right, now that hes an autobot I look at him differently and now I feel bad for what I said to him earlier, but hey at these times you cant help  but be judgmental.

"im changing sides, im changing sides too warrior goddess." Wheelie says and starts humping Mikaela's foot, and I look at her like ( 95710_tv-me-eyebrow-raise-eyebrow)

"whos your little autobot huh?" Wheelie says,

"awe your cute." Mikaela says, WTF!? how is that cute

"my names wheelie say my name say my name!" Wheelie says, and I don't even wanna say what hes doing but its weird.

"what are you allowing to happen to your foot just now?" Sam asks Mikaela so I decide to be funny

"well he probably lasted longer than you did so far." and every one makes this face (HjNIp)

"that and at least hes faithful Sam." Mikaela says and I make some fire and say

"you need some Aloe Vera for those burns!" and we all start laughing

"haha very funny. well hes faithful and nude and perverted.  can you will you just stop." and with that he kicks Wheelie off Mikaelas foot

"hey!" Wheelie says upset he had to stop, but im glad he didn't come over to me or else his other eye along with his balls would've been brunt off.

"what were you saying?" Sam says to Jetfire

" I told you my name was Jetfire so stop judging me, I got issues of my own." he says angrily

"hey Jetfire, first of all we weren't judging you and two right now our issues are not getting hit with your cane so can you please calm the fuck down!"  I yell up at him to keep from being squished

"well, my ancestors have been here for centuries  why my father was the wheel, the first wheel, do you know what he transformed into?" he asks

"no" Simmons answers

"nothing! but he did so with honor dignity. "and he ended up getting so worked up into his speech that he popped another parachute and fell over, again

"oh bollocks my boosters are fried." he exclaims

"i think we can help each other." I say

"you know things we don't know but we know things you don't know, don't we?" Sam says looking over at me

"we do." I say with a smirk

"i honestly don't think he knows anything." Leo says and I punch him in the gut

"well he knows more than you!" and I look over to see Sam carving symbols into the ground, so I activate my wings and  burn the ground black with the symbols and I do so with rapid speed.

"i can do this all day, and it comes in waves." Sam says to Jetfire

" I got the same thing except the symbols in my head group themselves together, and the symbols come together and form this shape." I tell Jetfire and I burn this picture into the ground (Image result for purple matrix of leadership bayverse) but with the middle is purple. (trust me its different for a reason)

"by the allspark." Jetfire says

"what?" I ask confused

"its the matrix of Opia." Jetfire says (original-29469-1430133870-3  ) what that word means

"and these are what's in my mind, and Megatron wants what's in our minds and someone else called the fallen." well thanks Sam for interrupting me

"the fallen I know him, he left me here to rust, the original decepticon hes terrible to work for  its always apocalypse chaos and destruction, these symbols are apart of my mission,   I remember now, the daggers tip and the key!"

"wait wait hold on a second, what are you talking about?" I ask.

"no time to explain, hold on everybody stay still or youll die!" Jetfire yells with some electricity flying everywhere

"what!" I scream, and my world turns black


alright love this update! took me forever but it was worth it, I threw another Matrix in there on purpose I have a really cool idea, and Oria also has something to do with vision problems but that's not the Oria I meant, but I hoped you liked it PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!! if you don't I feel like im writing to a dead audience but for now

Goodbye my lovelies

*Cassandra out

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