Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


6. Decpticon in disguise

        "flight 161 coming in for a landing." the announcer said, so i turned off my music and we got off the plane

"i know where Sam's dorm and room are so we just need to hail a taxi." and we get one, and we get to the school, 

"this way, he will be suprised to see you." i say happily, but we got a surprise when we opened the door, Sam was kissing some other girl, oh that must be a low blow to Mikaela's ego

"Mikaela." he says breaking the kiss with that slut

"is that your girlfriend?" slut says

"ex" she says and slams the door, and I rub her back this must be hard for her,

"lets leave him." and we start to walk to down the hallway, when we hear thuds are screams and when we open the door, the slut has a metal tounge which is 9 feet long,

"its a decepticon!" and we all start screaming but sam sounds like an 8 year old but at the moment I don't really car and we all take off down the hallway, and then I notice Leo, and I growl, that bitch put me in the hospital! but ill get him for it later

"the library!" Sam yells, and we follow him cause we have no idea where to go. and while we are ducking and covering, Sam and Mikaela start to argue

"i can tell you really missed me a lot Sam." she spits

"the one time you get a girlfriend you screw it u." I whisper yell at him

"and you don't have a boyfriend either." he says and that hurt, like a lot.

"Sam that was really offensive stop being a baby!" she yells

"no, no listen im a victim."

"of what?" I butt in

"an 80 pound girl?" Mikaela says, and I giver her a brofist, cause you have to to admit that was a great comeback

"it was like getting humped in the neck by a mountain ox." he says

"of course you would know what that feels like." I reply

"you didn't have to put her tongue in her mouth." and they have a did not and a did too fight and a silent treatment when leo  butts in

"she violated your orifice with her nasty alien probe? she did it she went in there, those alien babies are hatching inside of you, you need to yack it yack it right now." and then I lose it and punch him square in the face, and he shuts up, but then an explosion goes off, which must be the con. so we jump down trying to get away from it, and I hide under a table with Mikaela. I would use my powers but that could put me at risk. so now ive got a million paper cuts from the books ontop my injuries from leo

"get out!" I tell them when I see an opening and we get outta there like greased lighting, Mikeala hotwired a car, and before we could take off, the con was on top of the car, sticking its tongue through the windshield but misses 

"SAM BUT UP THE GODAMN WINDOW." And the widow goes up, 

"GET RID OF IT GODAMMIT!!!!!!" I yell to Mikaela 

"Kiss this bitch." She sas and I see shes gonna run into a pole, so I use my powers and deactivate the air bags, and when we crash into the pole my head jerks forward, but when I look through the cracked glass I see the con, nearly dead.

"Drive, drive!" Sam yells and she does, killing it, thank god, so I put the air bags back on just in case we need them. 

"ok so what else don't I know? Cause you guys forgot to metion some minor details alright?" 

"That thing you saw back there was a baby. OHHHHHHHHH!" He yells 

"DEAR LORD OF JESUS!!!!!" I scream, cause a helicopter almost hit us. 

"SWERVE!" I yell at Mikaela and she does missing the copter which I'm pretty sure is a con too. And then something comes into the car, nearly cutting Leo's head off, and you have no idea how badly I wish it did

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!" Leo yells and the helicopter begins to lift us up, and a truck that looks a lot like Ironhide T-bones us, knocking Sams door out of place, and as we gain altitude it becomes more important that we get him back into the car, so I do the only thing I can, I jump out of the car, and before I can fall to far I sprout out my wings, and help Mikaela and Leo get Sam into the car. As soon as he's in I hop in and press the gemstone on my ring (pic above) and my wings fold into my back

" my God are you a victorias secrect angel or something?" Leo screams, and I loose it

"YOU BITCHASS MOTHERFUCKER!" I scream at him and punch him in punch him in the jaw. And turn around only to see us coming over a huge building and then I hear a click noise and we begin free falling, and my stomach is doing flip flop and flip flop, and we crash through the building and I tense up, an then we stop moving and I look around and I see everyone doing the same and I realize that its me

"Get out," I say through gritted teeth and when they do the car falls with just me inside, and as soon as I get out, its cut in half

"WHAT THE ACTUUAL FUCK!" I scream, and then Starscream spits on us, and we take off up some stairs and we come face to face with an old 'friend'


I thought me and Sam killed that son of a bitch, these things just don't die!

"Come here fleshies," he says, and me and Sam step forward, and i activate my wings, but I make them weapons by changing them to metal ( and instead of feathers, they're blades, which can do severe damage, and even cooler, I can shoot them out like bullets, and I don't run out, my body makes the feathers all on its on so I have an endless supply of amo 

"Closer." he says and we comply, I could shoot him, but that would make him angry, a d I don't want him to kill me at the moment 

"Alright we did as you asked." Sam says and he throws us, and we both land on seperate slabs of concrete it hurts but my wings break most of my fall (when her wings are metal they don't show her mood) and then he grabs our arms and legs, which hurts, and I feel like my wrists and ankles are gonna break

"It feels good to grab your flesh, I'm going to kill you slowly and painfully, but first we have some delicate work to do." And I gulp and I squirm trying to wriggle free, but to no avail

"Doctor examine these alien specimines." Wait did he try to make a pun just now?

"You work on the boy ill work on the girl." He says with an evil glint in his eyes, and then I hear a rip, and I get cold, and I realized he just ripped my top off, shit, and to think Leo is up there. 


,and there goes my shorts, and I begin to scream cause I am left in this ()(blue one) well at least its cute, and matching, cause if I HAVE to be exposes, I at least want to look decent, hey don't judge me.

"Well if You aren't a pretty specimine," he starts, and I cringe if anyone my heart belongs to Optimus. 

"We must tetest the girls brain!" I hear the mini doctor yells

"What?" I whimper

"Well your brother has the symbols so we must check you aas well." Shit, I saw them when the sliver cut me, and the same thing that went into Sam, went into my mouth, and it tasted nasty like rotten kiwi and I had a pretty bad gag reflex so I almost vomitted five times

"The other half of the code, there they are." And he found them, and the symbols that were in Sams head are now in mine, cause we shared the Same whatever you call it

"Oh, what is this, Prime has a pet." And when I look behind me I see images of me and Optimus together and I blush, great now he knew! 

"We must have the brain!" The bot says

"You may take the boys, but I want the girl." He says and my face pales, and he reaches down for my bra I hear something crash and Megatron stops, and when he releases me I see Bumblebee and Optimus

"OPTIMUS!!!!!" I scream and he looks in my direction, and sees megatron hovering over my half naked body, amd you can tell that he lost it, and all hell broke loose.


Alright, im gonna end this one here, and as soon as this is published im gona work oon the next one who knows it might be up today

But for now, goodbye my lovelies

→Cassandra Out

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