True Love | N/H

Noelle finds her childhood best friend and sees that he's now in a famous boy band called One Direction. Does he have feelings for her like she does for him?


11. Chapter 11

*Liam's POV*

I watched Niall and Noelle cuddle on the couch. They have been that way since she even got here. No brother and sister time for us. I was able to talk to her when we were fixing dinner, but not a lot since Niall didn't want to leave her alone because he's scared that he might lose her and the baby. To be honest, I am too. I don't want her to go through the pain if she does lose it. I swear if anyone tries to hurt her or that baby, I'll kill them. Anyway, not wanting to talk about how I will kill someone, Niall and Noelle keep hogging the couch. It's so weird. I jumped when I heard Louis yell "Get a room!"

"Who?" Niall, Noelle, Abby, and Harry yelled in unison.

"You!" Louis yelled and pointed to both of the couples. I saw Noelle roll her eyes and get up and go into the bedroom with Niall.

"Don't do anything! Only cuddle!" Louis yelled into the room.





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