They say the eyes are the window to a persons soul but what happens when this window happens to only be one way, only she can see out and none can see in. A façade, a lie, a dream that's all she ever knew yet nobody seems to notice these traits she has. Will she change, will anyone notice or will she continue to be the girl with dead eyes who 'seems' to have no problems. A girl who 'seems' to be normal and happy. A girl who 'seems' to be 'okay'.


2. The real beginning

A dark place filled with the stench of worry and despair is where the girl now lay. Covered in nothing but her clothes and the deep dark ache of heart, which after this point hid behind a layer of stone and pretence. The girl lay with a blank mind and defeated soul whilst just a floor below a party raged. Wilting away slowly was not her goal in life yet it was all she could now see, not that any of her non-existent friends cared. This girl sometimes wondered if she even wanted to continue, its not as if anyone would care about her going away, at least that's what the girls conclusion about her life is. The truth is this girl no longer lives a life but instead struggles her way to survival. Maybe if someone, anyone cared she wouldn't be in this situation now. A rose in her left hand and what to anyone else seems like fake blood used at Halloween flowing down her other arm. Dirt covers the entirety of her body and her once beautiful hair is now laid matted at the top of her balding head.

"I guess this is it, what my life has come to. Whether I am lost, broken or defeated I know I should be able to get back up and continue this fight but this last fight has stolen my breath and the rose in which I hold is all I have left. This rose is the symbol of my life: once beautiful and yet like the thorns on this rose I am always hurting, whether it is myself or others. Today I shall no longer fall to this pain but to my own demise. I shall leave and I shall not be returning."

If only someone knew, maybe this girl wouldn't be in this place. And maybe just maybe she might have had a chance at achieving her real life goal. Maybe she really could have been a rose: still beautiful and though she hurts she also heals.

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