Different Worlds

A girl named Raven is thrown through a portal into the world of Mushi and old times. When she arrives in this world, the only thing she can remember is the name Citus, which is her internet name.


2. New Beginnings

Citus POV


Whats this light? Citus thought as she looked at a path of light in the darkness. It was beautiful, but she wasn’t able to get a closer look at it. She wasn’t able to move at all. Then she heard voices. She could hear them, but she didn’t understand what they were saying. The path started fading as the voices became more clear.

    Wait! Path thing, stay here! I’m scared of the dark, and if you go, there will be no light!

    Her eyes opened. She was looking at someone's ceiling, her back on something soft, and a blanket over her.

    “You have been here for over three weeks! I can’t keep you here any more, I’m sorry.” a man’s voice rang out from somewhere to her right.

    “Please. Just a little longer, just until she wakes up.” pleaded another’s voice. She turned her blurry gaze over to the two. There was a dark haired man and a man with white hair. The dark haired man was facing her and noticed that she was awake.

    “Well start packing” he said, pointing to Citus. She started to sit up as the white haired man turned to look at her. Her white hair flopped over one of her eyes as she sat up.

    Huh… I feel the hair over my right eye, but I don’t see anything on that side of my face...

The white haired man walked over to her and sat down next to the foton she was laying on.

    “How are you feeling?” he said in a slightly raspy voice. She stared at him noticing his complexion matched hers.

    “I thought I told you to get out…” the man behind the white haired man exclaimed, but the white haired man just gave him a glare.

    “Sorry, but… um… where am I? And if you’re related to me, I don’t know you.” Then remembering his question she added, “Oh and I am fine.” The man chuckled a bit.

    “No we aren’t related. You’re in this nice mans house, but we have to leave now.” He stood up and she followed suit, groaning a bit at the soreness in her hands and feet as she put pressure on them to get up. She then stopped to look down at what she was wearing.

    “Um… I thought I was wearing pajama pants and a sweatshirt before… when did I get into this?” she looked at the kimono she was wearing. It was far warmer than what she was wearing before, but she didn’t remember changing into it.

    “I had to change you so that you wouldn’t hypothermia in the wet clothes that you had on before.” he walked over to the door where there was three pairs of shoes. She must have been out cold to not notice someone changing her.  “Come here and put these on.” He pointed to the winter boots next to his feet that were already covered. “ We have to go.” He slipped on his shoes and waited for her to do so before opening the door. She kept on a blank expression as they made their way down the snow covered road and left the village.

At that point, she hugged her arms to her body and started shivering as the wind cut through the kimono that she was wearing.

Why is it always so cold when I am outside? If I was asleep for as long as three weeks in that man's house, shouldn’t it be at least a bit warmer?

    “Hey.. w-what’s your n-n-name anyw-way?” she said through chattering teeth. He turned his head and stopped walking, seeing that she was shivering half to death, even though she was wearing the heavy clothing.

    “Oh yeah, sorry. My name is Ginko. Now it is your turn to tell me your name.” he said, in the same raspy voice as before, as he walked over to her and wrapped a scarf around her head.

    “Um… I think… I think my name is....” she thought for a moment, her voice muffled by the scarf that was wrapped around her mouth and head. “I think my name is… Citus…”    

    Wow this scarf is really warm.  I am not even cold anymore

    “You mean you don’t know for sure?” he said puzzled. They had started walking again without her realizing it, but this time she was walking next to him and not behind him.

    She shook her head slowly. “No… the only thing I remember is… is… the darkness that came out of the light when I tried to touch it. Then everything disappeared and I was… I was… on a mountain.” She tried to remember what happened before she saw the light, but she couldn’t.

    They stopped walking again and Ginko bent down to brush away the hair in front of her right eye, showing a dark hole where the right eye used to be and the left eye green, yet intact.. His eye widened as he saw that one eye was missing, then stood up and they began walking again. “Ah. So that’s what happened.” They were approaching a mountain now, but not the same one as she almost froze on.

    “What is it? What was it that happened?” her face was puzzled as she reached up her hand under her hair, which had fallen back over her face when Ginko took away his hand, to her right eye, feeling that there was nothing there. “What… where is my eye?” she continued to pat where her eye used to be, feeling a hole there and stopping walking yet again while her breathing sped up.

    “Calm down. You’ll pass out if you keep that up.” Ginko stopped to wait for her to catch her breath, and she did after a few moments. Citus’ expression was blank and she said nothing as they continued through the mountains.

    I have no right eye… how is that? That man had both eyes… is it just me then?

All was silent except for their feet crunching in the snow, the sound of snow falling off the branches, and the wind. Ginko stopped a few times to talk to travelers. He had tried to introduce Citus to one of his old friends that he passed, but she just shrunk away behind him silently, grabbing the back of his coat with her hands like a child would hang on to their parent, looking at the ground. The wind, so cold and bitter, was unnoticed by Citus, her thoughts wandering and her thinking about everything except the snow, the cold, or the wind. She hadn’t even noticed her feet go numb or the feeling of tiredness wash over her limbs like they did on the mountain. She even let it slip by that they were at the base of the other side of the mountain by then.

