Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


12. Egypt

     I look around me and i seehttp...   this and its beautiful but then I see a bright light and I rush towards it, must be the way out. And then I feel pain, it must be from switching from outer space to Earths atmosphere and then I'm falling and when I look up I see the desert, and then my wings pop out on instinct so I float down to the ground while everyone else smacks pretty hard on the desert, and I watch but I have to admit watching Bumblebee fall was the funniest 

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh ugh ugh!" I hear sam yell and I look down and see he's jammed his fingers, ouch so I help him up

"You okay Sam?" I ask

"Do i look okay?" He asks and I justleave  cause if he's gonna be like that then I ain't helpin him

"Sam!!!!!!" I hear Mikaela yell, 

"Sam im gonna go get the others you wait here." And I fly up and see Mikaela and I pick her up and I fly her over to jetfire and I do the same with the others, but that was very tiring, like simmons at minimum weighs 160 so I was hauling ass out there.  But everyone made it to the mountain side where Jetfire was, and I'm gonna be hella sore tomorrow

Now everyone is complaining about hhow much pain their iin, well i get Sams case but i carried their asses over here.

"That really realy hurt your just lucky I didnt get hurt." Simmons says and i roll my eyes                  

"Oh shut up." Jetfire says and i tell him

"Thank you, you just read my mind." I tell him

"Reading the mind of a decendant of opus." He says in awe

"What do you mean by opus and opia?"  I ask

"Back on Cybertron there was a small leauge of autobot femmes who wore that symbol." He says

"But what does it mean?"

"I was getting there dont interrupt! Anyway there was an elite team of femmes and the primes used them as secret warriors." He explains 

"Do you mean like ninjas or a black ops team?" I ask

"In a way yes, but each of of the Opia leaders had a special power, thatthat only they could control. But throught the ages the decendants on Opus started dying due to the war so Primus himself put all the powers into onew femme and sent her far away hopefully never to bebe found." Jetfire says

"Alright can we talk about whats reay going on?" Sam asks impatient 

"No!" Me and Jetfire say at the same time

"Ignore my rude brother, continue." I ask eagerly

"Yes, but this femme held powers that I wwas elgible to look at it was so classified." He ssays

"But why do you think that im this femme? Im not even Cybertronian." I ask

"Well of course the femme couldnt bebe Cybertronian Primus was trying to hide her from the decepticons so she could have been human and I believe that she is you, theres even a legend about this femme." H say

"Explain" I ask eagerly

"With the time and spoils of war
Nothing will compare to her
As the dawn brings a new age
she shall light up the stage
With powers of light and speed
And a mystical voice to do the deed
She will be sent afar
Where a Prime must follow the stars
And once they meet
The world will become complete." Jetfire say and i look up at him with my mouth hanging , theres no wayway this could be me. So wait I could be a Cybertronian. I could be with Optimus well if I could turn into an autobot and if he weren't gone :( .

"Now thats only the first part, but only Primus, the 7primes and the femmes of Opia know the oth three verses." He clairfies

"Wow, so your not making this up." I say 

"I swear on my life." He says

"Ya know people could have died And if I had gotten hurt you woulda heard from my," simmons starts 

"I already told you to shutshut up i told you I was opening a space bridge its the fastest way to travel." Jetfire yelled, welli musta missed that memo

"What, why didnt you tell us, you didnt tell us anything. Why are we in Egypt?" Sam asks

"Well how do you know were in Egypt we could be in Austrailia for all i know." I spat at Sam

"dont you fleshlings get snippy with me." Jetfire yells

"You were duly informed." He says still believing he told us what is going on

" alright can you slow down for a second so you can focus so we can all have a little bit ore sense, some resemblance some piece of mind." Sam says and Simmons pointingnto him like an idiot 

"This planet was visited by our race once before. A mellinium ago. they were on an exploratery mmission in search of energon the life blood of our race without it we will all perish left to oxidide and rust like my retched self. Do you know what its like tto slowly fall apart and die?!" He yells and everyone starts to get frustrated cause ya know he rants about how bad his life is and what not.

"Lets not ge episocpical okay old timer, beggining middle end facts details plot story tell it." Simmons says getting fed up with Jetfire. 

