The Place You Call Home

****Entry for the FANFICTION ROYALE competition (Crossover)**** When the town of Haven, Maine, is struck by something so strange even they can't explain it, they find themselves working with Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering and Claudia Donovan, agents of Warehouse 13. But Haven is under serious threat, for a power beyond anyone's imagining is coming forth...and this time it might take a god to stop it....


4. Driftwood

Once the situation between the agents had been calmed, Pete and Myka were introduced to the storm creator. The middle aged, slightly balding, somewhat scruffy man in front of them hardly lived up to their expectations. Clearly too many grand villains attacking the Warehouse had changed what they expected the cause of a problem to look like.

“You can’t stop it?” Myka asked again.

“Jesus bloody Christ are you stupid? If I wanted to stop it I would, believe me. I don’t wanna hurt no one!”

Claudia walked in, purple gloves on both hands and a goo sprayer sticking out of her belt, “Forgive Myka, she’s not used to people who unintentionally cause us problems.”

The man smiled, “Well this is unintentional, I assure you. I can feel the trouble bubbling away inside of me. I’ve never felt that before. And it won’t leave me.”

Claudia began to peruse the room, looking for strange objects. Pete asked the question she was thinking, “Have you come into contact with anything strange recently? Maybe, a piece of wood?”

“I make model airplanes out of wood every day. Yes, I’ve come into contact with lots of wood recently.”

Claudia spun, “You have a shed?”

“Of course.”

“Can we have a look?”

“I really don’t see how looking at my model airplanes will help the situation but…”

Claudia cut him off, “Is it that way?” she walked out of the door without waiting for an answer and headed straight for the garage.

The man turned to Pete, “Why?”

Pete shook his head, “You’ll be amazed, you really will.”

Nathan and Audrey stayed in the house with the man while the three Warehouse agents wandered off to the garage. Nathan pulled out his phone, “I’m calling Duke.”

Audrey spun, “Duke can’t know about Warehouse 13.”

“I barely know about Warehouse 13, and if these guys don’t find anything then we’re back to square one.”

“They will find something."

“You sure they know what they’re doing? They seem to be a spoof operation to me.”

“They know exactly what they’re doing.”

“I’m calling Duke anyway. We need him to get to Dwight and run some ideas by him on how to explain this storm.”


The garage door opened with an unnerving creak, making it seem less welcoming than the Dead Agent’s Vault back at the Warehouse. Pete and Myka entered first, with Claudia not far behind, goo sprayer in hand.

“If he’s made the driftwood into a plane how do we recognize it?” Myka asked.

“Spray them all with goo and see which one fizzles?” Pete stood up straight and flicked the light on, “Woah. A lot of planes.”

“The goo stains.” Myka said.

Claudia turned to her, “Since when?”

“Since I used it on my niece’s babywear. It stains if it isn’t an artefact. Some materials absorb it.”

Claudia pondered, “Oh well, stained planes or dehydrated Haven? Stained planes it is!” she unclipped her goo sprayer and directed it at the planes. It sprinkled past the first few, having no real effect, but suddenly an almighty fizzle went up.

“Of course,” Myka said, “It’s part of the workbench.”

Nathan was on the phone to Duke when the storm stopped. Duke laughed down the phone, “I don’t know what you did, but it worked. I’m coming down there.”

“I don’t know what we did either.” he hung up.

A voice came from the other room, “It stopped!”

Nathan reentered and smiled at the man, “See, they have their weird ways but for some strange reason it worked.”

“But my trouble just left me. It never just…leaves.”

Audrey smiled reassuringly, “You badly wanted to stop. Your willpower was so strong that when the blockage was lifted and you could stop, it happened instantly. It’s over now.”

“Thank you.”

Nathan and Audrey smiled before walking outside to meet the agents of the Warehouse. They were surprised to see Claudia with a plank of wood over her shoulder.

“I’m not even gonna ask.” Audrey remarked.

“Best not to,” Myka smiled, “You wouldn’t believe the answer.”

Pete’s Farnsworth buzzed. He flipped it open to reveal Artie, “Artiemus. What’s up?”

“You neutralised the driftwood?” Artie seemed worried.


“We just got another ping from Haven. Beware OK, these might be linked.”

“On it, Artie!” Pete flipped the Farnsworth closed and turned to the others. He opened his mouth to speak but saw a man staring at them from across the street. As Pete watched, the man began to approach.

“Mykes, that doesn’t look good.”

Audrey and Nathan drew their weapons.

The man spoke: “I need to talk to Mr. Lattimer.”

Pete stepped forward, “What do you want? How do you know me?”

The man moved like lightning and at once had Pete’s tesla in his hand. He fired it quickly, taking everyone out before they could respond. They all dropped down, unconscious.

The man walked towards Claudia and picked up the driftwood. With a grunt he turned and walked away. As he disappeared, a golden energy travelled from the wood and up his arm. His muscles flexed. He smiled. 

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