The Place You Call Home

****Entry for the FANFICTION ROYALE competition (Crossover)**** When the town of Haven, Maine, is struck by something so strange even they can't explain it, they find themselves working with Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering and Claudia Donovan, agents of Warehouse 13. But Haven is under serious threat, for a power beyond anyone's imagining is coming forth...and this time it might take a god to stop it....


2. When Two Weirds Collide

The Statue of Zeus rather annoyingly managed to slither its way to the Dark Vault, which was somewhat of a setback. The agents stood outside and heard a few crashes and fizzles as it took to shooting up the area with its lightning bolt. Artie sighed.


Claudia smiled, “Goo shooter? We could neutralise it where it stands.”

“No. It would take a while to line up the shot. We’d probably end up fried before we could get the shot off.”

“Goo-nade?” Pete suggested, “I love those things!”

“Bit dangerous to throw that into the Dark Vault,” Claudia turned, “Right, Artie?”

Artie seemed to remain silent for a minute, then shook his head, “No, no. Goo-nade is a great idea! It will neutralise any Dark Vault artefacts that have been disturbed! Claudia, go fetch.”

“Woof,” she turned and ran back up the aisles, gesturing for Myka to follow, “I’ll need assistance!”

Pete turned to Artie, “I had a good idea?”

Artie sighed, “Pete, you have them occasionally. Most of the time it’s just pick up lines, but occasionally it’s actually useful,” Artie started walking and Pete jogged up behind him.

“Hey. Artie, don’t tell Mykes about the pick up line thing, ok?”

“Pete. She doesn’t have to worry. The girls you look at would heave to be deaf and blind,” he strolled off down and aisle, leaving Pete wondering whether to be relieved or insulted.


Haven, Maine


The storm was getting somewhat worse, with lightning thundering down to the earth but leaving no scar. Fortunately, Audrey and Nathan had the name of the man causing it.

“It doesn’t seem to be dangerous,” Nathan said, eyes never leaving the road ahead.

“Maybe not. But it’s meant to be stormy now. This is meant to be the weather we’re having. But it’s not affecting us. What if the trouble stops the weather’s effects? We’d have no water!”

“Fair point. We’re here,” Nathan stopped the car and he and Audrey hopped out, casual as can be, and headed for the door. It was answered after three knocks. The man behind was crying.

“Help me,” he said, “It’s happening again. Help me.”

“What’s happening?” Audrey asked.

“My family trouble. It reactivated.”

Audrey and Nathan exchanged glances and followed the man into his living room.

“What exactly does the trouble do?” Nathan asked.

“It allows us to avoid stormy weather. Our family was affected by a storm. My ancestor, he was killed on the Andrea Gail.”

Audrey looked to Nathan for explanation, “A fishing vessel, sunk in what was referred to as a perfect storm.”

The man nodded, “And ever since our family has been scared of storms. And our trouble stops them affecting us, but it also stops any weather having an effect. The town will run out of water if it doesn’t stop. We’ve previously caused droughts all around the globe”

“Sir, you need to calm down, stop panicking about storms. It’s the only way you can stop this.”

”But that’s the thing. I can’t. I’m terrified. I literally can’t think of anything but storms. Of the rushing tide, of the lightning. I can’t stop. No matter how hard I try.”


Warehouse 13, South Dakota Badlands


“One goo-nade coming right up,” Claudia slid into the group huddled outside of the entrance to the Dark Vault and smiled, “It still in there?”

“Oh yes,” Artie said, “It’s tearing the place apart looking for an exit.”

“Clearly Zeusy isn’t as clever as he thought,” Claudia said, “Allow me?”

With that she unclicked the goo-nade and rolled it into the Dark Vault. The agents all looked away as a blinding flash shattered through the Dark Vault. Within seconds all was silent. Even Zeus.

“Booya!” Claudia yelled, “I kick your stoney ass!

Claudia’s lonely celebration was interrupted by a pinging sound. The agents all clustered around Claudia who had quickly gone out of dance mode and back into agent mode. Her portable pinger was in her hand.

“What? This isn’t a normal ping. It was pinged from the office.”

The agents exchanged glances.


They got to the office as quickly as possible. Warehouse 13 Caretaker, Mrs. Irene Frederic, was there. She had kindly aided Steve in his statue holding; it was now leaning against the wall.

“Mrs. F,” Artie approached her, “You set off a ping.”

Mrs. Frederic smiled, “Indeed I did Arthur. There is a particular artefact that the Regents have been desperate to grab for a while. It’s location is now known.”

Pete and Myka walked forward, “Where? And what is it?”

“Driftwood from the helm of the Andre Gail. It is in Haven, Maine. And if my sources are correct it’s caused quite the deliberation.”

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