Love will always prevail

This is the sequel to Love will never come! Finally it has come out anyway i hope you guys enjoy it dont be afraid to drop a comment on it!


13. Car ride with idiots

         Me a transformer? No way. This is just unreal but we can bring Optimus back! Hell ya! 

"Alright so my CIA contact said that ancient sumerians used to call the gulf of agaba the daggers tip." Simmons says

"Wait how did the transformers know what people called a gulf they didn't care about humans." I ask (seriously Michael Bay?) 

"Thats besides the point, so the gulf is apart of the red sea, it divides Egypt and Jordan like the tip of a blade. 29.5 degrees North 35 East." Simmons says

"Well that's where we should be going, let's go Bee." I say and I pull up google maps and we follow the directions 

"So what do we do first?" Sam asks

"Duh, we get Optimus to the daggers tip so we can bring him back to life." I say

"Man what is up with you and robots, why can't  you settle for a human like me?" Simmons says wiggling his eyebrows

"Or me?" Leo says wiggling his eyebrows too

"First of all stop wiggling your eyebrows its fucking creepy two simmons your too old and three leo your a fucking rapist so shut the hell up." I yell 

"Geez harsh much?" Sam says

"Shut up, I know where you live." And me and Sam have a mini stare down but end up laughing

" so how we gonna get him halfway around the world?" Leo asks and I stop laughing, I forgot about that

"we're gonna make a call." Sam says

"and who's that all going to be made to?" I ask, like for real were wanted fugitives how are we gonna do that

"youll see." Sam says and I just sit there, I hope Sam knows what hes doin

"Shit look whats up ahead." I yell Sam

"ugh we got cops!" Sam yells and Bee swerves out of the blue so I scream and Sam yells, and the chase begins Autobots vs. Government

"i cant go to prison guys." Leo says and I turn around and backhand him

"yes you fucking can for attempted rape!" iyell as were going at least 100mph

"wait you tried to rape her?" Bee says through the radio

"maybe." Leo says sheepishly

"ya know.... bitches get thrown in ditches." bee says using at hateful radio clip

"im sorry, but it was worth it." Leo says to Simmons and he shakes his head

"her body looks like its worth it." Simmons says eyeing me up

"this is not the time to be hitting on me while were in a high-speed chase! and once were outta this care, shit is goin down for real!" I yell

"goin down for realllllllll!" be plays through the radio and during the chase he plays that song

"Sam you gotta get us off this road." Simmons says

"i will if you stop hitting on my sister." Sam says and I brofist him

"Only for the time being." he mutters

"its alright Optimus will kick his ass anyway." I whisper to Sam and he laughs

"lets throw em off." and I jump of of the car and everyone else follows while Bee looses them we just hang out, and Mudflap and Skids do that literally

"stupid cops." Skids says

"truth!" I whisper yell to him

"this is called blendin in." Mudflap says

"no its called almost dying and Bee savin yo ass AGAIN!" I whisper yell and I stand up and see Leo and Simmons standing beside eachother ( 010-funny-animal-gifs-dog-slap) and it felt nice to slap two people in a row

"theyre gone." Mikaela says

"good." I say and I come out from behind the truck

"were running out of time Sam!" I tell him

"that's why im gonna make the call to Lennox."

"your on the worlds wanted list try calling one base they'll track you here in seconds CIA is all over this place." he says but he does have a point

"your gonna call." Sam says, that was smart.

"okay, that's a good idea I was just I had my mind on other things." he starts and goes on and on

"Simmons just shut up and make the call already." and we head over to a phone

"heres the number." Sam says and gives the paper to Simmons and finally someone picks up

"Lennox im with the kids ya know the pretty one with attitude and crazy powers ya we need the truck the truck the one the girl is crazy for, we got a possible resurrection going on your not gonna believe where we are, tut as in king back of a one dollar bill  coordinates for airdrop 29.5 north 4.88 East write it down write it I gotta go heats coming." and he hangs up and I heat my hand up wth a little bit of fire and slap him so it hurts and burns

"hey watch it." Simmons says and I ignore him

"    hey its me Leo Leo, the cops are coming right now we need to move, " and we take off me leading the pack, with Sam and Mikaela right behind me and simmons and Leo falling behind. And we get into Bees alt mode with me shotgun 

"Howw does the poem thing go again?" I ask cause i forgot during the almost dying thing

"When dawn alights the daggers tip, three kings will reveal the doorway. "  Sam and simmons say in unison 

"Thats that he said." Simmons says

"You guys know what it means?" I ask

"No?" Sam says

"I ave no idea." Simmons says, and then we come up to a check point

"oh shit." I say

what are we gonna do now?


Alright I know its short but deal with it its an update, and if your reading my bumblebee story they reason I'm not updating it is because I wanna finish this story first so that I can put more effort in my other stories, and I'm considering making a tfp stot but that will cone later, bu ll let you guys know when I publish it but for now

Goodbye my lovelies

★Cassandra out

P.S. if you knhow any good storues let me know cause i want to read more transformers!!!!! (Leave your suggestions in the comments!)

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