True Love | N/H

Noelle finds her childhood best friend and sees that he's now in a famous boy band called One Direction. Does he have feelings for her like she does for him?


9. Chapter 9

*Noelle's POV*


"Hey babe." I said trying to keep my voice steady.

"Hey princess. Is there something wrong?" 

"No. I just found out something but it's a surprise for when I visit you in a couple of days."

"What is it? Food?"

"I can't tell you. It'll ruin the surprise."

"Fine. I'll call you tonight before I go to bed ok?" 

"Ok. Love you."

"Love you too princess. Bye."

"Bye." I hung up the phone and sighed. I tossed the phone on the table and leaned on Abby.

"What do I do Abby?"

"I would just tell him when you visit him in Ireland. By the way, can I come too?"

"You are dating Harry. You were going to come anyway."

"Yey!" I roll my eyes and get up and go into the kitchen and take the tub of ice cream out of the freezer and grab a spoon and sat down on the counter and shoved spoon fulls of ice cream in my mouth. 
"Don't eat all the ice cream!" Abby yelled as she dove through the kitchen door and tried to take the tub of ice cream out of my hands. I rolled my eyes and held it up higher and laughed when she flipped over the table that was between me and her. 

"I'm the one who is pregnant here! Not you!" I get up and go into the living room and sit down on the couch and shove more ice cream in my face.

"You're very rude Noelle." 
"I know I am. That's why I'm special." I grab the tv remote and change channels.

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