Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


3. Gotta hate Leo

A/N: you guys have NO idea how much I HATE!!! Leo, so much I honestly didn't want to write about him but now I have to, so bear with me, comment which character you hate the most in transformers, because why not!

~back to the story~

Beep beep beep beep

My alarm goes off I groggily roll over an press the snooze button and change and the mini bots are still sleeping so I put them in a little playground I bought them ( its actually a large hamster cage) but they love it, so it keeps them occupied while I'm gone. 

I grab my actual Iphone (not the one that's sleeping) and plug in my sony headphones and head out to the main room, pretty much everyone is gone, so I decide to have a karaoke morning by myself and I decide to sing 'see you again'  by wiz klafia and charlie puth. I've always loved to sing but I never sang in front of other people because I didn't know how I sounded and if I sounded terrible or not

I plugged i the aux cord and the lyrics came up on the huge flatscreen and I got a microphone and I started to sing, when I get to the bridge (of the song) I hear a footstep but I'm busy trying to hit a high note that it slips my mind.       

"When i see you again" I finish when i hear caps and whistles behind me i turn around and see all the autobots looking at me whistling, and when I see Optimus I look down and blush.

"We didn't know you could sing?!" Chromia says

"She got some pipes." Sideswipe says 

"That was stunning Cadence!" Arcee says

"That was a great preformance, Cadence." Optimus says and my eyes widen

"You guys thought I sounded good?" I question dumbfounded

"Are you kidding your the best singer I've ever heard!" Chromia exclaims 

"Sing something else." Firestreaker asks and everyone nods in approval

"Fine but if i sound terrible don't judge me." And they nod their heads. So I click 'ways to say goodbye' by Train 

And Ratchet presses a button and lights start flashing like at a concert so I take my high ego and dance around rockin the stage, and at the beginning I occasionally look at Optimus and then again at the bridge, cause that was the parts saying I love you and miss you. And before I knew it the song was over.

"Awesome Cadence!" Firestreaker yells and everybody else agrees with her and I blush 

"Another song!" Skids asks

"I wish she could but Sam has requested to see his sister at his collage." 

"Awwwwwwww" everyone says in unison 

"Um, quick question how am I going to get there?" I ask confused 

"I will acompany you." Optimus says and I can feel my brighten but i decide to be considerate 

"Are you sure Optimus? Are you too busy?" I ask

"I apreaciate your concern Cadence but as your guardian it is my duty." Optimus replies 

"Haha he sad dooty!" Mudflap jokes and Skids slugs him in the arm

"Dude grow up." Skids replies but we all know he found it funny

"Alright im ready when you are." I tell Optimus 

" i will be ready in a few minutes my presence is required for an interview." He replies

"Alright ill be here whenever your ready." I smile at him.

"Alright everybody out!" Firestreaker yells

"But we wanna her he sing!" Sideswipe says

"Well too bad." Arcee says and shoves him out of the room and everybody leaves until its just us girls, and then they all look at me

"What?" I ask confused

"Ohhhhhhh you like hiiiiiiiim!" Chromia says

"Who?" I ask pretending not to know what they're talking about

"Awwwww come on you know what we mean." Firestreaker taunts 

"Alright fine I kinda maybe sorta like Optimus." I finally let out

"I knew it!" Chromia says

"Well you guys ovibously gotta like a mech here." I question wiggling my eyebrows 

"Well you guys know i like Dino." FFirestreaker admits

"Right, what about you two?" I ask

"Well I kinda like Sideswipe." Arcee says quietly 

"Awwwww you guys would be cute together!!!" I fangirl, and Arcee smiles

"Well, You won't see this coming but I like Ironhide." Chromia says going off into a daydream

"Your right i didn't see it coming but it would be cute!" I exclaim  when I hear heavy footfalls and I immeaditily know who they belong to.

"Guys act normal Optimus is coming!" I tell the girls 

"So Cadence whats your favorite Earth song?" Firestreaker covers when Optimus walks in

"I must say I like the see you again song i sang earlier." I reveal

"That was a pretty song."  Arcee offers

"Maybe you guys should browse around on the internet and find a bunch of songs you like and we can all sing them later?" I ask

"Sounds like a great idea, we will come up with a playlist while your gone." Chromia says

"Cadence i believe I am ready, are you?" Optimus says

"Yes I'm ready." I say smiling and I quickly turn back to the girls and mouth to them ' he's such a gentleman' and I hope into his cab 

"You okay Optimus?" I ask when I notice he didn't greet me when I got in.

