The Place You Call Home

****Entry for the FANFICTION ROYALE competition (Crossover)**** When the town of Haven, Maine, is struck by something so strange even they can't explain it, they find themselves working with Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering and Claudia Donovan, agents of Warehouse 13. But Haven is under serious threat, for a power beyond anyone's imagining is coming forth...and this time it might take a god to stop it....


1. A Terrible Storm

The rain fell somewhat relentlessly on the town of Haven, Maine, coming down from the skies like deadly bullets. It wasn’t your usual type of rain, it didn’t fall haphazardly, splashing against car windows and swishing to the side with a simple flick of the windscreen wipers. It wasn’t the sort that would rush to replenish low water stocks, filling the glasses of all the people in the town. It was quite odd, really.


Duke Crocker was in his truck, flying at some chronic speed towards the current residence of Audrey Parker and Nathan Wournos. He hoped they weren’t in bed. He dearly hoped they weren’t in bed. Audrey answering the door in her underwear would be quite the distraction, and Duke didn’t need that right now. Any anyway, he’d much prefer to stay friends with Nathan.


He pulled his truck to a stop and got out, quickly checking his surroundings before running for the door. He knocked, three rapid fire belts ringing out into the hallway. He waited a few minutes then knocked again, even louder this time. He heard movement and waited.


Audrey Parker answered the door, in her underwear. Duke stared straight at her face, smiling, “We have a situation.”

From behind Audrey came Nathan, wrapping his arms tenderly around her waist and moving a small strand of her blonde hair out of her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Duke?” Nathan asked.

Duke stepped to one side, gesturing to the outside.

“What about it? It’s raining.” Audrey took a step forward and Nathan straightened.

“Look at the ground. The cars. Me.”

Nathan looked at Duke and saw it instantly. A second later, it dawned on Audrey.

“It’s raining,” she said, “But nothing’s getting wet.”

“It isn’t landing.” Nathan added.

The three friends stood and watched the rain intently.

“I’d like to see Dwight explain this one,” Duke added, “I get the feeling the old ‘gas leak’ excuse won’t cut it this time.”


Warehouse 13, South Dakota Badlands


“Artie! Artie! Artie?” Claudia walked into the office and found Artie face down on the floor, Trailer licking his face. She turned to the dog, who just looked at her innocently.

The door to the umbilicus opened and Pete and Myka walked in, closely followed by Steve, who was dragging what looked like a gold statue, wrapped in cloth. Their ‘snag, bag and tag’ celebration stopped when they saw Artie on the floor.

“Woah? What happened here?”

Claudia shook her head, “He’s breathing normally, just out cold. He was messing with something when I left to go do some of Leena’s list.”

Myka clicked her fingers, “He was trying to repair the Statue of Zeus. It’s lightning bolt got chipped and it got annoyed. It must’ve electrocuted him!”

“Then where is it now?” Claudia pointed out.

“A fair point, Mykes.”

Myka considered, “Maybe it moved.

The agents ran to the balcony, leaving Steve inside the office holding up their latest snag, “Great. Leave me here. I’m fine.”


Sure enough, from the balcony the agents could see the statue slithering its way along, leaving minor scraping marks on the floor behind it.

“Where’s it going?” Pete asked.

“I dunno, Pete, I’m not a sociopathic stone statue of a primordial god!"

”It’s off to Hera,” Myka cut in, “It’s off to have a row with it’s wife.”

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