Falling Through

River spent most of her time in her room, crying and bawling over Jem's death. After a few weeks without any change in her mood, her parents had taken her to a therapist. Nobody else knows what happens in the therapist's office but her. She took pills for her depression and anxiety. Nobody else had these problems. Why her?
Well, here's a small description about her: She has lilac colored hair (originally blond), her eyes are silver-gold, she has freckles on cheeks and nose, and she's pretty tall. She's also irish, but lives in England with her rich parents.


5. Chapter 5

I woke up to a dark room. Rain pattered against the closed window. I sigh. As I walk down the hallway, I hear 2 voices in the kitchen talking. My stomach growls as I reach the bottom of the stairs. Ruby is standing by the stove, making porridge. The old man who talked to me yesterday sits at the table, spooning up porridge. Ruby smiles at me as she hands me a bowl and I sit down.

"You're the little missy who was found outside the city limits, wasn't 'yer?" The old man says as he pointed his spoon at me. I nod in response.

"Eduard, you're scaring her." Ruby says as she sits down beside me. I smile.

"So, what's 'yer name little miss?" Eduard asks as he spoons up more porridge.


"River... That's a strange name." He said as he stared at me.

"Well, River, this is Eduard. The others will be coming to eat in a little bit, so you can meet them all." Ruby says as she smiles at me.

"Ruby, what's for breakfast?" A voice says as two women enter the kitchen. One has jet black hair, cut shoulder length, with piercing blue eyes. Her skin is pale, and she glares at me. The other woman was tall, with brown hair that reached her waist. Her eyes were hazel, and she smiles at me.

"Who's this?" The pale woman asks as she sneers at me.

"Thais, don't be rude. This is River." Ruby says as she sets her manicured hand on my shoulder.

"I'm Alphonsine." The tall woman says as she sits down next to me, scooping up a spoonful of porridge. "That's Thais, my younger sister. You can call me Alpha, everyone does."

Thais sits down across from me, and her piercing eyes study me.

"You're the one they found outside of city limits. The one with the purple hair."

"Um, yeah. I guess so."

"You're an oddball. You weren't supposed to find this place." Thais says as she stirs her porridge around her bowl.

"Thais! Do not be rude! She is welcome here anytime." Ruby says as she points a finger at Thais.

"Well, it's the truth. She's just some lost girl. She can't do anything. She's useless, she came here by mistake. She's probably crazy." Thais says as she snickers at me.

"You know what!? I was taken by three of your people! I never wanted to come here! I'm not a useless little girl, and Josef and Michael and Kris didn't leave me on purpose. We were attacked by some damn thing, so fucking get your facts straight. I am not crazy, yes, I have mental problems, but I'm not fucking crazy. I killed a demon all by myself! So don't go around, guessing things that aren't true!" I screamed as I stormed out the front door. As I closed the door, I saw the shocked face of Thais, and a worried face of Ruby and Alpha, and Eduard was just laughing. I also saw three more people at the stairs, watching me leave, all of them laughing.

"She's a tough one, she is." Eduard says as I slam the door shut.


I keep running, even when I crash into a man, and quickly say my apologies. I finally have to stop when my legs give out and my breathing is shallow, and tears streak my face. I cry into my hands, my snot mixing with my tears. It rains harder, soaking me and chilling my bones. I shiver in the cold. I finally get up, and I see a hand reaching out to me. I look up to see a boy, maybe about a year older than me. His wavy golden hair fell into his brown eyes, and his mouth was posed in a frown.

"Do you need help?" He asks as he pulls me up.

"I'm fine." I say as I wipe tears away from my face. My eyes are level to his shoulder.

"You don't look fine. You need a doctor." He says as he points at my knee, which is bloody, and my leg is covered in scratches and scrapes, and lots of blood.

"I said I'm fine." I say as I limp down the street. He shakes his head as he picks me up. Put me down!"

"No. You need help."

"Where are you taking me?" I ask as he carries me down several streets until we're met by a large, stone building. It looks like a giant castle, and flags hang from the tops of the towers. A horn sounds. Saffy said there was a king here, so is this the castle, or just a building that looks like one?

"I'm going home. You're going to get a doctor." He says as a few guards exit a giant wooden door.

"Names? Age?" The guards say as they rest their hands on their swords.

"Korin Slavuham, son of King Augustus. Age: 19." He says as I stare at him. He looks over at me. "Your name?"

"Um, River Augustine. Age, 17." I say as I frown.

The guards look at him strangely. "You're prince Korin?" one of the guards asks.

"Yes. I'm pretty sure I was born to Queen Tindra in 1997, March 27." He says as he stares at them steadily. The guards nod.

"You need to come inside, we need to make sure you're really King Augustus's son." The guard says. He follows them inside, still carrying me.

"Are you okay?" He asks, his eyes never leaving the guards back.

"I'm fine." I say as he chuckles. "What?"

"You said that earlier, even though you're clearly not fine. I've never seen you here before. Even when I was here."

"Well, I was found outside city limits a few days ago. I passed out right in front of a bunch of guards, and they took me in." I say as I roll my eyes.

"You're the girl everyone's talking about, aren't you?" The guard asks as he turns around to look at me.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"I've heard a few things about you." Korin says as he tightens his grip on me. I roll my eyes.