"Oh yes my bad, your goverment is considering exiling us." Optimus says sadly

"What! Why?" I exclaim

"I do not know." He replies honestly 

"Well thats stupid, wait let me guess Galloway." I state

"Yes but how did you know?" He replies confused 

" well he is always trying to mess up every ones lives and he's very irritating like Simmons." I say anger seeping into my words

"I see." Optimus replies

"Optimus, there have been some rumors going around about someone named the fallen, and I'm confused." I ask trying to break the silence 

"He was a prime, and when my ancestors came to your planet he tried to disobey the one rule the primes had." He explains

"What was that rule?" I ask curiously

"Never destroy a planet with life." He says

"Wait they wanted to destroy our planet?" I ask in shock

"Well yes ad no, they wanted to take your sun, but without the sun your planet would've died." He clarifies 

"That wouldve been terrible." I say as we pull in to the collage parking lot

"IIt wouldve been." He says

"Wow we ggot here pretty quick." I reply

"We did, do you wish for me to stay?" He asks

"Tht would be nice because ssomebody might try to kidnap me or something." And he chuckles 

"Alright ill see you soon Optimus." I wave and head into the collage Sam already texted me where his room was and when I get there I open the door and hear Same roomie sany

"You have a girlfriend." 

"I do." Sam said and I open the door

"Woah is that her?" sams roomie asks

"No, thats my sister." Sam replied 

"Well then we know who got the good looks in the family." He says while eying me up and down and I sneer he's pretty damn ugly

"So you a techie?" I learn the dudes name is Leo 

"Sorta."   Sam says

"Sweet." Leo says and I roll my eyes.

"Thats sharky and thats fastfate, my tech gurus welcome to my empire the real that's me I'm sure you've hearid of it right?"

"Nope." I say unimpressed 

And when I look at the computer screen I see Shanghai videos fuck they're onto the autobots, I just hope Sam doesn't blow their cover its classafied if he doesn't remember

"Post it baby go go go FTJ FTJ." Leo says

"That totally wasnt gay at all." I mutter to myself earning a chuckle from Sam

"What is FTJ?" Sam asks confused.

"Fuel tthe jet fuel the jet." He repeats

"One time was enough." I spit clealry not liking this guy, and they go on about aliens and what not but I tune them out if only they knew.

"That looks fake to me." Sam says so I decide to butt in

"Looks kinda photoshopped don't ya think?" I say trying to get under every ones skin 

"No its not fake the internet is pure truth, video doesn't lie." The techie 

"Well the alallstate or statefarm commercial or whatever tells you not everything on the internet is true so there ya go this garbage is what they're talking about." I reply smirking at their reaction

"Garbage?" One dude says

" look its fake anybody could do it on any computer, and I wasn't there so I can't comment or speculate." Sam defends

"Youve pobably made up half the stuff or your website!" I exclaim getting Leo's attention 

"Comment or speculate and were supposed to co habitate no listen, don't be sucking the sack." 

"What sack?" Sam questions

"The ball sack." Sharky says

"The mainstream media sack, they're lying to us it aliens." Wow that happened

"Robowarrior-" he starts

"And do I care?" I finish

"Im going to ignore that cause your so pretty." And I cringe well he's ugly asf 

"You work for me now." Leo says

"What?!" I shout

" oh, I work for you now, that's incredible, first day of collage I got a career with a dinky internet firm, with a boss who is made up of pure champion stuff." You tell him Sam!

"Are you mocking my lifes work Samuel." He says

"No I am, and by the way more girls like horses than kittens, so there goes your life plans, and threaten my brother again and you'll be sorry." I threaten

"Oh really now.". Leo says a i turn to leave but leo grabs my wrist throws me into a wall and kisses me


But when I try to fight back he grabs a textbook and slams in into my head almost knocking me out, so I use what little strength I have left to comm link Optimus 

.: please Optimistic And I feel Leo touching me in innopriate ways before I black out

(A/N: I did that so Optimus could beat the living crap out of Leo

~Optimus' P.O.V~

.: please Optimus help me:. I got from Cadence, so I activate my holoform (pic above)

When I made it up to her coordinates I saw a male seemingly in his late teens or early 20s ONTOP of Cadence, which infuriated me. He had no right to touch her in that way, no one did unless they had her permission such acts were punishable by death in Cybertron but her this male was forcing himself upon Cadence who merely in her undergarments.

"GET OFF OF HER!" I yell and pull him off of Cadence, he looks stunned he must not have known I was here nor did he want anyone to see what he had done

" I'm sorry I won't hurt your girlfriend again." The human begged

"Shes not my girlfriend." I say keeping my expression tight not letting him see how I truly feel, Cadence actually talked to me about this, its like having a mask on, and when she did this too, I was suprisied she always seemed so happy and it pains me to see her sad. 

"Then why do you care?" He asks still afraid. 

