Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


4. Diagnosis

"I believe we should get back to the base, everyone must be worried about you." Optimus says

"your right and we have been gone for a long time." I reply. and I hop into Optimus's alt mode

"did you like trying Earth's fast foods?" I ask eager to see his reaction

" yes it was very good but I was not a fan of the first drink." he replies honestly

"im not a fan of soda myself, the fact that it leaves a tingle in the back of my throat bothers me." I reply honestly

" do other humans like this so called soda?" he questions

"actually most humans but im the rare exception." I say

"well you are exceptionally rare at many things Cadence."

" I know like my wings."  reply happily I love my wings they're so pretty

"oh how are your wings doing you told me they were injured at the battle of mission city." he asks, so I fold them out of my back

"oh they're a lot better now there's only a small scar from where Ratchet fixed the hole."I say and I show him, its just a faint scar that's a light pink against the feathers

"that is nice to hear, what about you other powers?" he asks

"well I've learned that if my adrenaline isn't high or my life isn't in danger and I use my powers I can get severe headaches and ill need at least 8 hours of sleep to be fully functional." I tell him

"with great power comes great sacrifice" he says

"you must know that by first hand experience." I say feeling for him

"unfourtatelly  I do." he says with a sad tone. and I fold my wings into my back by using this ring (gemstone-depot-heart-ruby-ring-300x215)

"do you want to talk about it?" I ask politely

"is that what humans do when they feel troubled?" he asks

"well most of us do." I say honestly and he lets out a sigh

" ever since I became a prime I've had a big weight of responsibility on my shoulder, with me being the last prime, it makes that responsibility even greater, and I've been afraid to talk to anyone with the fear of judgment. So I've kept my emotions cooped up, for eons. " he vents and with that he seems happier, it helps to vent out every once in awhile

"I understand i may not be a prime but I understand having a lot of responsibility like when the cube was still around, the human races survival was put on my shoulders." I vent 

"I wouuld also like to thank you for saving my life at mission city, that was a smart and bold move. But I'm afraid it has gotten the decepticons attetion ." He says

"But I dont regret it, id rathhr have you alive than that filthy dirt bag" I say with a chuckle

"Me too." Optimus says. And with that we arrive at base with medics and ambulances everywhere, and then I feel light headed

"Optimus." I say groggily 

"What, are you okay Cadence you don't look too good, do you want me to radio ratchet.?" He asks frantically 

"I think iim going to pass out." I realize I have to throw up, but I don't want to ruin Optimus's interior so I swallow it which is disgusting 

"Cadence stay with me," he says worried, but I pass out anyway but I remember medics opening the door and Optimus saying

"Please, please don't let her die." 

★ Le time skip★ 

I feel myself slowly start to come back into concicoussness I open my eyes, and when I look over my body I see I'm still in the clothes Optimus bought me which causes me to smile, and once I look at my arms I scream. 

"Cadence are you alright?" I hear Optimus say and I see he's on my right side, shit he mustve been sleeping 

"NO!!!" I answer and Optimus starts to panic and when he sees me looking at my arms he start freak out a little more

"NEEDLES!!!!" I screech, so what I'm afraid if needles you're probably afraid of something else 

"Shhhhhhhhh its alright I'm here, its okay." He sooths but it doesn't help I'm not going to be fine until these needles leave call me a whimp but im not a fan of objects poking into my skin

"GET THEM OUT OF ME!!!!!!" I screech by this point im kicking and screaming, when I feel Optimus press his body onto mine, trying to keep me from damaging myself further, which causes me to blush

" Cadence look at me." Optimus says in a nice tone. and I see Ratchet walk in (in holoforms)

"no don't look at Ratchet look at me." he orders which I do, and I stare into his mesmerizing blue eyes, I feel myself start to lean in, and he does too

"alright needles are removed." Ratchet interrupts which causes me to mentally  frown, so close (hahahaha you thought they were gonna kiss!)

"thank god!" I sigh in relief

"Optimus I need you to come with me." Ratchet says and as Optimus leaves I squeal in delight, I ALMOST KISSED OPTIMUS FREAKIN PRIME! I start to sing again this time  to'Rhythm of love." By plain white tees, and with a smile on my face I finish the song, and moments later, Ratchet walks in. 

(I'll explain what all this means) 

"Sorry for interupting you and Optimus' *cough cough* moment. But your blood est results came back, and I found something concerning, due to Leo's assault you've had an elevated white blood cell count, meaning you have many injuries. And your spleen almost ruptured, but we are unable to remove it because you are close into going into septic shock, so you will be put on bed rest for a few hours." Ratchet explains

"Shit, then I mustve been banged up pretty bad."  ( leo hurt Cadence really badly and her body is having a hard time trying to fix all the injuries and her spleen almost exploded, and they can't remove it cause she's too weak for surgery)

"Yes but from yor CAT scan it showed you had a concussion so your powers have been weakend a little bit, but by the end of today you'll make a full recovery." He says

"Thank you so much Ratchet." I say

"And while you were passed out your vistor never left your side, the doctor never lies."  Ratchet says and I know exactly what he means, now I know for a fact that Optimus likes me, the almost kiss, the note from Ratchet last year, and now this, I'm pretty sure he likes me, but I don't wanna make the first move, I think that should be his job.

"Nope, always trust a doctor." I say with a huge smile and I hear Ratchet chuckle and he leaves, and its about midnight, I WAS OUT FOR 2 FREAKIN HOURS!!!! So I decide that its bed time and when I feel myself drifting off I feel somone grab my hand and I know its Optimus and I squeeze his hand and drift off. With the biggest smile on my face

And I truly couldnt be happier.


Alright so thhat was kinda short but it had a lot of meaning so Leo really hurt Cadence well ya gotta hate Leo,  but don't worry they'll be a couple before this book is over I promise :)

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