those liars


1. kisses

I smile down at my wonderful girlfriend,Maria,there she was in my bed,and in my arms fast asleep after a nightmare. I kiss her forehead lightly as i see a faint smile on her face. i slowly let her relax on the bed. she grunts softly and clings to me. "lizzie stay..please..." maria says sleepily "okay babe,i will..." i say softly to her. I get fully under the covers again and i cuddle maria slightly falling asleep. before i fall asleep i hear maria say softly "i love you lizzie..." i smile slightly and fall asleep fully. ---NEXT DAY-- i grunt loudly as i feel something bounce on me. "ugh...what the hell..." i say groggily. my eyes flutter open to the sight of maria jumping on me. maria's red hair was flopping all around at the movement. "wake up its our first day of highschool!" she shouts excitedly. she was always the type of person to get excited about school or an event or something else. i smile weakly "okay i'm getting up..." i say annoyed



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