True Love | N/H

Noelle finds her childhood best friend and sees that he's now in a famous boy band called One Direction. Does he have feelings for her like she does for him?


13. Chaper 13

*Abby's P.O.V*


I laughed when Colton ran to Harry when Liam put a mask on, scaring him. I grabbed my phone, snapping a picture of Harry and our son. I went to the kitchen, and grabbed a tub of ice cream. I went back to the living room, and sat down on the couch. Harry took my ice cream, and I pouted, saying


I got up, and walked over to him. I saw him put down the ice cream, and kiss my lips passionatly. I felt him slide his hand down my back, and I heard Colton yell

"Daddy! Don't attack Mommy's face!"

I pulled away, and laughed loudly. I heard everyone laugh, and I saw poor Harry's face blush like there's no tomorrow.


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