Caraphernelia: A broken-heart disease whenever someone leaves you but leaves all their things behind.

Cara Neil Washinton, a 17 year old girl with big dreams. She turning 18 soon and she's always wanted to be an artist, she's done art all throughout her life, all during high school she entered art contests, winning first place almost always. Then her first day of college comes and all those dreams begin to change when she meets a certain someone.


5. Happy Birthday

"Happy birthday, Care Bear!" Ashton shouted at Cara as she slugged her way to the kitchen.

"Happy birthday, Ashy," She mumbled, rubbing her tired eyes. She hadn't slept much the past two nights because all she could think about was him, Vic, he was avoiding her, she could tell. All the classes she had with him, which wasn't very many, he sat as far away from her as possible and once, she sat with him and he moved. He actually fucking moved.

"You okay?" Ash had noticed the strange behavior but chose not to comment until now, he was worried about his twin. Who wouldn't be? They are twins, he can feel her pain sometimes. Or at least, he thinks he can, maybe it's just empathy.

"I'm fine." Cara sighed. She wasn't going to let him ruin her mood again, it's not like she like liked him anyway so she's going to be happy and plan this party with her twin brother.

"Car, seriously. What's wrong?" Ashton asked once again.

"Nothing, I'm just excited," She replied, with a fake smile and jazz hands.

"Really?" He rolled his eyes at her. "You don't have to lie, my twin senses are tingling."

Cara laughed at him and shook her head. "I'm fine. Let's plan this thing."

"Okay," He sighed and they began to the shopping lists.


It was now 8:00 PM and everything was perfect. The music was good, the food was out, and the drinks were poured. Cara was in a tight black dress and Ashton was in his normal clothes. "Why are you all dressed up? You expecting someone special?" He laughed.

"No," Cara blushed. Twin senses must be a thing because she was expecting someone. She was expecting Vic, but she'd never admit that, not even to herself. "I just wanna look good."

"You always look good." Ashton smiled.

"Thanks, bro. Wish I could say the same for you." Cara laughed and Ashton shook his head.

Within 30 minutes the party was insane. They were so many people! Cara didn't expect so many people to come, but she blamed Ashton for posting it on Facebook.

Cara walked around observing the party and drinking a beer. They didn't buy it, some random brought it to the party.

She was looking for Vic. She looked around everywhere and couldn't find him. She almost gave up until, there he was on the couch making out with Vanessa.

Cara shouldn't have felt hurt and cheated on because their "relationship" was fake, but it still hurt that she helped him get rid of this chick and in return he still went back to her.

Once the two finally pulled apart he turned to see Cara. Cara looked heartbroken almost, Vic felt bad for her seeing this but how was he supposed to know Vanessa would show up and just randomly start making out with him.

"Hey Vic." Cara waved at him.


"Hey slut." Vanessa snorted beside him. Cara narrowed her eyes at her.

"Leave my party now." Cara clenched her jaw before she said tons of things she would regret.

"No." Vanessa laughed. "It's not like you own Vic, you only want me to leave 'cause I'm with him."

"No, I want you to leave because you're being rude." Cara rolled her eyes. Vic looked at Cara with the same pleading eyes he looked at with in the restaurant. Cara got the message that he didn't want Vanessa to be there as much as she did.

"Fine, Vic, babe lets go." Vanessa rolled her eyes.

"No," Cara cut in, "my boyfriend is staying, the whore is leaving."

Vanessa ignored her and stood up, reaching her hand out to Vic. "Vic?" Vic shook his head and Vanessa huffed. "Fine."

Cara smirked as Vanessa left through the front door. "Boyfriend?" Vic asked as Cara sat down next to him.

"First thing that come to mind," Cara shrugged.

"I don't mind." He winked and Cara smiled. This was the flirty Vic she had been missing.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" Cara suddenly asked.

"Can we go outside so I can hear better?" Vic asked and Cara nodded, grabbing his hand and leading him to the door.

Once they were outside they sat down on the grass. "So, why were you avoiding me?" Cara asked again.

Vic stared at Cara silently while Cara sat silently awaiting his answer. His eyes scanned over her beautiful face and he sighed. "Because I was afraid if I continued to talk to you I would do this." He leaned forward and slammed his lips onto hers.

Cara gasped but relaxed into the kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck as his hands went to her waist. He licked her bottom lip and Cara's mouth immediately opened. Vic chucked a little and continued to make out with her. When they pulled away Cara gagged a little. "Ew."

"Was I really that bad?" Vic asked and Cara laughed.

"No, but now I have Vanessa in my mouth." Cara shuddered at the thought of kissing Vanessa.

"Oh, wait you're right." Vic laughed, "Theres some left over on your lip right there."

"What?" Cara giggled.

"Here let me get it for you." Vic laughed and pushed his lips onto Cara's once again.

They continued to make out on the lawn, when Cara pulled away. "Wait, Vic." She sighed.

"What?" He whispered his face so close to hers they could still be kissing.

The longer Cara stared into Vic's eyes, the less she wanted to ask her question in fear of losing him again. "Uh, what does this make us?"

"Well, you're the one who said I was your boyfriend." He laughed but Cara didn't, she just stared at him with hopeful eyes.

"I'm serious." She whispered.

"Will you be my girlfriend then Cara?" He asked with a smirk.

"Yes." Cara laughed and dove in for yet another make out session on the lawn.

"Oh yeah," Vic pulled away making Cara groan. "Happy birthday."

"Thanks loser. Can we go back to making out now?" She asked climbing into Vic's lap.

"Yes." He laughed.

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