"Because one day she might be, now get out!" I yell at him and he runs out, and I pick her up bridal style and carry her to my alt mode, but I didn't want everyone to see her so exposed, to cover her I borrowed one of Sams jackets and put around her

I hope shes alright

I comm link to prepare for Cadence to be treated as soon as she gets to the base, and she might have a head injury from where the male who assualted her hit her. Just thinking about him angers me how could he hurt someone so beautiful? And I move a strand of hair out of her face, when she stirs 

"Cadence?" I ask desperately hoping she will wake up

"What,what happened?" She says disoriented 

"Leo." I say through gritted teeth, and she begins to cry, she must remember what happened, so I pull over and with my holoform I hug her. She cried into my chest, that's something no femme should ever have to endure

"Are you alright?" I ask

"Yea my head just hurts." She replies and when I look at her head I see that its bleeding

"Cadence hold still." I say calmly

"Why what happened?" She says concerned 

"Leo hurt your head during his..... assault.". I growl as I apply guaze to her wound and she smiles

"Thanks Optimus." She says an by this point I'm unsure wether or not she is faking her smile or not

"Cadence is that a fake smile?" But her face only brightens 

"No, im just haphappy I'm okay, but its hot in here."and she goes to remove the jacket

"Cadence you might wanna keep the ja....." but im cut short by her scream, as she tries to cover herself

"Did he do this!" She screechs 

"Unforuantley yes." I say sadly and she studies her injuries 

"I feel so, so dirty." She whimpers, I pull her into my lap and do my best to comfort her(awwwwwweeeee so cute!!!!!) As her cries begin to slow she says,

"Thank you Optimus." She replies sniffling 

"Your welcome Cadence." We sit in comfortable silence and I sway slightly with her in my arms,and in that moment my world was perfect. 

.: Ratchet, Cadence is conscious but she has a head injury as well as some other minor injuries:. 

.: offirmative Medical services are waiting on her arrival, if anything happens to her let us know immeaditily:. Ratchet replies

.: duly noted:. Ending the conversation 

"Optimus are you okay?" Cadence asks causing me to jump

"Yes, why?" I question

"Well you spaced out for a minute." She says voice quivering 

"Oh I was sending a comm link to Ratchet on you condition." I replied trying to reassure her

.: Optimus?:. I get from an unknown signal and my eyebrows furrow in confusion the signal was from nearby

"You shoulda seen your face." Cadence says

"What are you talking about Cadence." I ask confused 

"I tried to comm link you again." She says with a real smile

"So I assume youve mastered comm linking?" I ask

"I believe so." She says

"Hey, um Optimus," Cadence starts

"Yes?" I reply

"Can we stop somewhere and get me an outfit, I don't want the whole base to see me like this." She asks (A: HAHAHAHA you thought she was gonna confess her love! XD. )

"That would be fine." I reply realizing her deliema 

"Would you want to stop somewhere for food as well?" I ask cosidering the rest of her needs

"you read my mind! But I think we should get clothes first for ovibious reasons." She replies, and then it hits me she's still in my lap in only undergarments and a jacket. my holoform blushes but Cadence doesn't notice. We stop at a walmart and I go to get her clothes so she doesn't feel uncomfortable 

"Ill be right back Cadence, don't get hurt." I tell her

"i won't I promise." She replies

★back to Cadence's P.O.V.★

I sighed to myself this had been the best and worst day of my life. I almost got raped by an ugly dude but it caused me to be in Optimus's arms, a few minutes later Optimus cam back with an adorable outfit! ( t-shirt-running-horse-print-ro )

I quickly change and we head off to McDonalds, 

"Optimus you should try a big mac!" I tell him

"What is a big mac?" He asks but I smile

"Youve gotta eat it first." I say stubbornly 

" what are you getting Cadence?" Optimistic asks

"Um i think I'll get two crispy  chicken snackwraps with only chicken and cheese." I tell him ( this OC is based off of me so that's what she gets!) And I go to wash my hands, and when I come back I find Optimus sitting at a table just looking  at the big mac, which I find halirous 

"Youeat it silly!" I chuckle at him, amd I pick up my taco and bite into iit anand he watches me and then he gets that it goes into a humans mouth and when he picks it up he panics 

"why is everything falling out of this?" He asks 

"Beause they put a lot of stuff on it, but that's supposed to happen,go on take a bite." I laugh and he takes a bite and his eyes widen

"This food is delicious." He says causing me to laugh, and with that he tries pepsi,

"ahh why does it cause my mouth to tingle?" he asks worried 

"Its called carbonation try the tea instead." Which he does and he likes it and with that we have some small talk




Oh well it was  so cute tho!!! But tell me which transformers character you hae the most, but for now

Goodbye my lovelies


~Cassandra Out

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