Falling Through

River spent most of her time in her room, crying and bawling over Jem's death. After a few weeks without any change in her mood, her parents had taken her to a therapist. Nobody else knows what happens in the therapist's office but her. She took pills for her depression and anxiety. Nobody else had these problems. Why her?
Well, here's a small description about her: She has lilac colored hair (originally blond), her eyes are silver-gold, she has freckles on cheeks and nose, and she's pretty tall. She's also irish, but lives in England with her rich parents.


2. Chapter 2

I wince as my feet touch the ground and I tumble.

"You okay?" The English one asks, rain dripping from his mouse brown hair.

"I'm fine." I say as I stand up, rain soaking me. We start walking towards the wall of trees and bushes that separated our giant yard from the woods. We walked straight through. 

"I never learned your names." I said as I walked over a rotting log.

"I'm Kris." The English one says.

"I'm Michael. Swedish over there is Josef." The American says. "Your's?"

"Um, my names River." I say as I bite down on my lip. Do I need to be telling strangers my information?

We walk for a few more hours in the cool rain. We finally stop in a clearing, and my watch reads 4. 4 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon? Josef walks away to look for firewood while I sit down on a tree branch. Kris and Michael stand in the middle of the clearing, talking with their backs to me. I pull out a water bottle from my bag and take a small sip. Maybe this was the better choice. No more having to go to the creepy therapist who did horrible things. Was it my fault he did that stuff to me? Did I say or do something wrong? And are these strangers really taking me to a place called Borun? What the hell are my parents going to think when they get home? I whisk the thoughts away, and cap the water bottle. Kris walks over to me and sits down on the branch, tipping it towards the ground even more.

"You okay?" He asks as he scratches at some crusted dirt on his hand.

"Well, let's see. I was stalked in my bathroom and bedroom. I was kidnapped by 3 strangers. And I jumped out of a 3 story house today. I'd say my day is just awesome." I say, rolling my eyes as I tap the water bottle cap with my rose colored fake nails. Kris peers down at my nails.

"Damn. You could use those things as weapons." He says as he taps one of my nails.

"Use what as weapons?" Michael says as he strides over to us.

"Her nails. I don't understand why girls do that to their nails, unless they want to protect themselves." He says as he points to my sharp, claw-like nails. 

"Well, some girls do it to look pretty. Or just for fun. Or, yeah, to protect themselves I guess." I say as I pick at the edge of it.

"What are you all talking about?" Josef says as he strides into the clearing carrying dozens of twigs and small pieces of a log.

"What, did you cut down a tree?" Kris asks as he hops of the branch. It tips back up just a little. I sigh as I slide off the branch and my feet grab the ground. Michael pulls out a knife.

"C'mon River. I'm gonna teach you something." He says as he cleans invisable dirt off of the metal knife. I follow him outside of the clearing, and we start walking in a random direction. I take wide strides to keep up with him. 

"What are we doing?" I ask as I dodge a branch about to slap me in the face. He turns around at an incredible speed and throws the knife straight at my face. Except, I never feel the sharp blade hit my face. But, I do feel a sharp pain against my neck, above my collarbone. I look over to see the knife dug into the tree, pressed against my shoulder and neck. A small cut centers right beside it, a thin blood flow coming out of it. I stare straight into his green eyes. 
"What the hell was that for?! Are you crazy?!" I say as I step away from the knife.

"No. I was trying to teach you to be quick in time of surprise. We nephilim must be quick and strong. But strength doesn't always come in handy. Sometimes you need cleverness, or smarts, or any other mental strengths you can have." He says as he pulls the knife out of the tree without any trouble. I frown at him.

"Now, I actually came out here with you to find us some dinner." He says as he looks around.

"And what exactly are we having for dinner? Trees?" I ask sarcastically.

"Yes. Well, not exactly trees. Things that live in trees." He says as he starts climbing a large oak tree.

I sigh as I grip a low branch. I pull myself up. I look up to see him stiffen a few branches above me.

"What's wrong?" I ask as dread fills me.

"Shut up." He says as he looks around.

"Excuse me?"

"Shut. Up. Now." He says as he keeps climbing upwards, but quieter and quicker. "Hurry up."

"You don't have the right to boss me around!" I say as I relunctantly follow him up the tree.

"Shut up unless you want us to get killed." He says as he peers down at me. His face is pale and beaded with sweat. 

"Are you okay?" I ask.

"I'm fine." he says, but I can tell he's lying.

Heights. He's terrified of heights. I peer down. We're, what, 40 feet off the ground? Something moves down below. I stiffen. He seems to sense my tension and he taps my shoulder. I look back up to him. He motions to be quiet and keep climbing. I stifle a shriek as I hear something like claws skim a tree. I keep climbing. We finally stop when we're easily 60 feet off the ground. He climbs over to a branch across from me and sits on it. It bends a little. I sit down on the branch across from him and peer down. Something whimpers in the darkness.

"Mommy?" a little girl's voice asks from below. I look over at Michael. His face is paper white and sweat drips down his angular face. 

"What's down there?" I ask in a quiet whisper.

"Shadows." He mouths to me. I give him a questioning look. "Demons. The things we hunt." 

"Oh." I look back down. I almost fall out of the branch as I see two yellow eyes staring up at me from below. Maybe about 40 feet below. Michael peers down at it. 

"Damn it. It can climb." He says as he runs his hands through his hair. He looks over at me and frowns.

"What?" I ask as I tighten my grip on the branch.

"Your hair. It's too bright in all this darkness. It's like a purple beacon in the darkness, saying 'over here, free human buffet! Come and get it'." He says as he twiddles a piece of my loose hair in his hands. I slap his hand away.

"Okay. So what are we supposed to do?" 

"Kill it." He says as he hands me the knife.

"You want me to kill a demon, with absolutely no experience?" I say as I press my finger to the very tip. A small drop of blood appears on the tip of my finger.

"Yes." He says. I sigh as I slip down the branch. I look down. The eyes are closer.

"Hand me a flashlight." I say as he hands me a large metal rod. I click it on and point it downwards. And I almost fall out and break my neck. The demon has a mouth about my size, with two bright yellow eyes above it. Teeth line its mouth. It's about the size of a car, with red and brown scaly skin that looks more like rust, and large gray spines along its back. Claws extend out of its large hands, and one of them is reaching out towards me. I quickly slice the knife across its nails, and they easily slide off the monster's hand. It howls in anger as it climbs up even closer to me. I take a deep breath, and jump. 

I land square on its face, my foot in one of its eyes. Not on the eye, but in it. Yellow goop flows from its damaged eye, and it howls in pain. My stomach knots and I slice the knife across its head. It howls as a line of black blood seeps out of it. I want to throw up. This is disgusting. I stab right in between its eyes as one of its hands grabs me and throws me to the ground. It crawls down to me and growls. It leaps and claws at my leg. I cry in pain as I hear something moving amongst the branches above. Suddenly I feel the demon go limp and fall at my feet. Tears stream from my eyes, and I look up to a blurry figure dressed in black. My eyes clear up, and I see Michael poking the demon with a stick.

"Is it dead?" I ask him.

"Yes. It's very dead." He says. I relax a little, and everything goes black.

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