They say the eyes are the window to a persons soul but what happens when this window happens to only be one way, only she can see out and none can see in. A façade, a lie, a dream that's all she ever knew yet nobody seems to notice these traits she has. Will she change, will anyone notice or will she continue to be the girl with dead eyes who 'seems' to have no problems. A girl who 'seems' to be normal and happy. A girl who 'seems' to be 'okay'.


1. Chapter 1

Silence. Silence was all she could hear and see.

Darkness. Darkness was all she could see and feel.

Life. Life was something she wanted but did not posses.

Pretending. Pretending was all she did and was.

And yet nobody could tell anything was wrong.


This is the story about a young girl and how she changes throughout her life. This is the story of a girl with dead eyes but what seems like a girl with a bright smile and soul. This is the story dictating what really makes a difference: friends.


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