    “Hey. We’re here” Ginko snapped her out of her thoughts with his words that broke the fragile silence that had engulfed them not to long ago. Citus looked around at the frozen lake that stretched out in front of them and under them.

    “Where are we?” she said in a weak voice, due to her lack of talking over the mountain. Ginko stopping to talk to a few people along the way is probably how he kept his voice from failing him now. The sun was setting on the horizon, making the clouds tint orange and the snow sparkle.

    “We are at a lake near a village. This lake is said to lure people out onto it, where they fall under the surface and drown once a year. I believe that this may be caused by a mushi. I have heard of a case like this before, but I have never seen it for myself.” He looked out over the lake. Citus noticed the small things that she had seen all along her journey and what she saw looking down from the mountaintop. They were swimming all under her feet.

    “Um. Do you think it’s safe to walk out on the ice like this? Well, judging on what you said was going on…” She took a step forward with her right foot and stepped lightly down on the ice before putting her whole weight back down on her foot. The small things immediately went to the ice that was under her right foot. The ice split under her foot in a loud CRACK. A circle crack in the ice formed and broke off from the other ice. It wobbled and tilted back and forth.

    “Citus!” she heard Ginko yell. She felt his hand graze the back of her kimono as she lurched forward.

The ice breaking was followed by a splash as Citus lost her balance and fell into the freezing water. The small creatures rushed around her and pulled her down. Her body went into shock from the cold water and she couldn’t move her body. After a few moments of mental struggle to move her muscles, she clawed her way to the hole that she fell through, the floating piece of ice blocking her way. She pushed it out of the water with all her strength, clawing her way up to the surface.


Third Person POV


“Help!” she yelled as she managed to gasp for a breath, Ginko trying his best to grab one of her flailing arms while on his knees by the ice hole, before she was sucked back down by the creatures. Ginko had pushed his whole arm in the water, trying to make it easier for her to grab his hand. His hand moved around in the water and grasped and nothing, trying to find her. Her mouth opened wide as she coughed up air bubbles in the water, suddenly sucking in water. The edges of her vision began to blur and turn black as she was beginning to lose consciousness from breathing in water. She paddled towards his hand with all her might and managed to lightly grab his wrist. She was losing strength fast. She felt her fingers almost slip away as his hand gripped tightly to her wrist and tugged her away from the dragging creatures. The next thing she knew was she was laying on the ice coughing up ice water next to a panting Ginko.

    “Well... let's not do that again.” Ginko announced panting as she continued to cough up water, but then something got caught in her throat. Ginko noticed that she was choking and reached his dry hand to her back, trying to help her cough it up. She reached her fingers in her mouth and pulled out a fat bug type creature, the same type that had been dragging her down in the water. Ginko reached out his hand, palm up, hinting for her to give it to him and she put it in his hand gently before he and brought it close to his face to look at it.

    “Gyacanato.” Ginko said to himself, mostly out of habit.

    “Gina-what now?” Citus said in a slightly raspy voice from having swallowed so much water. She coughed slightly, trying to make her voice sound clearer and get some more water out of her throat.

    “Gyacanato. It’s a water mushi that drags down dead animals to the bottom of lakes or oceans, so that the smaller creatures can feed on it there. I don’t know why it is dragging down living things, or why it is cracking the ice, let alone luring people here.” Ginko explained as he took the so called mushi away from his eye and put it in a glass jar.

    “So those weird things I have been seeing… they are called mushi? Like sushi or something? Are they edible?” Citus’ stomach growled loudly as she thought about sushi or any type of food after that. Ginko chuckled as he heard her stomach rumble and as she covered her stomach with her arms. The fabric of the kimono clung to them from being soaked.

    “No they are not like sushi. They are the life in its most basic form”, Ginko explained as Citus’ shivering returned. “Lets get you to someplace warm.” With that they stood up and started walking across the ice carefully to the edge where the snow piled up. From there they found their way to the village. By the time they reached the edge of the village, Citus’ robe was frozen and so was Ginko’s left sleeve, which had been thrust into the water so that Citus could grab onto his wrist. While they were walking, Citus inched closer and after a while started leaning in on Ginko’s      right side in the curve near his waist. She didn’t really notice, she was just tired and she ended up getting in that position while she was thinking. Ginko noticed though. He looked down at her while her head lay against his side. It reminded him of what a child would do to their parent, so Ginko put his hand on her shoulder to get his arm out of the way from her resting head.

    When they arrived at the village, Citus woke from her daze, realizing that she had been leaning against Ginko, jumped away slightly embarrassed. Ginko’s hand was raised in the air slightly after being shrugged off her shoulder, a confused and surprised expression on his face at her reacting so suddenly.

    “Uh… sorry… I guess I kinda… um… I…” she trailed off and Ginko understood why she jumped away suddenly.

    I guess she was daydreaming or something. Understandable. Ginko thought as he patted her on the back in reassurance and they continued walking into the village. They walked into the village, their footsteps quieted by the snow.

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