True Love | N/H

Noelle finds her childhood best friend and sees that he's now in a famous boy band called One Direction. Does he have feelings for her like she does for him?


15. Chapter 15

*Noelle's POV*


I looked down at London and smiled.

"Why did you name her London guys?" Liam asked as he looked at me and Niall then back down at London.

"Niall chose London because he likes London and I chose Rose for her middle name because I like it." I gently handed London to Niall when he sat down beside me on the bed. I smiled when London opened her eyes and grabbed Niall's finger then fell asleep again. I laid my head on Niall's shoulder and whispered "I think she's gonna be a daddy's girl." I saw Niall smile and place a kiss on her cheek. 

"But she will look just like her mum." Niall said as he looked up and me then place a kiss on my lips. I smile and look back down at London and hears Louis say "Can I please hold her?" I nod and put her in his arms and watch him walk around the room with her and hears him say "I'm your favorite uncle right?" "Louis, she hasn't even been on this earth for 24 hours yet and most of the time she's been asleep." Niall said then put his hands up when Louis shoots him a glare.

"I'm gonna make sure I'm her favorite uncle." Louis says. "No! I'm gonna be her favorite!" Harry says. "No! Me!" Liam yells. "No! I will make sure that I'm her favorite!" Zayn says as he crosses his arms across his chest like a 3 year old. "Shut up! You're gonna wake her up." Louis yells. Me and Niall laugh then hear London start crying.

"Oh baby, shhh. Don't cry." Louis whispers and tries to get her to sleep again. "Give her here Lou." Niall says and reaches for her. "NO! She's mine!" Louis whisper yells and walks farther away from Niall. I look over at Niall and see him raise an eyebrow. "Oh really? Who's her dad? I am!" Niall says. "Niall shut up and let him hold London for a while." I say and grab Niall's hand. "Fine." he mumbles and wraps an arm around me and kisses my cheek.

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