Different Worlds

A girl named Raven is thrown through a portal into the world of Mushi and old times. When she arrives in this world, the only thing she can remember is the name Citus, which is her internet name.


1. Mountain Top

Raven’s POV


Raven was walking home from school, which was a day of her friends joking with her and calling her Haruhi, since she resembled that character with her short brown hair and her dark brown eyes.

She sighed and thought of how much homework she had to do when she got home. She pulled out her phone and checked her skype messages.

Braydon: Citus, can you play this game with us?

Dragon: Yeah Citus, do you have homework? This game is really fun

Citus: Sorry guys, got a crap ton tonight. Maybe I can play tomorrow.

Spider: darn that sucks

Braydon: yeah it does

Dragon: see you tomorrow I guess :(

Citus: sorry guys ;-;

Citus was her internet name. She  really liked it but everyone thought it was a boys name. She still insists that is is a girls name to this day. She hadn’t realized that she reached her house while She was texting. She opened the door.

“I’m home!” Raven yelled loud enough for her dad to hear from the back room.

“Snacks are on the table. Then get to your homework” her dad said as he flicked through the channels on the TV. He was always like this. She grabbed two bags of potato chips from the variety pack that was placed on the table and headed up to her room. The door closed quietly and she settled down on the bed and started her homework, munching on the potato chips. When she was finished, she pulled out her phone again to check the time.

10:34 pm

She scrolled to skype to tell everyone goodnight and check the group chat messages.

Dragon: Hey Braydon, get the wood from over there.

Braydon: Ok. I wish Citus was here. It would be a major help.

Spider: Yeah sure, you just want her to be the errand girl, don’t you, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Braydon: That’s not true!

Dragon: Hey I have an idea, let’s ask her to make her avatar dress as a maid for skipping on us today!
Citus: I am not dressing like a maid and I am going to bed, so goodnight everyone.

Dragon: Oh Citus! You’re here… hehehe. Good night.

Braydon: Good night

Spider: Night

She shut the phone off and plugged in the charger to charge it overnight. She put it on the desk a bit angrily from the conversation they were having about her blue haired avatar in a maid outfit.

She got changed into comfy pajama pants and a loose T-shirt with a sweatshirt over it with some fuzzy socks, since it was winter and they didn’t have the best insulation in their house. She shut the light off and noticed a yellow light flowing coming from the closet. She thought she might have left the light on in there so she reached over to the switch but it was off.

She walked over to the closet and opened the door slowly, unsure of what was inside. The yellow light burst into her room and flowed around her. She covered her eyes, but then let her hand down and stared in wonder. She was surrounded by warmth from the light that flowed out. She reached out her hand to touch the source. When her hand reached the core, darkness flowed out of the light and the ground and walls of her bedroom fell away, leaving her with just blackness.

She couldn’t see anything. Her short hair felt like it was being pulled out one strand at a time. Her eyes felt like they were being set on fire. She swore that she could feel something nibbling its way at her memories, eating them until she could only remember one word.

She was scared. So scared. She repeated the only word she knew, trying to not be swallowed entirely by the darkness. She had always been afraid of the dark, and her lack of memories in that instant wasn’t helping to calm her.

“Citus, Citus, Citus! Citus! Citus! CITUS!” she screamed into nothingness. Then the darkness faded away. She was on a cold mountain top, covered in snow. She could tell it was winter because as far as she could see there was white snow. Other than that she saw odd floating creatures in the air.

Wind blew at her hair and her clothes. Her arms went to her sides and she knew she had to get off this mountain or she would die. She started to walk as the wind blew white hair in her face.

What is my name? How did I get here? Where was I before? What does the word Citus mean? Is that my name? Yeah I think it is.

Citus grabbed onto trees to steady herself so she wouldn’t fall down the steep slope. Her hands and feet had gone numb long ago. She was so cold. The numbness creeped up her legs to replace the burning sensation that was there not long ago. She could barely walk as she felt her ears and cheeks start burning.

“So cold… so cold…” she said to herself as her eyelids drooped. She felt herself collapse in the snow and start to slide. She guessed she was sliding on a sheet of ice that was frozen on the surface of the snow that had broken away when she fell on top of it, but she wasn’t sure. She didn’t know what was happening since she had almost lost consciousness and was in a dream-like state. She felt herself sliding faster and faster, with no way to stop herself. The sliding stopped as the piece of ice that she was sliding on collided with a snow bank, sending her flying off. The sliding was replaced by rolling, finally aware of what was happening, she tried to slow herself by raking her fingers through the snow.

She was rolling faster and getting more dizzy, completely aware that she was getting very nauseous. She guessed that she had motion sickness. A moment after, her body hit a hard something that she guessed was a large tree or rock.. Her head felt like it hit the hardest. Citus felt a warm substance drip down the side of her face before everything went dark.


Ginko’s POV


Ginko, the mushi master, was headed down a mountain to where he saw a large mass of mushi through the leafless trees. His black coat blew in the icy wind as he continued down the mountain. As he made his way slowly down, he wondered what would cause a large amount of mushi to gather in one place. Maybe someone who attracted mushi like he did? Wasn’t likely but it was still a possibility. He grabbed onto the trees to stop himself from sliding. At a certain point, he saw a mark in the snow, as if someone was sliding down the mountain. He readjusted the wooden case on his back and continued following the path. Then when the mark reached a mound of snow with a slab of ice sticking out, as if it had been rammed into it, it turned into a choppy roll mark. Ginko followed the roll mark to the mound of mushi.

He rushed over, seeing a person's arm from inside the mass of mushi, and shooed the mushi away with his cigarette smoke. It was a girl, very poorly dressed for the occasion. Her backside was against a flat rock behind her, her eyes closed, limbs limp. She still had a pulse, but she had suffered massive frostbite. Her hair was white, the same color as his and he wondered if it was her real hair color or just frozen from the frost..

I have to get her to the village at the bottom of the mountain soon, or she’ll die. He thought. She had a streak of dried blood coming down from under her hairline, hinting that she had crashed into the rock with her back and not just collapsed by it.

Ginko picked her up in his arms and started down the mountain, thinking all the while. The girl was ice cold by the time he reached the village. He knocked on the door to the closest house he could find.

“Yes who is it?” an unknown person called out from in the house.

“I am a traveler and I found an injured girl in the mountains. I thought she might be from this village.”

“Oh ok” said the unknown person, opening the door to show his face. He had dark eyes and dark hair. He scanned over the two, looking at Ginko holding the white haired girl bridal style in his arms. “Come in, come in. I have a fire going, that will warm you up”

Ginko came in greatfully and set the girl down by the fire, then sat his wooden case next to her. He opened a door on the case to show many little boxes and pulled open one of them. From the drawer he pulled out a handkerchief, a small container of water, and some bandages. He then went to treating the girl, cleaning her head and wrapping it in bandages, then taking her soaked socks off and wrapping her hands and feet in the bandages. He then scooted her closer to the fire, thinking of what to do about her soaked clothes.

Well I could just take them off… but I have nothing to change her into, he thought with a puzzled look on his face.

The man walked back into the room with a winter robe in his hand. “I thought that she might need some dry clothing.” He smiled.

This guy must be psychic or something…, Ginko thought, though he was relieved.

“Yes thank you very much, sir.” Ginko stood up and gratefully accept the robe. The man left them as Ginko changed her into the robe so she wouldn’t get hypothermia from the freezing and soaked clothes she was in. He then left her to rest, settled down beside her and waited for her to wake up while watching the coals burn in the fire. He ended up falling asleep while sitting up, his hair falling over his eyes as his head bent down.

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