Falling Through

River spent most of her time in her room, crying and bawling over Jem's death. After a few weeks without any change in her mood, her parents had taken her to a therapist. Nobody else knows what happens in the therapist's office but her. She took pills for her depression and anxiety. Nobody else had these problems. Why her?
Well, here's a small description about her: She has lilac colored hair (originally blond), her eyes are silver-gold, she has freckles on cheeks and nose, and she's pretty tall. She's also irish, but lives in England with her rich parents.


3. Chapter 3

Heat. I feel heat all over my body, and it burns. Bad. I try to move but my body is stiff with lack of use. My tongue is swollen in my mouth and I thirst for water. I open my eyes to see the gray sky above. Somewhere, thunder rumbles. I stretch my arm out, aching and tingling from the finally circulating blood. Where the hell am I? I finally sit up, my tangled purple hair falling into my face. I'm at the edge of a forest and a giant meadow. I can see in the distance, tall glass buildings. Am I even in England anymore? I look down at myself. Same leggings and sweat shirt, although one of my tennis shoes are missing, showing off my pink cat sock. I'm covered in black goop and dirt. My left leg is bandaged, and it stings so bad I want to cut it off.

I stand up and groan. Where's Kris, Michael and Josef? I start walking towards the glass buildings at a slow pace. My stomach growls. I groan as pain flows through my head and stomach. I keep walking. If there's someone in the city, maybe they could help me and get me back to my parents, and I can forget all this nonsense about shadows and demons and monsters. Water spatters onto my forehead. I look up as raindrops fall onto my face. Awesome. I walk for hours, pain stabbing through my head and legs and stomach and everywhere else there's skin. I reach two large towers with a gate guarded by several guards. After a few hours, and I collapse a few meters away. The guards look over at me.

"Who's she?" one of them asks. I hug my knees to my chest, pain spasming throughout my stomach and head. 

"I don't know, but she looks like she needs help." A woman's voice says. I hear several footsteps approaching, and I look up to see five faces looming above me, three of them male, two females. 

"Help." My dry mouth whispers as I slip deep into unconsciousness.

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