The Place You Call Home

****Entry for the FANFICTION ROYALE competition (Crossover)**** When the town of Haven, Maine, is struck by something so strange even they can't explain it, they find themselves working with Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering and Claudia Donovan, agents of Warehouse 13. But Haven is under serious threat, for a power beyond anyone's imagining is coming forth...and this time it might take a god to stop it....


8. Gods Of War

Artie dragged Claudia out of the water and yanked her upright. She coughed and wiped her eyes frantically, trying her best to clear out the salt water.

“You’re an idiot!” Artie stated, too matter-of-factly for Claudia’s liking.

“Maybe not,” Nathan had rushed forward and was looking at the two ‘gods’. The wave which followed Claudia in had now receded, leaving the dirt track all the way to the end of the pier soaking wet. The air was thick with the smell of the ocean and the clouds were darkening, thunder rolling in. Raindrops began to fall like bombs, huge droplets smashing into the agents. Lightening flashed and came down from the clouds, being quickly deflected by a wave brought in by Poseidon. There were roars of rage as the two gods collided, ocean and thunder landing like punches. But no one could hit the knock out blow; Zeus methodically avoiding the rush of the ocean and Poseidon deflecting and dodging the lightning. It was becoming quite a show as both gods rose into the air, their element swirling around them as they battled.

“The helmet has nearly morphed into full armour!” Myka had to yell over the roar of the storm, the noise almost drowning her out completely.

“Can’t Zeus beat Poseidon at full power?” Audrey yelled in response.

Artie decided to interject, his voice finding it naturally easy to be loud, “It’s not god versus god. It’s stone statue that acts like god versus a man who is affected by an artefact. It’s not a case of one god defeating the other, we need Poseidon to be incapacitated long enough for us to remove that helmet and neutralise it. And we need that before it consumes his whole body as then, and only then, will we have an actual god on our hands.”

“But the driftwood…” Myka yelled.

“Damn!” Artie slapped himself, “Of course! The driftwood doesn’t just control the ocean…”

“…it controls the weather as a whole,” Claudia finished, “The driftwood allows Poseidon to counteract everything Zeus does because it creates the perfect storm…”

“…and Poseidon, being Poseidon, will know how to control the perfect storm!” Artie turned to Pete and Myka, “Do you know where the driftwood is?”

“Guys, guys,” Duke walked forward, “Do you make a habit of finishing each other’s sentences?”

“Kinda comes with the job,” Claudia replied, “We all know the worst thing’s gonna happen so when it dawns on one of us it dawns on us all.”

Nathan came running, “I just got the binoculars from the car. The driftwood is leaningon the side of the lighthouse. Poseidon is channelling energy from it every time Zeus launches an attack.”

Pete and Myka shared a glance, “Neutralise the driftwood and Zeus will be able to beat Poseidon before the armour is complete.”

They both turned and ran towards the lighthouse.


“Please tell me they’re going to come back,” Audrey turned to Steve.

Steve nodded rather too enthusiastically, “’Course they are. Hell, I died once.”

“Say what?”

“Yeah. Surprised me too. I didn’t know till Claudia told me.”

Steve turned back to watching Pete and Myka, leaving Audrey even more confused than originally.

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