"Somewhere buried in this desert our ancestors built a great machine it harvests energon my destroying suns." Jetfire says, and Optimus told me about this before so i decided to keep my mouth shut so I didnt start crying 

"Destroy suns?" Sam says confused

"Like blow em up?" Leo says and I roll my eyes

"Nah shit sherlock." I say to leo

" seein the beginning there were 7 primes.". Jetfire starts and i feel tears well up in my eyes bbut i fight it aand when I look up everyone but Jetfire is looking at me. 

"What the fuck you guys looking at?" I spit aangrily 

"Out orginal leaders and they set out into ththe universe seeking distant suns toto harvest the primes set out with one rule: never destroy a plantet with life untill one of them tried  defy this rule and his name forever more was the fallen." And he put up a hologram showing us what he looked like

"The falln despised the human race, and he wanted to kill you all by turning on that machine the only way to activate it iis with a lenegdary key, called the matrix of leadership. A great battle took place over the possesion of the matrix the fallen was stronger than his brothers so they had no choice but to steal and hide it from him. In the ultimate scarfice they gave their lives to seal the matrix away in a tomb made of their very own bodies, a tomb we cannot find. " wow that was interesting little history lesson there 

"Wow" i whisper

"Somewhere buried in this desert that deadly machine remains the fallen knows where it is,and if he finds the tomb of the primes then your world will be no more." He finishes

"Alright so how do we stop him?" Mikaela asks

"Only a prime can efeat the fallen." Jetfire says

"Like Optimus Prime?" I ask my voice cracking

"So youve met a prime? You mustve met a great desfendant iis hehe here? On this planet?" Jetfire asks eagerly

"He sacrificed himself to save us." Sam says looking at me and by this point a ttear rolls down my cheek, and Jetfire sees it

"So hes dead then, Cadence were you close to him?" Jefire asks and I nod my head and i make a force field around me and Jetfire so I can talk to him privately

"Wow, a decdant of Opus, its an honor." He says bowing wow this is so unreal

"Its alright no need, I dont have my Cybertronian form yet." An jetfire rises

"Why did you activate your forcfield?" Jetfire asks

"I wanted to tell you about me nd Optimus.". i say and i look at he ground 

"I see, so you must be the prophecey, its an honor tthat comes with great scarfice and great responsibility." He says, and i tell him about the past the cute moments and when I finish tears are rolling down my face like crazy but I'm smiling and I finih this sentance 

"And right before he died he told me he loved me." I said and  looked up at him and a mixture of joy and saddness was in his eyes

"Cadence it is not often that aa prime admits he likes a femme much less say he loves he to the femme he likes." Jetfire says

"Really?" I thought all primes were supposed to have a mate oh well and i deactivate the shield. 

"So?" Simmons says wanting to resume where we were.

"So hes dead, without a Prime its impossible." He says sadly and an idea pops into my head, if the matrix can blow up a sun can't it heal Optimus? 

"Wait, if the Matrix has a lotlot of power can't we just use hat power to bring Optimus back?" I ask and everyones face brightens

"A smart desceendant of Opus, it asnt designed for that purpose but its an energy like no other. " Jetire says

"So how do you get uus to the matrix before th decepticons get us?" He asks

"You and Cadence have you maps the symbols and she's a decendant of Opus Primus is watching over her. What you guys carved in the sand itd your clue when dawn elights the daggers tip the three kings will reveal the doorway, find the doorway! Go now go that was y mission, now its your mission go fore the decepticons find me and find you." And with that I turn to run for bee but I hhear jetfire call me

"Cadence, be sure to it that you get the matrix, but if you cannot revive Optimus, you maybe be the next prime in line, and the only hope of stopping the fallen." Wow that hihits home, ive never ev seen my Cybertronian form of I even have one

"I will do my best, see you later Jetfire.". And with that i sprint to catch up with the others

" you Cadence of Opus." And I run over to bee

" I call shotgun!" I yell


Alright! I got a litte creative there hav y questions about my idea leave a comment and ill explain it, but for now 

Goodbye my lovelies

* Cassandra Out

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