Caraphernelia: A broken-heart disease whenever someone leaves you but leaves all their things behind.

Cara Neil Washinton, a 17 year old girl with big dreams. She turning 18 soon and she's always wanted to be an artist, she's done art all throughout her life, all during high school she entered art contests, winning first place almost always. Then her first day of college comes and all those dreams begin to change when she meets a certain someone.


2. The Second Day Is Always Better

"Cara!" A voice snapped and Cara's head immediately jerked towards the direction the voice was coming from to see her brother smirking at her. Her cheeks burned bright red as she smiled at him. "Stop checking guys out and let's get on with the day."

Cara glanced back at boy one last time to see him walking opposite of her and her twin brother. She sighed in annoyance, hoping to see him again before the end of the day.


Ashton was waiting in the car while Cara got the rest of her things. She was just in view, but Ash had a weird feeling. Like, don't laughed, but his twin senses were tingling. Cara was going to get some how, he could just feel it.

Just as he climbed out of the car, he glanced up to see his twin sister tumbling to the concrete and two other boys landing on top of her.

Cara let out a high pitched squeal in pain as the boys scrambled to get off of her. Ashton began running, making his way to his sister as fast as he could. The boy with long, brown, wavy hair shouted to his before Ashton get there, "C'mon man, let's go!"

By the time Ash had gotten to his twin, the boys were long gone and Cara was sat upright, tears pouring down her small face.

She glanced down at her right wrist, it was definitely broken. She wiped away her tears. "Damn it!" She shouted angrily. "Ash, it's broken, I know it! It's my right hand! What am I gonna do? I won't be able to write or draw."

"I don't know, Car. I don't even know who did it." Ash replied with a sigh as he gathered all the books she dropped. She carefully got up, making sure to not use her right hand as a crutch.

Cara knew who it was. Cara knew all too well who it was. Well, she knew one of them at least and by the way he just ran without even checking to see if she was okay, she knew all the feelings she had about this boy had changed since the beginning of the day. He may be a beautiful boy on the outside, but he's a rude, coward on the inside. "Yeah, let's just go." She mumbled walking to the car, leaving Ashton to carry everything for her.


"Ash, school!" Cara shouted as she grabbed her books off the kitchen table. Trying the best she could to not drop them seeing as she could only use one hand, the other has a cast-like thing on it to help it heal. The cast-like thing was purple, after the incident, o the way back home they stopped at the doctor's office and it was, in fact, broken.

Ashton ran to the kitchen pulling his shirt on over his head. "How do I always manage to wake up late?"

"Because you always stay up too late." Cara reminded him with a giggle and then let out a frustrated noise when she dropped her book on the floor. "Son of a-"

"Language, Car." Ash warned, picking the book back up and placing it back in her hands. "I know your first day wasn't great, but surely this one will be better. Even if you can't write well or even attempt to draw."

"Don't remind me." Cara sighed. Ashton placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered.

"It'll be great, I promised. The second day is always better." He pulled away with a smile and Cara couldn't help but smile with him. Ash's smile was completely and utterly contagious.

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