the things i never said

shayna is an old friend of ashtons who he left behind after becoming part of 5sos. Shayna finds a way to be with him but will she find away to tell him what she really feels


5. WTF!! what!?

im still at the airport in Miami waiting for my bags to get here, i've been here since we landed 3 hours ago. im hungry,tired and i want a shower really bad,but life isnt always far,so im just stuck here till they bring me my mom was blowing up my phone so i figured it would be nice if i kept her sane and called her.

    "hey-"but before i could say anything this happened.

  "are you okay?what happened?do you know how worried i was?do you even care?no you dont or you would have called me!"she started yelling  though the phone.she was so loud i had to to hold the phone away from my ear.

  "yes mom i miss you too and cant wait to get home.thanks mom."i said sarcastically and rolling my eyes.

   "where are you?"mom said slowly

  "airport still.they left my bag at Australia airline so im waiting on them." i explained 

  "oh sorry i didn't know.Um i was thinking maybe this was a bad idea to let you go by yourself.let alone go at all."mom said, i could hear the background,it was music and laughter, i could here my dad talking to someone.

          "mom im fine just-"a man walked toward me with my bags."mom my dags are here."i told her and mouth the word thank you to the man and smiled.

   " honey do you remember carter hastings? the one you really liked?well he asked for your hand in marrage and we said congratulations sweety!!!"my mom said-wait what?carter,me,marrage? WTF!!!

  "mom what have you done!?never mind i got to go i'll call you from the hotel."i said and hung up.

   i'll deal with this later. 

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