"It's not like I had four arms and a pair of ears sticking out of my head."

"Practically. Even your hair is strange, and being found outside of city limits? That's already strange enough." Korin says as he twirls a piece of my hair between his fingers.

"Ok, what about you? You left to find a mother and daughter that can be one in billions. They might have run away for a reason." I say as I smack his hand away. He looks offended by what I said.

"You know nothing about me, purple head. You don't know why I left for them." He says as we follow the guard into a large throne room. Gold framed pictures hang everywhere on the walls, and at the end of the room, sits a red carpeted stage with four gold and red thrones, each covered in jewels. A man with golden hair sat in the chair, but he large, blue eyes. His eyes crinkle when he sees Korin.

"Son? Is that really you?" He asks as he gets up from the throne and slowly walks over to us. He has a limp, and winces in pain.

"Yes, it's me." Korin says as he rolls his eyes and sets me down. King Augustus walks over to us and studies him. He hugs Korin, and Korin looks so uncomfortable, I grinn at him. He rolls his eyes and sticks out his tongue. King Augustus turns to me.

"And who's this..." He says as he trails off. He frowns at me.

"This is River. I found her out on the street, and she looked like she needed help for her knee." Korin says as he studies his father. "Father?"

"Who are your parents, child?" The king asks as he stares at me.

"Um, my mom is Trinity Augustine, and my dad is Donovan Augustine, I guess. My dad was born in America, and my mom was born in Ireland, and well, we lived in England since I was born..." I say as I fiddle with my nails. The king continues to stare at me. "Um, is anything wrong?"

"What is your mother's real name?" The king asks.

"Trinity Augustine-Starkfallow, but we don't go by Augustine-Starkfallow anymore..." I say as the kings nods.

"I need a doctor." He says as he waves his hand at the guard. The guard fetches a doctor, and the doctor fixes my leg while I sit in a chair and watch the king and Korin talk.

"Why did you ever leave?" The king asks as he munches on a pastry, looking sadly at his son.

"I needed to find my mother and baby sister. I can't live like this without knowing who else is in my family! I could have other siblings, and I might not know it!" He says as he paces around, running his hand through his hair.

"You have me here! Your mother left because she was a coward! She was scared of the demons! She didn't want her daughter to be raised like this," He says as he waves his hand around the room, "She wanted a normal life. So, she left to live with mundanes. I couldn't stop her." King Augustus says as he sinks into his throne, his head in his hands.

"You're all good." The doctor says as he stands up, packing his supplies back up. I stand up, stretching out my stiff leg.

"I'll escort you home." Korin says as he turns to me.

"I will too. I would like to talk to you sometime." The king says as he stands up from his throne. "I will need a moment to change." He says as he disappears into a long hallway. He comes back in a few minutes later, wearing a pair of black jeans, along with a black long sleeved shirt tucked into his pants. Korin rolls his eyes, and leads us out of the castle.

"So, River, do you have any siblings?" The king asks.

"No, I don't. I always wanted a brother or sister. All I have is a fat cat that likes bologna and ketchup sandwiches." I say as I laugh to myself. "And my best friend. But, he's gone now." I say as tears well up in my eyes.

"I'm sorry for your loss. What was his name?" The king asks.

"Jem Stembock."

"Hmmmm... That last name sounds familiar. Any family here?" He asks as we walk along the cobblestone street, Korin trailing behind us.

"Uh, no. His parents have always lived in America, and his grandparents. None of them have ever been out of the country."

"Well, his last name certainly sounds familiar. Did he have blond hair?" He asks as my face drops. I nod silently. Does he know Jem?

"He's never been out of the country. Not to sound rude, but you shouldn't know him." I say as we turn down another street.

"No, that's not what I'm thinking. May I ask, how did he die?"

"He was murdered, shot in the heart with a bullet. He was wild and crazy, he always found trouble..." I say as my vision blurs.

"He's a werewolf." Korin says, startling me.

"What?" I say as I look at him.

"I said, he's a werewolf. Shot in the heart, probably by a silver bullet. Only way to kill a werewolf, besides breaking their necks." Korin says as he looks at me through his long eyelashes. God, why the fuck do guys get such long eyelashes? They don't need them that much.

"He's not a werewo-" I say as I cut myself off. All those times he's gotten mad, he had to walk away and be alone for a few hours. And he always, always came back messy and disheveled. He had a hell of a temper, and he always grunted, or I guess growled, at the people he didn't like. And his eyes always got glassy and bright some days, like he might kill somebody.

"Well, I guess we're here." The king says as I look up to realize the house I had been staying at. I peer over at the king.

"How did you know I was staying here?" I say as I look at him with wonder.

"Everybody knows you're staying here." Korin says as I look over my shoulder at him.

I sigh as I walk up to the door and peek through it. Not a soul in sight. I peer back over my shoulder.

"Thanks for walking me back."

"No problem." Korin says as he starts walking down the street. The king turns back to me.

"River, I really would like to talk to you sometime." He says as he turns around. "Have a good night, River."

I close the door and sneak upstairs to my designated bedroom, and I collapse onto the bed, my knee erupting in pain. But I don't care. I just cry into my pillow, not only for myself, but for Jem.

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