those liars


2. sexist bastards

"HEY GET OFF OF HER,YOU FRIGGIN DUMBASS!!" my voice bounces off the walls of the school. i see maria sitting there crying in shock in pain "Maria!? are you okay?" i say in a paniced voice as i slide next to her and kiss her forhead cradiling her softly. "shhhhh" i whisper. "its okay..." i suddenly feel a kick to the ribs. "AHG!" i shout in pain 'LIZZIE...ARE YOU OKAY!?" she screams in tears. "i-i-im okay..." i manage to say out due to my the wind being knocked out of now all the kids in the halls left...except us and another student staring straight At us with a glare. "come on lets go to a nurse.." i say in raspy voice. i hold her close to em as we both limp slightly to the nurses and princaple's office. we walk into her room and as soon as she sees us she cries out "OH MY GOD,are you two okay!?" Mrs.Hannigan says in a worried tone. "y-y-yeah...just a couple of beatings from those bullies..." maria says. i nod. "oh my god...i'm so sorry i was not there,i wish i was there to help you two!! Those sexist bastards are surely going to get suspended for sure!" she says in a rushed tone. i was suprised at her words. and so did maria..we were both shocked at this point. Mrs. Hannigan drags us to the two chairs in the room. she quickly gets two icepacks and hands them to us. "thanks..." me and maria say in unison. we look at eachother and giggle. i hug and kiss maria lightly so i dont hurt her because of the impact  the bullies did to her. "awwwwwwww..." i hear Mrs.hannigan say out loud and i suddenly hear a flash. "you did not..just do that..." i say in a slightly angry tone. "oh yes i did!!" mrs.hannigan giggles

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