True Love | N/H

Noelle finds her childhood best friend and sees that he's now in a famous boy band called One Direction. Does he have feelings for her like she does for him?


1. Chapter 1

*Noelle's POV*


I was running as fast as I could. Why did I have to get caught now? How did I get into this? Well, I got kicked out of my house a couple weeks ago, and I've been living with my uncle and aunt. I went to the store with my twin and she stole some beer and now the police are chasing me because they think I'm her. Such a good twin for making them chase me instead of her. I quickly look behind me to see how far behind they are. To my surprise there wasn't anyone following me. I sighed in relief and stopped running and leaned against a fence and closed my eyes. I opened them after I caught my breath and almost screamed when I saw someone standing in front of me, but he put his hand over my mouth. 

I yanked his hand off my mouth and yelled "Who do you think you are?" "I think I'm the one who told the police that you went a different direction." the boy said. I studied his face and looked at his blonde hair and blue eyes. "Thanks." I mumbled then looked down at my fingers then back up at his face. I gasp and whisper "Niall?"

"Noelle?" he whispers. I smiled and hugged him tightly and said "I missed you so much Niall!" I felt him pick me up and swing me around and put me back town. "I missed you too Noelle." Niall said before he kissed my cheek. 


(*AN* I know short chapter but plz dont be mad :) )

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